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Why the Spirit loses the ability ”to see” perceive images.

Why the Spirit loses the ability ”to see” perceive images.

We as humans ”look” through optical lenses in order to see images since we have lost our ability to  perceive everything 360%  when out of the body and we just cant perceive anything without the ”use of the ”eyes”.  And to have reality what is going on around us, to see the shapes and form-movements we strictly rely on what the lenses project.

There are occasions when the person while having the body still  can ”see” images in a form of vague hazy nebulous ghostly shapes not clearly outlined but by now these images  seen without the use of the optical lenses are not real to the person and not trusted, no longer believed in because by now ”these real” images are discarded by our beliefs since they don’t belong to the category of normal images -pictures one sees through the optical lenses therefor labeled  not existing.

Seeing again, to  perceive  images in 360%  while still having the connection to the body can be regained if all the incidents-experiences from ones past are erased which blinded the spiritual being [ not having body that time] .

We have had many  experiences on the track while not having bodies: example: huge cosmic  explosions and being gotten stuck in and now when not seeing through the optic lenses still can only see the  color of  that explosions and that images still so strung-overpowering that no other pictures shapes, images  or different coloring can be perceived beside the coloring of that explosion.
We can be stuck in other equally powerful experience which are still too in effect like: the consideration of believing that there is nothing-ness or emptiness or void is there and real but these considerations are also images only which do not hold pictures or have boundaries and don’t contain thoughts-beliefs: therefore the person believes that nothing is there

And by being keyed into, still having these experiences in stimulation the person can not perceive  have pictures images outside of what the lenses project.


Manual for Creating a New Universe….how to build one..

Manual for Creating a New Universe….how to build one.
The Cognitions not only erases the confronted present time beliefs the person have: which is how the person sees, understands and experiences their own universe but: THESE COGNITIONS ARE NOW THE NEW INSIGHT they are the FIRST VISIONS–IMAGEs and these VISIONS IMAGES ARE THE VERY FIRST EXPERIENCES “””THE BULDING BLOCKS”””which are the NEW FAUNDATION for THE NEW UNIVERSE the person creating for Self and for others and this New Universe now founded and established on the TRUTH.
The cognitions are pure unaltered and immune to outside influence, that means they cant be altered simply because they are not made of energy-mass.

Emptiness…void… nothing-ness.. curtains woven by magic!

The emptiness itself is on illusion a consideration on agreement that it is… emptiness exist.
In order to understand emptiness-void one must confront that our reality-understanding  what was the reason it was created, was agreed an on its existence on the first place and what were than reasons for it’s is use.
Emptiness is the opposite side of “solid solidity” one can’t exist without the other that is the law of the MEST universe…..
Fullness its apposite is emptiness…. so to know the reasons one must explore that so called –“empty” than one will understand the Solid=MEST universe also.
Emptiness can not bee seen if one uses the “looking method” looking for searching with the since Eyes only see’s objects solid energy masses and emptiness is a consideration which do not have -holds -contains pictures or has boundaries.
Example..Emptiness Void and Nothing-ness is used to cover up things, one can hide behind it and cant be seen be found, or important valuable things  can be hidden behind this curtain of emptiness treasures and no one can see beyond the curtain of emptiness because one can see only emptiness when used it  acts as a curtain a divider.  It works like magic spells.. you see it now you wont!.  lots of dark deeds were hidden by use of the curtain emptiness  and many forgotten item are still there waiting to be recovered!

TRAP ROYAL the Mother of all traps.

Very important to keep it in mind traps exist they are there because we agreed for them to be there and traps are not all bad yet they keep one in the MEST simply because they are made of energy.. but everything is energy. The ”thought-belief in them that they works is the trap.”

By now over the years  while in sessions I found many- many traps  and thought that I have done with all that crap but NOOOO I found more and more of these goodies and  these wonderful Traps were designed by us or we bought into them by agreement in order to keep our life our game interesting in fact we done so well the game has become never ending: WE just keep rolling along since every road lead back to the good old MEST Universe!

