Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Today in solo session I have found on item which I have been looking for: ” Power” what is[ as in food]

Since power is the main subject when it comes to auditing, being confronted since every word, every sound is nothing more than power is which makes our world go around.

Looking at Power what is in different sense, In different reality since I am not satisfied with the old reality level and solo auditing = what confronting  is about :  we are continually in search of new reality!

And no wonder since we are tired of the old believes which have confined us into a tiny world which is the Human beliefs-human existence… and the limited abilities and having to play the same always the games!!!   Being conceived … born…. Live=brush your teeth, drink your coffee,  have a hair or two cut hehehe,  learn how to ride a bike, learn how to talk, and thousands of other thing than pull in some illness  and leave the body.. that means one just given up the human game calls  it quitting or dyeing: and again claiming  nonexistence: death .[ that too is a joke, an illusion]

What puzzled me the most over the years, since 74 what is the power, that energy flow in the body.

What are the reasons we stuff food in it, and so many different variety and each one of these food items singularly have different level of energy, and very different in did.

In one of my recall: way back in 74 while being audited in Dianetics and that session I never forgotten, because that recall was so profound and perfect in every way.

Recalling and reliving that incident filled my senses with wonder and beauty and magic, till this day that memory held me captive, with its magical quality.


Perhaps so, because it was the first time I have experienced having mock-up body in ethereal state: not being solid in form and I believe that was my first encounter in session were the reality level which I was at that time, was so very different.


And in that session the door opened up into my real universe which till than was forgotten: the spiritual universe which contained no solid forms.

I was floated  close to the ground in  open market place,  it was a bright beautifully sunny day and I knew than my body mock-up was not solid as the one I use now and in order to have a noticeable appearance I had also a hooded once piece garment covering the semitransparent body.


The market was held in the large clearing in the tropical forest, the lush circle of  greenery surrounded  this dell and  intermingling of fragrances  of the damp earth, myriads of flowers and the sun ripen fruits were pure delight and pleasure to the senses.


On the ground in long rows was piled high, burdened with fruits, vegetables in every shape and colour, they looked like jewels in the sun.


As I walked about, in my reality I glided, floated  above and over and  I touched  experienced every fruit’s energy, while doing that I have  gorged all the senses but I was looking for a singular element. 

 I did not have to touch any  of these fruits; hands were not needed because  I  simply experienced each individually as I put my attention an them.

Suddenly my attention focused on one fruit and all others were forgotten: The melon like fruit I have spotted was pale golden in colour and both ends had a touch of lime green, had glassy smooth surface and on oval shape and It was virtually translucent and from the center  pink radiance emanated .


Picked up the fruit had it levitate  and cradled the magnificent creation in of my so called transparent  hands and  total happiness washed over me as I experienced  and have become one with the fruit’s energy, its vibration was the perfect match of my own.


I bent my head over the fruit and I deeply inhaled its fragrance,  I have become one with the fruit, its energy and with that experience  my bodies’ energy balance was returned,


 With that action I have accomplished the act of eating!  That how I have eaten when solid food was not required yet, solid food is put into solid body.. and  down the tone scale we went!

  How could I ever forget a recall like that?


Since that recall I have been searching for the reason for putting actual food, solid food into the body and the reasons for such on act.  I also confronted in session every food variety I ever experienced by tasting-eating, because I wanted to know, understand the basic energy flows of individual nutrients which we use for the up keep of the body.


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