Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe


Over the years I have taken off many layers ”what is old, being old, aged, getting old” and of course these beliefs contained illness, loss of memory, be unable to remember and many other branching out different realities which given me ‘’acceptance as facts –truth’’ the conditions why the body is ”aging and gets old” and every one of these cognitions which has come after confrontations of these incidents made sense, brought further understanding of the current cycle what the body experiences from ‘’conception till it stops working: Death and brought on by illnesses and aging in order to halt its functioning and in some other circumstance-beliefs which stops the bodies running by different means as in accidents or the Spirit just leaves the body quietly in sleep. [ every one of them is postulated or are in place as implanted beliefs!]

By now when I say to some one that I be 75 ,these persons look at me with surprise and some say that is impassible etc.. These comments I don’t take as compliments because these so called compliments are observation by people what they sense=pick up while in my space which become as is the result of eraser of ”age and old” so they done see “Me’’ as old and aged old lady anymore; that just don’t exist in my universe.
These beliefs ‘ageing being old’ are the same as any others we have: all are considerations born out of past incidents when those are erased people no longer can see you as ”old”.
But this morning I have found one more item and this idea-concept was unique to me.
There were times on the track when we ”bought herbs to induce, other time we ”downloaded” small self-hypnotic programs, on different occasions we did affirmative chanting: in order HAVE AGE and when that was accomplished make that body age faster, get old faster and when that was accomplished with that in place stop the body from working so we finally could leave it and be free.

Those times we still were awake -aware Entities and have known that we were not the body but we were captured and ”imprisoned for a term” and the only way we could free ourselves by destroying the body and by that interrupting its operational cycle by introduction of a new element: new idea which was ‘’aging”.
And when those considerations we introduced have become so imbedded into our belief system and they flow down from generation to generation= become inherited and they still work beautifully:
These wonderful considerations are called now GE.
But of course other factors were introduced by other implants and these new introductions have “outweigh dominate control” the earlier beliefs and in these new powerful forced beliefs brought us conviction that :we are the body , that we are conceived, born have a life cycle: live than die and with that expiring of the body we are nothing, we are no more, we no longer exist: with those belief in place the END has been achieved by the evil forces to destroy the Spiritual Universe and replace that Universe with controlled robots world.
And of course these negative believes in place the Entity do everything in order to stay with the body make its life cycle long as possible and after the death of the body get a new one soon as possible.
This implanted ideas that we are the body, we only exist and live and have life keeps the Entity entrapped for eons to come or till the Individual realises the change can be if the standing affecting implanted material confronted and erased.
So guys.. it’s up to each of us what we do with the Tech.. our future is in our own hands.


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