Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Marildi.. that is made to sound complicated.. important…  OK.. he broke it down but one can’t audit in levels, one can’t ‘’see’’ in levels.

Here is my take on being interior or exterior.

By now I have expressed my own reality-experience what is exteriorization.  That is impossible to do because we as Spiritual do not move: only matter shifts.

We CONSIDER: I am inside the house: with that consideration the person “SEES” inside the house.

I am outside of the house: the person ‘’SEES” the portion of the house which can be observed with the EYES.

The Looking Bit, using the EYES is the confusing factor because the being looks at object inside or outside   therefore believes the being inside or outside of the house.

Having the mental picture of the house that picture automatically gives the person all the considerations which the house is made up from.

 When one mention: inside the picture of the inside pups up.. But please understand that picture is not real, it is there because it was considered agreed to that its exist because the ‘’eyes’’ can take the photograph of it. There is a  picture is called inside, there a picture called wall, stairs, celling hallway etc.. and the other concept  added: Inside wall, inside stairs, outside wall, outside stairs etc..

 The Spiritual can see observe without the use of the optical lenses Holographic pictures.

As the person erases more and more of the existing pictures which are barriers: seeing them only  by that person gotten stuck,  since long as they are in place the person cant observe other pictures. So more of them are removed the wider range of pictures can be seen.

The interesting thing is…. Long as one beliefs he sees inside, only that can be seen. After eraser of this planet  all the considerations-agreements going with it, plus when one erases the  need to use the eyes to see with. The being will be able to see anything which will be THE NEW REALITIES GAINED, now he can see holographic pictures of anything he wants to.

 All he needs is put his attention on the subject.. and  He will view   that item.. Full perception and have not moved one inch… Objects moves since they are energy.. but not the viewer.

Example: view inside  the Sun… good one.. when viewing the Sun the Viewer will also have total understanding when the Sun was created how it become as it is now and what will happen  how it will end up.. since all matter sooner or later will change shape.

 One can look inside a boulder and see interesting things-pictures and these pictures are not available for the optic lenses to view.


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