Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Our personal knowledge is phenomenal: every time one sees something in that moment one understands- comprehends its meaning regardless what one see’s of course includes the past life recalls.
But most of Our knowledge is buried deeply and has been covered concealed hidden by concepts like :”not remembering, have forgotten, no longer there and or exists, all have gone, never was or hidden behind beliefs like we have only one life  and that it self is a huge block from allowing one to remember the past.
 And hundreds of other considerations-postulates, agreements and of course one must not forget the implanted commands galore exiting which by now we all believe that they are ours.
 And of course “being inside” the body that itself is the major block that won’t allow the persons to recall ones past track: the earlier experiences we have had, the countless  life times we spent in different bodies and that track is  long as the Universe stands and therefore that forgotten Universe holds-contains ones vast knowledge.

The body itself how it is rigged up is a major controlling element and it is the main suppressive element-object, and that set up grips and controls the being absolutely, totally.
This body is a prison and while one has the belief that one is ”inside” the body than one is continually being fed=stimulated to have continual thoughts, concepts=considerations which seem real yet they are illusions and while one “lives” these illusions believes that is the life one has.
While experiencing this illusion one loses reality of self as a spiritual entity and the knowledge one have had over the ions become totally forgotten becomes none existent while there is the belief that one is inside the body.
 But one can gain back that lost knowledge in sessions by as-ising those walls barriers by simply confronting facing those items-incidents which could be of course anything and they will vanish forever in that fraction of the second of the confrontation.
 Understanding what happened in that incident is very simple since one already has that knowledge from before, and now when confronting you just put the two together for the first time…
You see, one  could not understand what one viewing=recalling if one would not have that knowledge already in one’s possession- that reality since we only can understand what we already know.
If every person would understand have reality that in sessions one not just as-is unwanted items-concepts but something magical happens one  gains back the long forgotten, long vanished, not remembered knowledge: which is the experienced past one’s very own universe: we recall how the self was: how powerful one was its immense-ness, ones phenomenal knowledge: since we done everything and with that the unbelievable abilities we have.
Just think, having 10 realization-cognition can change a person how he sees his immediate surroundings, because with regaining understanding one steps out of the narrow -small box reality-set views, having 100 cognition with that one looks around and start to see everything very differently and ones interests returns: wanting to know more!
 1000 cog truly opens up one universe and lets one view the vistas till than was unavailable – unimaginable…. having 10000 cogs.. will eliminate all what one believed in before in connection to self and human race and behavior, with that one no longer think of self as a human because  becomes aware of universal reality and now no longer feels anchored but becomes free, free of having personalities-valances and 50000 cognition’s will give one reality of the whole  Universe itself….and that knowledge from cognitions is far beyond Human comprehension, since human reality don’t contain those realities.
 One just regains becomes aware of the vast universal knowledge and we all have that knowledge already, we just get it back what we have known before!
Only sessions, confrontation-cognitions can give one such a freedom, understanding of self: the Universe and the experience of what spirituality is.
Knowing words: about spirituality do not give those experiences but in session one recreates experiences of which one has memory of and in those sessions than one understands because one experiences for the first time with full awareness-knowingness.
 PS; the numbers are made up, since no one has any reality what kind of knowledge and experience can be regained in session therefor that personal reality be labeled and numbered or can be put one on levels…and given name to that personal universe; the spiritual universe and one’s knowledge cannot be categorized. 
Also the 500000 cognition are not out reality since I have been is session  since 73 and solo audited since 76… and by now I have had more than that.



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