Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Kay Proctor       ~      Success Story      ~    August 10th, 2014
 I arrived in not the best of case states. I was beefed up with charge, not doing well — rather on the verge of implosion I thought, and wasn’t too keen on carrying on.

 Becky audited me on a special rundown to sort out my dynamics. At first, I thought, well, this sounds okay – can certainly use that — but never expected it to do what it did.

 It bit hard from the get-go. Lots of charge began to roll off & I was in tears a good bit of the time. Tears bringing me uptone, not tears of grief. Wins, increased havingness, more wins — freedoms were being restored.

 Then we dug in on the other dynamics — that was just the 1st dynamic. Through this journey, we hit the 6th dynamic and it was a doozy. She had me read the LRH on what this dynamic encompassed — whew — think there was about 20 headers and LRH had about 8-10 sub-heads below each. Might want to take a look — just sayin’. Red vol VII, p 335, R2C Slow Assessment by Dynamics, issue date 11 Oct 63 (dynamics 1-4); and R2C Slow Assessment by Dynamics Cont (dynamics 5-8).

 Loads of things I never thought about being the 6th dynamic. Most of one’s life sits right there as well as the 7th and 8th. In my view, it is what gets slammed every day with life — perhaps it is too high randomity and one can’t handle it or handles it poorly, or just doesn’t confront it at all — all of which are then improperly assigned to the 1st dynamic.

 And the down-hill, kick-you-own-ass mechanics begin to roll out with all that it can encompass and for me, it wasn’t a pretty ride.

That is what I was doing. I was not keeping the 6th dynamic in place (because I wasn’t thinking with what the 6th dynamic really was in detail (most of just know the short definition in the tech dictionary, namely MEST), and let it slide down to the 1st dynamic. Dismal way to run one’s life — I know, I was dead-dog miserable every single day.

 Many, many wins in session — probably at least 12 wheel-barrow loads of charge were parked on the curb for trash pickup and the result was a girl that was properly educated with the exact LRH, saw the application in her own life and is stable in this area.

I have always been one of those cats that “once I knew, there was no turning back”. Well. this is the case here as well.

 Love to Becky for loving me & auditing me through this, love to LRH for putting this tech there for us to use, and thanks to me for having the courage to reach out to let her know of my pain so that I could have the tech to apply to my life.

 Win – win – win!  It is a good day to have a good day.

 Love,  Kay P.

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  1. maurice53 said:

    Great success story, Kay. Thanks for posting it.

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