The traps  are designed to keep one in the game and REDIRECT one if the persons happened to stray-blown out from the Solid Universe… ones own reality-beliefs.

Here are some of the MAJOR TRAPS worth to mention: EMPTINESS.

Emptiness, feeling of emptiness of course is not a pleasant feeling so what one do when feels that? Reaches back into the bag where one keeps the solidity the heavy charged items Example: food, alcohol, sex, gambling, get into argument.. a good fight, have a car accident, pull in a law suit, run in with the law, brake a leg, get ill,  house can burn down, hit by the tornado or the barn door… and any of those heavily charged condition sure will snap one out of the EMPTINESS…

THE VOID: hehehe that is a  ace of a trap.. eastern religions -practises teaches the person how to reach that wonderful state:void..But  void is a Item a consideration and void is something we all believe in and we think that void is nothing… far from that!!!

The only way I can explain what is void if you use your imagination:  look front of you; you can see all sort of things than you put void there that void ACTS LIKE A CURTAIN and COVERS UP the PICTURE which WAS THERE BEFORE. We can simply say: there is something there than say: there is nothing there: and nothing-void appears front our eyes, simply because we believe that they exist. But they are just cover, lids, wall, curtains.

Emptiness act the same way they both are magical curtains when pulled over cover up something that cover is void and make things disappear like there is nothing.

So when the person suddenly reaches or falls into the state of void of course believes that now have attained the state of Nirvana  and remains in that so called blissful state thinking-believing that has reached the final destination hehehe that is the TRAP IT self because in fact still is in the MEST U.. But sometimes when one fall into void that can be a very miserable state to get out of that misery the person dives back into the game into life once more.

Emptiness-Void are nor Spiritual states but major traps and nothing more.

Now as by many of you who read my post.. you all know the post I write are cognitions, my truth my reality, but many post were written from the BASIC_BASIC COGNITIONS and what those contain is the same for all.

I have been wondering for years why we run into so much opposition.. why we have so many counter postulates.. OK that is normal since we are here  in this Universe for a very long time and we done everything over and over few million different times in different locations in different bodies, so we have made a few zillion postulates by now.

 By now I have had sessions on tens of thousands of opposing items on the Plus and Negative side of game and I am not really affected by  most of these stuff happening on this planet.. since the stimulation from those items were as-ised.. but… here is the BIG BUT: I been wondering since I have erased so much that why I still have opposing incoming thought, why  everything around me and others are opposing reality?

Example: I say something to my sister and she is sure hits me with something totally different, when I comment in blogs I get instant opposing  reaction. these really were or are no problems. But what I have noticed if I postulate something the opposite will come in not always and that should not happen any more. THAN THE COGNITION CAME: the Trap is that when one has on idea a postulate that idea triggers off some kind of implanted picture sequence and makes that happen instead what I want.

EXAMPLE: IF I THINK OF BLACK—WHITE WILL COME IN… when I wanted a good man for husband, I got something totally opposite. 

I will not write down here when I though I have failed because the opposing postulates come in but yes this TRAP ROYAL IS ENGINERED IN ORDER TO KEEP ONE IN AND MAKE ONE FEEL–BELIEVE  THAT ONE IS LOSER A FAILURE.. since our good positive thoughts triggers off the opposite action. 

I will need to take these new thought, considerations and examine  them closer in session and find the first implant or agreement which caused this condition.


Emptiness, Void, nothing-ness are same as fear-pleasure, hate, or love they are sensations-feelings and have -contain large amount of energy mass and every one of them can be handled erased in session. These are powerful stimulative considerations.
PS: now please don’t think believe if you will concentrate on the apposite what you want than the real thing will happen.. hehehe and double hehehe.. it cant happen because you know that what you are doing….want to trick your-self into having what you want and that will not work.