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Winning or Losing? Having or Not?

Winning or Losing? Having or Not?

 Winning= win= victory, susses, triumph, conquests, gain, achievement accomplishment, completion, conclusion, good ending.

Losing=loss=defeat, failure, downfall, overthrown, down and out, let down, disappointed, frustrated, unfulfilled, dejected? That too is from failure.

The above subjects and many more different thoughts which were in connection to these were taken into session by me and thorough scrutinized, examined=confronted by that I mean they were taken every one of them EARLIER –SIMILAR had realization on them why were they created: postulated into existence in the first place.

 I have done the above in the past 40 years tens of thousands of solo auditing hours because winning-losing this subject is huge successively  covers every aspect our life’s: WE MAKE IT: GET WHAT WE WANT OR WE DON’T: LOSE OUT TO THE OPPOSING POSTULATE: NOT TO HAVE  and settle back into failure which by now accepted as normal human condition.

 Of course we always have justifications handy why what we wanted did not happen and that justifications those reasons why are the sugar-coating on our failure=can’t make it come through.

 And of course by now we become masters with compromises how to settle and ‘be happy’’ with what the life dole out for us.

The winning, is not just with the Lotto ticket, or the card game, on the horse race etc… but with jobs, attaining our dreams to become  singers, or dancers, the best news reporters, of simply hybridise a the blue rose, or fly in the air, walk through the walls. Or get that parking spot every time!

These dream, our illusions where in them everything is possible to attain to do,  where we are free to create and with that to have we are capable, not restricted by any barriers, nothing but nothing can hold us… we are the masters in our dreams here we are never defied.

I truly believed from the beginning when I gotten into Scientology that no matter what my realities were they can become, and not only in my ‘’head’’ but they can materialise in the MEST Universe too and can be experienced.

My beliefs were the reason I never stopped solo auditing and relentlessly continued with eliminating millions of barriers-walls which all are counter postulates-wishes not to let materialize- come about what I wanted.

 As I written: I have had thousands of session on these consideration of winning-losing-getting –failures etc.. and yesterday I found something which has blown off immense amount of charge and this different understanding brought optimism.. New faith.. Positivity that yes I was right we all can have what we visualise but of course the barriers=counter intentions must be eliminated once and for all.

I have seen in this recall that we were doing repeated EXARCISES under the guidance- direction of a person who was ‘’helping us’’ IN ORDER NOT TO HAVE OUR VISIONS-THOUGHTS-materialise because we were told by him and we believed:  by having them make us SOLID-DENSE: that we become just that ‘’dense material’’ therefore we can’t be free long as we have anything.

 And by doing the exercise till we perfect it and that is not having our imagines-illusions wishes materialize no matter how hard we wish them to happen with that we will become free and remain free and nothing could touch us again, keep us within the walls of our illusions-dreams=our havingness.

I also recognised behind the instruction-tutoring the evil intention of the most foul kind I ever experienced; CONTROLER of the most affective kind: tell you something what is good yet that ‘’good’’ only serves him and by that he is in control.

Failure as on options were never ever acceptable by me regardless what they were: illness, old age, car accidents, so called marriage failures=relationships, not coming out as they were intended.

To me,  I knew whatever they were and how I experience them-lived them they were postulated existence and nothing more.


Floating-gliding the body.

One of the simple reasons we can’t float, we can’t glide above the ground: because this culture  don’t have philosophy as the ‘’way of life’’ don’t believe in floating!!

 I seen in more than one recall where we were moving changing locations by floating gliding our body above the ground [ by intention]  

We did not developed sensation in our feet like we have now because we never’ ’ SENSED”   the solidity the hardness of the ground under our feet. 

 We were not GOUNDED into the terrain as we are now.

 I am not grounded like many persons I know who are really connected to Earth and more than one person told  me over the years “ELIZABETH YOUR PROBLEM IS THAT YOU ARE NOT GROUNDED!!!!!”  hehehe.. right… I am not!

PS: we as spiritual operated in the Universe in many different shapes, and one of them was like the Ginny,[in the bottle] only the upper part of the body was visible, no legs of course and we did not eat or sleep yet.
The LEGS to the body was added much later in fact it was ”implanted” to hold the entity in place, to ground one into a location. Legs also were given to punish.. to enslave… just think, one could float away freely if one would not be grounded into the surface of the Earth…. But by believing that we only can get to places “BY WALKING” well, just how far any one can go by walking? not very far.. slavery, control was the game and those CONTROLLING BELIEF ARE STILL IN AFFECT to this day and will remain till man walks the surface of the Planet.

Free Will.. what are our Daydreams!

For years I have been wondering what are our IMMAGINATIONS those thoughts when we are wishing for something, something beautiful, and in these beautiful imaginations we are construction creating something independently new, original and usually these Imagined make-beliefs are not connected to anything special, but these creations make us feel good and we are always victors.

And these Imaginations so called visualizations day-dreams  we are fully aware that they are just that and we also know that they never become real.. will never ever happen, materialize.

But they feel good to have them and these day-dreams are our own and no one can touch and destroy them.

Within these Daydreams we are free, and we are free thinkers, we have free will to create whatever we desire, whatever extravagant we want and with that we have..

 Realization: these daydreams are outside of the MEST, they are not controlled by the implanted forced on beliefs and they can’t become real because we were made to believe and we have agreed that only implanted realities are true, and anything outside of these implanted believes these are just ILLUSIONS and therefore not important, don’t have value and most of all truly not real.

 In fact it is reversed… the freedom of Daydreaming is the creation of Free Will.

 Have a good one!