Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

The emptiness itself is on illusion a consideration on agreement that it is… emptiness exist.
In order to understand emptiness-void one must confront that our reality-understanding  what was the reason it was created, was agreed an on its existence on the first place and what were than reasons for it’s is use.
Emptiness is the opposite side of “solid solidity” one can’t exist without the other that is the law of the MEST universe…..
Fullness its apposite is emptiness…. so to know the reasons one must explore that so called –“empty” than one will understand the Solid=MEST universe also.
Emptiness can not bee seen if one uses the “looking method” looking for searching with the since Eyes only see’s objects solid energy masses and emptiness is a consideration which do not have -holds -contains pictures or has boundaries.
Example..Emptiness Void and Nothing-ness is used to cover up things, one can hide behind it and cant be seen be found, or important valuable things  can be hidden behind this curtain of emptiness treasures and no one can see beyond the curtain of emptiness because one can see only emptiness when used it  acts as a curtain a divider.  It works like magic spells.. you see it now you wont!.  lots of dark deeds were hidden by use of the curtain emptiness  and many forgotten item are still there waiting to be recovered!


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