Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Entities… who are simply Spiritual beings like you and I are and LRH named them BT’s and Clusters.
there is a group of Auditors who are implanting at the present time!

These Beings ..Entities dont have bodies at the present time but they could have one but I am not aware of that fact. All I know that they are suffering from some trauma and they are stuck in that incident and I have the ability to help these beings by giving them sessions… the Technology is simple easy to use and they respond well, have wonderful cognitions and that realization frees them what they were in and now off they go if that is their desire.
Some of these entities want to stay and learn but that is again their choice to do and I never ever interfere with their decisions.
They have they own realities, they have been in this universe for the long time and they too have track record of their own existence and they are also powerful, knowing Beings and they too know what they want and need to do in order to continue on their own track fulfill their own destiny.
Recently I was asked to join a private group who are giving sessions too in order to free self and this Entities the same time from incidents they share.
I was told by one of the groups leader- inventers of the altered tech that my expertise working within this group will bring new reality which will help expand what ever they already know: that my knowledge on this field which is new to them is “”extremely valuable”etc..etc..
I have joined and in a day and half I have resigned.
This group is running a replica of on implanting material from way back on the track!!
What they do is in session they ”waken the Entities, they bring them into sort of present time, conscious and than they run them trough the incident they were stuck in than the AUDITORS GIVE THESE FREED ENTITIES THE TOUR OF THIS PLANRET AND ASK THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO BE !!!!!! AND LEAVE THIS BEING IN THAT MASS.!!!!!
One of the leader of this group of implanters has been auditing for 40 years and have not realized by now that the reason he is auditing people becausethose people who pay for their sessions want to free from the realities of this Planet, because these persons want different, want better life, and most of all want to be out of here: had enough being a Human and here is this same auditor directing this Entities into back to slavery, back to being into prison offering these newly freed Entities becoming somebody on this planet.
Top of this, they call these Entities, partners helpers and playmates….!!!!!
We are here to help to free beings and not to put them into the same slave position which we are in and we need to get out.. We have the Technology which works and we are not here to play GODS with beings and keep them enslaved in conditions which we think is better for us, helps us..
We are not Gods and we haven’t the right to control any ones destiny..
I rarely write about people what they doing, since it is not my thing but I am speaking up for these Beings, since they are: every one is beloved friend and we are part of One Universe and the technology was made to free us from the Implanted material and we dont have the right to use this technology for any other purpose.
We are responsible for our condition we are in and till we assign the cause and blame other that yes, they have caused our plight… well never ever get out of this shit we have placed yourself in so willingly by agreeing to every idiotic thing have come our way just because we wanted to belong into that group which is offering something totally wrong, and very harmful.
PS: the newly awaken Entities are easily influenced by the first suggestion and they stick to that whatever that maybe and that is that!! Too horrid to realise that we have the power over Entities… in my reality after long enslavement in the MEST they too deserve better than fall into some suggestion like;Playmate…
PS once more: I had a second reason to resign from that group….hehehe… but I keep that to self..
By the way I have sent the above post to the group leader in email.. I am waiting to Electric storm of large magnitude thunder: lightning and fists size hail to fall on my head…. hehehe… I love it, but I will stand up for any Members Of the Spiritual Universe and these wondrous Beings which are members and they are done harm by being implanted by scientologist group. !!!!!!
PS PS PS;; I had emails telling me that those who use the Implant Material from HELL ARE WINNING!! of COURSE THEY ARE AND THE SIMPLE REASON FOR THAT IS ” finally they have returned to the Mother Implant and they feel at home, feel that they have finally arrived and that is their win.
There are no signs placed on Implant Stations and none of the materials contain “I am trap” or look out because this is trick. There are countless traps set to lead one back to mother and unless one is a very experienced auditor or solo auditor will not recognise any of these traps since the E-meter will indicate F/N and there will be cognitions of course and good indicators..
So when one know that Entity no longer is being stuck to the MEST U? When that happens the e-meter NO LONGER REGISTAR ANY ENERGY—Needle movement regardless what are the auditing questions and that ENTITY cant even ATTAST SINCE even for attestation the needle has to move.. indicate F/N or F/T.
For two years now the Emeter has no reaction when the hands hold the cans that means Native State.


