Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I was one of the  many in Geirs blog who posted thousands of comments in the past 3 years and Geir Isene asked this question in one of his posting:

GEIR: “One thing that intrigues me is many posters’ use of the term
“Theta Universe”. Now what is that, the “Theta Universe”?

 and here is my answer to that question:
Theta Universe in my reality is where one can and do play any game be, have and do anything but one do not need to have a meat body or any anchor points or to be solid in any shape or form.

 But to his question or to any other question you have, you can find your own answers by simply picking up the cans in session and with that starting your very own researched into the creation of the Universe.

 After all, in Solo auditing or being audited is the PATH where the person “walks the walk the path of self discovery” and while in session one unearths  all the answers: the TRUTH to those questions which one have asked and looked for over eons, endlessly searched in books, partaken in philosophical debates, other times set at the foot listened to sages or on many other occasions submerged self into science doing the figure-figure: for looking in for those elusive answers.

One can find the answers and not only to those basic questions:about life and death but while in session in the mode of exploring ones very own Universe one discovers very different realities what we have believed and lived by in other times and places, on different planets all over the universe in our earlier lifes we have had and these realities are so very different unique from the Human Beliefs at first they seem astounding unreal unbelievable to us but again having back these different believes and understanding them places one to a very different level from how the average human thinks here on Earth.
Our long forgotten knowledge is thrilling experience to discover and have this knowledge back and with this expanded reality we can see and understand what is happening in our small Universe here on this Planet and what is the real- true meaning being a human..

There are many existing reasons persons have why these person who has done the OT Levels do not continue with solo sessions:
Have and one of these reasons is misunderstanding about the material and how it works and what can be achieved.
 And Fear, fear of self: Fear to step out of the grooved in daily comfort of agreements which one made with and for self.
Fear is a great motivator to do or not to do but beside these basic reasons there are hundreds of other postulates, commands which stops the persons from advancing, and they all should be confronted in session.
 THETA UNIVERSE simply means: it is NOT THE BODY or its location BUT HAVING THE AWARNESS which are the thoughts–beliefs= REALITY and UNDERSTANDING their meanings and HOW THE “SELF-ME-the I” OPERATES within the boundaries of these belief that SELF CREATED UNIVERSE and becoming aware and know for sure that this self created UNIVERSE EXIST ONLY IN THE MOMENT OF “NOW” and the rest the beliefs-considerations and agreements outside of this moment of creation-experience=the moment of NOW are Illusions. 

PS: just because one reads something about spirituality, example what Buddha said[assumed that he said that] not necessarily true for you.. you can go into agreement and say yes it is true… but in reality not likely that thought-consideration what you have agreed to is true.
Here on this planet everything one ”sees” with or with out the eyes existing because they are implanted beliefs. Even the belief that one can only ”see” with the eyes, ”hears” with the ears using those parts of the body accomplish that: seeing and hearing are implanted beliefs. Theta do not need the body to know!
What ever one reads in books has nothing to do with the truth since the truth about spirituality what is: not explainable.. just on attempt and nothing more. One has to find out for self by having that experience, reading–having the explanation from others is not the experience it self: those are just empty words.


Comments on: "Where is the Theta Universe? Its location?" (2)

  1. Hi Elizabeth.

    Yes, all those “reasons” to do or not to do, the fears – are all designed to stop.

    Love your blog.

    • Hi Julian… thanks much! Marildi has commented on mine in Marty’s blog about our universes that she do not believe that Paradise can be achieved here. I have on opposite belief since I KNOW that your Universe IS What You Believe IN.. There is no more.. what you know that exist only.. In the same blog Pip wants me to embrace god… we been going back and forth on that topic. and I just don’t buy that crap since I know god -that item is on implanted belief and that item do not belong into my universe… Very simple.. Best to you!

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