Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I am not here to teach, I am not a guru..

Role of the teacher and the guru is: to show the way!

 To show the way to what?

 I am not conceited big-headed arrogant=ego enough to assume that I know the requirements and desires, having the debt of understanding of others to lead them to whatever is their goal  -call in this Universe.

  I can assume that I know but assumptions do not mean correct understanding of those needs and therefore giving what is really needed and wanted.

Role of on teacher: consist of judging-refereeing and being incessantly judged every word every movement, activities is judged-measured.. Compared and to what ? I wonder: but never less it is continually related to something.

 The role: valance; identity of on teacher guru is a put on personality and nothing more.. that role contains philosophies: attitudes, values, viewpoints, way of life. There is not much fun taking that role,  but of course that role contains assumed values-importance: for being better, knowing more than others do, the belief that one is the leader…hehehe..

  That belief alone that the Guru- that Self knows the way… have the ability and his are the real belief: the true shit which works  is the most arrogant  conceited egotistical narcissistic self-observed  belief  one can be implanted with in this Universe: trap  of huge proportion!

This write ups here in this blog are how I see the universe, what were my realizations when I have confronted the considerations-agreements in other words what I have believed in.

Not only the bad the bothersome, the evil were confronted but I have spent equal time on pleasure moments and why I kept them is such a high regards –so treasured and founding out those reasons from them I learned great deal more.

 I have looked at behavior [ behavior = valances=rules=regulations.]more than one occasion and on communication what is on these subject I have spent thousands hours confrontation.

I also looked and examined truly the role of on teacher-guru.. and what are those..what is its importance –value and the reasons those teachers-gurus needed and wanted by many who are looking for guidance and that role  is not for me.. I am not here to dish out wise sayings, point to directions :walk that way, that is the path which will lead to whatever you looking for!

 How could any one point the way for others to fallow when one do not know the realities the needs and the wants of the other being and most of all one really do not know what freedom means to those person?

There can be Assumption but that is just that: assumption and I am not egotistical big-headed to believe I have all the answers.. because I don’t..just don’t.

That role being a guru or listening to one is not the way out.. it do not work.

I am not going to get into why it do not work.. what would be a point in that?

 All I know that each individual who have the reality that they are  persons, humans, beings  have to find their own way out and realise why they believed in what they have believed in and most of all realise why they have believed that they needed to do all the search in the first place.

 And if they never want to know those reasons.. it really do not matter!

My role in this universe is decided by me and it is not of on guru.

Auditing has one purpose and that is to confront and by confronting is to understand the self and through self-understand the Universe.

Something wonderful happens in session… one becomes dis-attached from the mass-energy the self-believed was.. And when the self is no longer attached-being those masses of energy with that the self has regained the freedom to experience, have the freedom of choice..also when the self no longer is or in those energy masses, the selfs ‘’space’’ is pure now-clean.

PS.. I have had the pleasure ”no, not really a pleasure” to be a leader to teach others what I believed was the Path to Enlightenment, I have been a so called Great Guru in the history of mankind. And when I have confronted that incident in session I have realised that my beliefs what I have thought would lead to freedom in fact was trap and those who still fallowing that teaching for them that teaching is a trap.
To lead others, to be a leader is to take responsibility for the effect one causes in those who believe in my beliefs-knowledge and fallow that teaching blindly because they trust and believe that is the only truth and in fact that happens because these only people fallow others because they haven’t found their own answers.
I am not such a being, I am not a teacher and I do not wish to be one or need to be one.

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