Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

One of the simple reasons we can’t float, we can’t glide above the ground: because this culture  don’t have philosophy as the ‘’way of life’’ don’t believe in floating!!

 I seen in more than one recall where we were moving changing locations by floating gliding our body above the ground [ by intention]  

We did not developed sensation in our feet like we have now because we never’ ’ SENSED”   the solidity the hardness of the ground under our feet. 

 We were not GOUNDED into the terrain as we are now.

 I am not grounded like many persons I know who are really connected to Earth and more than one person told  me over the years “ELIZABETH YOUR PROBLEM IS THAT YOU ARE NOT GROUNDED!!!!!”  hehehe.. right… I am not!

PS: we as spiritual operated in the Universe in many different shapes, and one of them was like the Ginny,[in the bottle] only the upper part of the body was visible, no legs of course and we did not eat or sleep yet.
The LEGS to the body was added much later in fact it was ”implanted” to hold the entity in place, to ground one into a location. Legs also were given to punish.. to enslave… just think, one could float away freely if one would not be grounded into the surface of the Earth…. But by believing that we only can get to places “BY WALKING” well, just how far any one can go by walking? not very far.. slavery, control was the game and those CONTROLLING BELIEF ARE STILL IN AFFECT to this day and will remain till man walks the surface of the Planet.


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