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The MAGIC WAND which takes away all…with one wave of the hand: only one needs to believe.

The Magic Wand which takes away all with one wave of the hand: only one needs to believe in Jesus
Scientologist,  many of them left the church because they become disenchanted,  felt that the bridge is a scam, they believe that LRH lied and spirituality is a hoax none existent state.

These are the persons who had very little auditing or gone up on the Bridge and made it all the way to the top, and even attested to OT8.

 Every level while being audited or in solo auditing : when these levels  are finished one made to believe because IT IS WRITTEN that one has attained total freedom, regained all abilities IF ONE HAS A MAJOR COGNITION ON THAT SUBJECT.

 That belief is far from the truth: the cognition that major realization one has at the level where the auditing has occurred, that REALIZATION MEANS ONLY THAT THE PERSON HAS BECOME AWARE OF THAT there is a DIFFERENT REALITY EXISTING.

But that FIRST Awareness is only the beginning what one can see-realize if that subject would be confronted from every side.

 So many leaves the church disappointed and no wonder: since man has to belief in something in order to have some guidance, some of these people go back to the OLD well-worn path of Religious beliefs because that is better than nothing.: the  void of the unknown.

My point is here so far many has left old religious believes behind when entered in to the CofS. in hope to find what they have been looking for: knowing very well  what they have experienced till now in any of those philosophies were not the road out:  did not bring  that spiritual freedom they have hoped it could be achieved..

 Of course the disappointments are great.. huge and hard to endure, after all these people have been practiced every kind of beliefs went into huge amount of agreement of different Religious Orders this Planet [on the track] and so far not one of these ORDERS offered the way out of what they were looking for: the freedom from the suppression of MEST; the effects of having human bodies and beliefs.

 But those who have left and not continued with the auditing these people have given up so easy; it seems they went in to the CofS looking for the MAGIC WAND which would erase all, including all their aches and pains, all the unwanted and become free from their sins their shame-guilt their fears and all the O/W’s and can start all over as new shinny beings free of MEST be out once and for all and  continue on their marry ways with life.

 Interestingly some of this scientologist dashed back into Jesus’s arms because there all is forgiven: after all he has died for your sins, has given up his life in order to save your ass burning in Hell and it is written when you returned into the fold all the sins of the past is erased… no longer these sins are in effect and with that one achieves the state of all knowing become pure as GOD’s breath… but one must remain between the walls of that teaching because if not than one again walks the path of sin.

In other words, when one believes in the teaching of Jesus than is in the state:  KEYED OUT OF THE EGO= THE MEST U. and if one fall back: sins in any way than suffers again the effects of Hells which is the MEST Universe.

The words of Jesus’s is the most powerful and no other Order promises the same and because how it is worded is the MAGIC WAND; erases all: and when one fallows that dogma keeps to that teaching …hehehe… than one is taken care of, no more worries, one never has to confront ones nasty-evil O/W’s=sins of the past, one do not have to take responsibility for the ACTIONS one has committed.. and never have to think for self again since God provides what is needed: and never have to bother to think in order to figure out what is right or wrong.

One is washed clean of his past and all that shit has been erased with one wave of the WAND!

By going into agreement; one gives up and assigns the power to that mighty, gives up the free will to choose:  the determination, also the awareness that is self, what that self is able to do, the knowledge and all the experiences one ever had  and at the same time gives up all other game conditions: when can enter into causatively.

OH.. and whatever happens one can blame freely: god did it all!

Yes, that belief by accepting that teaching with that the person who goes into agreement joins  the group: becomes a controlled robot enslaved by the very belief that one is free yet just walked into a well thought -out powerful implant.  

That is what one wave of the Magic Wand can do. Hehehe… my reality.




our track.. life, death, and all that what we believe in..

No one will ever know unless Walks the walk of Solo Auditor: what self-control, what will power, what courage it takes to walk that lonely road until one  commit self to step on that Path and walks on.

No one will ever know just how many questions one need asks in order to learn the answers to understand the SELF created universe.

 How one crawls half unconscious at times in quest of understanding: the why?

