Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Why the Spirit loses the ability ”to see” perceive images.

We as humans ”look” through optical lenses in order to see images since we have lost our ability to  perceive everything 360%  when out of the body and we just cant perceive anything without the ”use of the ”eyes”.  And to have reality what is going on around us, to see the shapes and form-movements we strictly rely on what the lenses project.

There are occasions when the person while having the body still  can ”see” images in a form of vague hazy nebulous ghostly shapes not clearly outlined but by now these images  seen without the use of the optical lenses are not real to the person and not trusted, no longer believed in because by now ”these real” images are discarded by our beliefs since they don’t belong to the category of normal images -pictures one sees through the optical lenses therefor labeled  not existing.

Seeing again, to  perceive  images in 360%  while still having the connection to the body can be regained if all the incidents-experiences from ones past are erased which blinded the spiritual being [ not having body that time] .

We have had many  experiences on the track while not having bodies: example: huge cosmic  explosions and being gotten stuck in and now when not seeing through the optic lenses still can only see the  color of  that explosions and that images still so strung-overpowering that no other pictures shapes, images  or different coloring can be perceived beside the coloring of that explosion.
We can be stuck in other equally powerful experience which are still too in effect like: the consideration of believing that there is nothing-ness or emptiness or void is there and real but these considerations are also images only which do not hold pictures or have boundaries and don’t contain thoughts-beliefs: therefore the person believes that nothing is there

And by being keyed into, still having these experiences in stimulation the person can not perceive  have pictures images outside of what the lenses project.


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