Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

realization, cognitions… changes not only the self but the Universe
Once more I have had a major realization and this realization of course caused enormous shifting in my Universe and with that simply in the Universe since I am no longer the “I-self-me”.
I realised the work I have done this life was the most valuable work achieved in my existence in the Universe which of course includes all the Universes  where we all operated, have been affect and effected.
Since the outcome of this work: being audited and solo auditing is Intangible: therefore of course it is not visible to the ‘’eyes’’ and  cannot be proved that it exist by modelling this achievement into solid-movable shapes..Therefore this work will not be known-assigned to a originator and to the body which has a name and this name never will be known… Yet this do not matter since the originator has no importance or value yet the work do not lose its importance-value and it is there where it meant to be in the first place: in the Spiritual Universe which of course includes the so called solidity which of course is not solid never was or will be.
I am honoured knowing my role in the Universe, and I am grateful for all who have contributed to the experiences I had and through those involvements with these wonderful beings the knowledge I gained.
PS: I guess this work balances out when I have felt I was important being on the track but in fact said or have done nothing valuable… 🙂


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