What the body goes through in this session, how it is assaulted with immense amount of energy masses.

 How many times one falls on ones face and grits teeth get up have a win  enjoying the moment of victory the  cognition than  back to session one goes.

In each session One walks through Hell which is the MEST in every shape and form.

The cycles of depressions, commands of suicide: to eliminate self are there in each persons life and are powerful implants, and all illnesses and their sources must be confronted and as-is since they do influence all activities and alter the body: all these considerations-agreements have to be confronted one by one.

Of course there are thousands of ”run of the mill implants” one has to confront: one must walk though, and also dig up and confront the magical universe!

 Let’s not forget the greatest traps we set for self “the Great Unknown” which we have created by believing: talked self into that those incident don’t exist that we don’t know anything about it, that it is a mystery now, the “unknowns” and we must solve these puzzles, which are filled with un-confronted experiences but were pushed away by us because their weight we no longer could carry also has interfered with our newly created games.

 But every one of these experiences from the track which contains all the game we ever created have to be summoned up once more and confronted since they contain not only triumphs, great victories our monumental achievements but our punishing fears and  our fails and these forgotten games still effect the present daily activities and in them we experience again those past activities in a much smaller scale and on a much lower tone level.

   We have immense amount hidden stuffs- junk in form of considerations which is out reality and these believes- agreements are the walls – curtains screens and  separate sand at the same at the same moment holds the ”self” in the confinement within these beliefs.

The states after death[ existence without the body] is very difficult to walk through but need to be confronted and these are the beliefs one has to face while having a body in order not to be effected when one no longer is anchored to one.

And I won’t leave out the greatest traps one have to face and these are all the PLEASURE MOMENTS since they are the most difficult to confront but they hold the experiences  which have addictive nature because of those reasons they pull the being back into the MEST games over and over.

The self seeks, wants, needs desires these moments because accept as true’s that what they contain is happiness, pleasure, bliss –amorous sensations and they are the answers out:  the  very beliefs that when one experiences these conditions than one is out of the MEST :Key out of injury-hurt and is into survival.

I say from experience: there are traps so well concealed from self  that one must use power of the greatest determination ferreting them out in order to confront them once and for all  in order to regain the power of self which is knowledge self- determinism.

 There are many straps which indicates there is no more that finally one has walked out of the traps but they are the very beliefs “that there is no more, that one is free, one is finally out”   but these concepts are implanted in order not to let the person go but to still remain in the grip of the MEST beliefs.

 Just how many times one believes that it is finally over,[ in 40 years in session I have accoutred dozens of these implanted beliefs]  than  one realises that one still have stimulations: there are feelings, thoughts, views and one has to go back to session with pick and shovel and carry on.

Finally when the cognition hits and one knows: totally convinced that one is OUT because sees nothing: no more pictures [only some sensations]  and that is one  major powerful trap one just fallen into  in the form of VOID [ same goes for the considerations of nothing-ness and empty-ness and secrets] and  here one becomes aware there are no paths leading, no signs marking the path toward the Theta universe and MEST U.

the experience of The VOID is empty: holds no AWARNESS.

Now one is in-between universes, MEST has gone: one has been emptied: One is hallow.

YET after a while this void restimulates turns on: The agony –misery of the emptiness: the void of all what was known experienced , the huge feeling of loss hold one in prison  and these are the indicators  of a new beginning, new day, back to session one must go and only confronting the VOID and all its related concepts one slowly become aware  again  and can move out of the great emptiness.

The Void was created as a trap to lead one back to for reach once more for the MEST games.

 One finds out is session even that void that emptiness is part of the MEST it is there to pull back the person into MEST  to the “Mama”, it is there because one feels lost without and  must go back to MEST which he knows – understands and where can have game going: to the familiarity.

 Hundreds of auditing hours needed to overcome that barrier alone!

The rewards pour in as one walks the self-created path one regains understanding on MEST down to the last rusty nail and understands all about energy and how it works and what is.

