Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

GE… Robots… Human body.

Lots of material about the GE beside LRH’s write up floats about in different blogs.

The GE originated as a control mechanism for a robot it was designed for and that purpose only.

I have recalled when I have moved into one of these machines which was moving object  on the tough terrain and also there was a station on outpost and it was populated by other robots and everyone one of these robots was designed to do different tasks.

But the most powerful robots were outside of the structures and of course the power of these incredible creations were so attractive, desirable, because the flow of energy they were animating was irresistible to any free-floating Spiritual Entity and that energy has captured me, of course I moved into it happily since this robot has provided constant energy-stimulation and that meant stable existence.

On the occurrences when the planet moved out of the warm rays of the distance sun, these giant robots moved into heated ‘’compounds’’ in order to keep the materials which the robots were constructed turn brittle from the extreme cold.

Interestingly, now we call these ‘’’quiet dark period’’= night and because the robots power was turned down considerably it was ‘’resting’’.. and when the outside conditions were favorable once more ‘’outside’’ the robots full power was turned an and they become active.

But of course it has become a prison too and I could not get away till the machine was functioning, even after the robot keeled over, was laying there in pieces I stayed with it, till another heavy energy captured-anchored me , taken me for a different adventure.

THE GE….. was the  control heart of these machines which are now not made of heavy duty materials, but soft, mostly water and minerals… and they too can freeze, and now these robots are called Human Bodies.

In my reality the GE  what is what it can cause and do and all its connections to different bodies as a manager mechanism can be confronted in sessions and of course erased.

GE was created and was given power, but these inventors also can take that power back. And no matter how powerful these GE’s are the originators authority is the command factor over these automatic control mechanisms.

Of course the GE’s function has been altered many times over from its original formula- function and by now not doing its job… not managing the bodies function in perfect harmony as it was intended, but now inserts and allows in ‘’illnesses” and other disorders: In fact the bloody thing is malfunctioning  and one should hang a sign on it ”OUT OF ORDER”

The GE which is in control now  was not intended for the human form.



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