Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

We all have heard that expression “Oh he/she has a selective memory, only remembers what she/he wants to!”
How true, how very true!
I to ”suffer” from such condition, I can recall–remember most things so clearly to a tiniest detail and other stuff I want to know-recall is not there, I knew that I know those things I want to “remember” but I just cant call them back!
This I have found over the years very frustrating because I know there are people out there who have ”photographic -memory-recall” and here I am I cant regain that ability and I know I too were able to do such because I can recall most things in perfection how I have seen it happened or have read it.
The mystery have been solved in session of course, since in session we can find everything we ever wanted to know.
I have found COMMANDS very strongly implanted to ”only remember what is important” and ” to forget what is irrelevant.. what is not important, What has lost its importance” ect.. etc.. [there are many commands and they all are in affect]

When commands are in place as the above, of course these were put into place long time back on the track and by now what we can recall-remember if it important or not these facts are mixed up by now and the implanted commands dont work properly cant select- know what is important to use this lifetime or it has become irrelevant and that causes spotty recall-remembering.

I find it totally fascinating no matter how many time by now I have experienced this phenomenon that no matter what happening to us here regardless how we call that experience “good or bad” their origin is someplace way back on the track, could be million lifetime away and usually is.
PS: originally as Spiritual we all had photographic memory-total recall counter intentions have destroyed that natural ability.


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