Comments on: "implanting is going on here on Earth by a group of sc. auditors" (30)

  1. maurice53 said:

    One of you best posts, Elizabeth. I couldn’t agree more. Freeing a being means exactly that. Using one as a playmate or helper is more like slavery. Thanks, E.

    • Thanks for your comment here Maurice, you have been solo auditing for 20 years putting in 4-6 hours a day and by now you really understand what we are facing while confronting Entities! We cant say to a freed Entity who has been in semi conscious state for who know how long ‘ Hi there, now you are free but only to the extend if you become my playmate, or helper!!”
      That group is been ”doing their research” for two years and they claim that they KNOW and you are at it for 20 years,[ I am not sure when you have received your first session because since than you been helping freeing the entities] and I been freeing beings since 73 and knowingly since 76 and we KNOW that We KNOW We are not experts on the lives-beliefs of these Entities we just helped and that is good enough for us.

  2. I don’t believe that there are thetans even. There is only self.

    • What ever you believe that is fine by me… but you are not the Universe it self but have a universe of your creation which are your experiences.
      My experience gives me the understanding that we share the Universe.

    • Mathematically there is only one universe. Anything that exists is part of this universe. All “personal univreses” exist inside this overall universe.

      • Mathematically I am sure that is correct, but I and my friends dont belong to the group where mathematics has any meaning…

      • V….””I don’t believe that there are thetans even. There is only self.””
        So in this blog you were talking -writing to your self?
        “Self’ is a label on indicator so is thetan and Entity, and Infinite so is being, person, Spiritual being, Ghost 🙂 Etc..

  3. Will that be not-isness of mathematics? Mathematics does have meaning in this universe.

  4. I meant in your?

    • In my what?

      • Numbers are important to you since your occupation is engineering.

      • Vinaire, I do not need to convince you that you are wrong in any ways, and no matter what you will bring up as on argument that I am wrong that will not change my understanding what are Entities, who I am , who you are, what I can do or what I cant do. But most of all I will never give proof because that will not convince any one. The convincing need to be done by self and that comes for need and want of change-different reality.

      • Reality-understanding of the Spiritual universe is same as in any religion, Buddhism Zen or Satan worship.
        each individual regardless how many is kneeling from to any statue, staring up to a wooden crosses all over the globe, or bowing down 16 times a day. They worship their own beliefs: what those above mentions means to them how they have understood the studied materials and the same goes for those of us who believe in the auditing tech, and in entities and the existence of the Universe how we see it.

      • I am amazed at your beliefs, Elizabeth.

        IMHO, all sub-universes or “universes” are naturally consistentent with each other. If they are not then there are assumptions that make up the filters, which distort what is there.

        • No..Vinaire.. you are amazed what YOU READ INTO MY postings since that is your true reality ” how you understand, hehehe you haven a clue what is mine.

  5. maurice53 said:

    Thanks for that nice introduction, E. – but I thought I would set the record straight. I’ve actually been using the tech – in one form or another – for 46 years now. I did my first scn service in 1967. Along the way I did OT levels up to OT7 (solo Nots) and had L11 and L10 and various other rundowns. I left CoS in 1998 while on OT7 and continued solo auditing on my own. I was averaging 1 to 3 hours a day until I hit a major breakthrough about 2 years ago. That’s when my track REALLY opened up – I started hitting some very heavy stuff – much heavier than anything I’d encountered earlier. My sessions got longer also – have been doing about 2 to 5 hours almost daily (some days as much as 6). Needless to say, the wins have been tremendous.

    Anyway – back to the current topic. I thought of this analogy. What if an auditor took a pc in session and at the end – right after calling his F/N and the pc voicing his cognition – the auditor interrupts and says “By the way, can you help me with a project I’ve got going on next next week?” Pretty outrageous, right? Well, that’s how I would feel about some of the behavior described in your post with regard to entities.

    • Thank you for your input and to give the right data.. I did not had that correct and that should be since it gives validity of your reality.
      PS: not that I needed that to know since I already know that you are one very aware Entity, I hope you notice I did not put ”man or human, or being ” thank you!!!

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