The power one has which can as-is everything:can melts away titanium, which is fluff and nothing more. MEST is made up from, by tiny energy particles and nothing more, what it is there outside of those particles are the illusions which we call life.  

 Incomprehensible magnitude of knowledge is gained in form of cognitions after each sessions:  that is understanding of self, what self is capable doing and what is ones role is in the universe and how that  knowledge  which one has accumulated do affects the universe.

That attained level is not duplicable in long as one has the MEST reality because from that reality Theta do not exists.

Words, knowing words will not do the trick to free one from the grips of the MEST. Since believing I am a spiritual being, I am a light, or I am love: or a free spirit will not erase the masses of energy we are using as anchors.. Knowing the language of spirituality is not the same as finding the path and understanding the meanings why we use those words to describe what is spirituality means.

One has to duplicate the belief one has in order to gain knowledge and knowing the meaning of the words is not good enough.

Theta can duplicate MEST because Theta creates MEST but MEST –reality can’t duplicate Theta.


realizations-cognitions… changes not only the self but the Universe.

realization, cognitions… changes not only the self but the Universe
Once more I have had a major realization and this realization of course caused enormous shifting in my Universe and with that simply in the Universe since I am no longer the “I-self-me”.
I realised the work I have done this life was the most valuable work achieved in my existence in the Universe which of course includes all the Universes  where we all operated, have been affect and effected.
Since the outcome of this work: being audited and solo auditing is Intangible: therefore of course it is not visible to the ‘’eyes’’ and  cannot be proved that it exist by modelling this achievement into solid-movable shapes..Therefore this work will not be known-assigned to a originator and to the body which has a name and this name never will be known… Yet this do not matter since the originator has no importance or value yet the work do not lose its importance-value and it is there where it meant to be in the first place: in the Spiritual Universe which of course includes the so called solidity which of course is not solid never was or will be.
I am honoured knowing my role in the Universe, and I am grateful for all who have contributed to the experiences I had and through those involvements with these wonderful beings the knowledge I gained.
PS: I guess this work balances out when I have felt I was important being on the track but in fact said or have done nothing valuable… 🙂

GE… Robots… Human body.

Lots of material about the GE beside LRH’s write up floats about in different blogs.

The GE originated as a control mechanism for a robot it was designed for and that purpose only.

I have recalled when I have moved into one of these machines which was moving object  on the tough terrain and also there was a station on outpost and it was populated by other robots and everyone one of these robots was designed to do different tasks.

But the most powerful robots were outside of the structures and of course the power of these incredible creations were so attractive, desirable, because the flow of energy they were animating was irresistible to any free-floating Spiritual Entity and that energy has captured me, of course I moved into it happily since this robot has provided constant energy-stimulation and that meant stable existence.

On the occurrences when the planet moved out of the warm rays of the distance sun, these giant robots moved into heated ‘’compounds’’ in order to keep the materials which the robots were constructed turn brittle from the extreme cold.

Interestingly, now we call these ‘’’quiet dark period’’= night and because the robots power was turned down considerably it was ‘’resting’’.. and when the outside conditions were favorable once more ‘’outside’’ the robots full power was turned an and they become active.

But of course it has become a prison too and I could not get away till the machine was functioning, even after the robot keeled over, was laying there in pieces I stayed with it, till another heavy energy captured-anchored me , taken me for a different adventure.

THE GE….. was the  control heart of these machines which are now not made of heavy duty materials, but soft, mostly water and minerals… and they too can freeze, and now these robots are called Human Bodies.

In my reality the GE  what is what it can cause and do and all its connections to different bodies as a manager mechanism can be confronted in sessions and of course erased.

GE was created and was given power, but these inventors also can take that power back. And no matter how powerful these GE’s are the originators authority is the command factor over these automatic control mechanisms.

Of course the GE’s function has been altered many times over from its original formula- function and by now not doing its job… not managing the bodies function in perfect harmony as it was intended, but now inserts and allows in ‘’illnesses” and other disorders: In fact the bloody thing is malfunctioning  and one should hang a sign on it ”OUT OF ORDER”

The GE which is in control now  was not intended for the human form.