Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Impasible to achieve….

By now I know whatever takes place in my life that has meant to happen regardless was wanted or not: it is there now because that incident is next in line to be confronted. [There is order in the Universe: the reels of movies roles relentlessly.]<
Therefore each day I am presented with lessons [segment of the movie] and these lessons are more like riddles of the most intricate nature and when I take them apart the reward is presented in a form of cognitions..
No matter what happens how it looks like and the evidence point toward somebody, something or toward ‘’self’’ here: that one of us were the originator of the drama…which is experienced in form of disagreements, happiness, pleasure, bloom on the flower or viewing volcano eruption, fire some place, or just a simple accident: tripping over one’s own feet, all that is on illusion.[ the ‘’eye’’ perceives as the movie roles.]
Everything no matter what ever we experience here is the replica, a poor imitation, a holograph to some degree of a totally different incident which has happened some place and that ‘’some place’’ is definitely not on this Planet and not ‘’now’’ [ I know the finger when cut bleeds, so that is ‘’real’’ but the cause of that cut the original postulate did not happen when the knife sliced the finger] and the bleeding finger is not a holograph that too is the fact.. IT IS WHAT THE “”EYE”” HAVE SEEN, so please close those ‘’EYES’’ and what DO YOU SEE?
Not likely the cut finger.[ eyes are part of the machinery] But what you will feel and that sensation-pain is the original incident and the picture of the knife- the finger- the blood, the colors and other surrounding images are JUST ADDED TO THAT SENSATION , the sensation itself could have happened long before who know when and where on what planet in the Universe.
The illusion part is not easy to explain, yet the existence of the illusion is easy to verify by simply taking any concept into sessions and when inspected: by close going-over –assessment that concept will vanish for ever soon as the original reason is realized why it was created in the first place but of course this phenomenon need to be experienced in order to believe that it is like that.
If something can be erased as-isad than it is not real.. So all beliefs ‘in my experience’ can be erased and that happens when that energy –mass=the sensation-feeling-pain is confronted.
Why I write about this since all of you know this already, but this is just a reminder that the movie is on implant and that implant include every belief one has regardless if these beliefs are negative or positive.
Of course judgement judging others is part of the implanted material and that is the most difficult to give up, very difficult.. IF one could do that, when that would happens: that Entity =person would be totally outside of the MEST.. But soon as that Entity would make a comment, statement, remark on any subject in that instant that person is taking a standpoint and with that the Entity is back in the good old MEST U.
So, in my reality one can perceive –observe but if at the same moment enhances that observation with assumption-opinion- guessing what that is.. than I call that judging.
Now, not to do that while one still is connected to a body:totally impassible, and even saints could not do that, because being a Saint is already a valance and that valance was born out of judgement: what is good, better than other valances.
Can OT’s do that??? We all know the answers but to achieve such State is impassible while still anchored by the body into the MEST U. The body is a ordinary energy generator which constantly supplies stimulation and that stimulation is a connecting agent keeps one in the MEST.
We have been thought those lesson and we have thought the same to others… but survival never was for the Entity but for the MEST and its continuations.. so who's been fooling whom? 🙂


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  1. maurice53 said:

    What a wealth of wisdom in such a short essay. Thanks, Elizabeth.

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