Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

For years I have been wondering what are our IMMAGINATIONS those thoughts when we are wishing for something, something beautiful, and in these beautiful imaginations we are construction creating something independently new, original and usually these Imagined make-beliefs are not connected to anything special, but these creations make us feel good and we are always victors.

And these Imaginations so called visualizations day-dreams  we are fully aware that they are just that and we also know that they never become real.. will never ever happen, materialize.

But they feel good to have them and these day-dreams are our own and no one can touch and destroy them.

Within these Daydreams we are free, and we are free thinkers, we have free will to create whatever we desire, whatever extravagant we want and with that we have..

 Realization: these daydreams are outside of the MEST, they are not controlled by the implanted forced on beliefs and they can’t become real because we were made to believe and we have agreed that only implanted realities are true, and anything outside of these implanted believes these are just ILLUSIONS and therefore not important, don’t have value and most of all truly not real.

 In fact it is reversed… the freedom of Daydreaming is the creation of Free Will.

 Have a good one!



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