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DESTINY – KARMA – FATE: Are we here on this planet because that is our FATE?

DESTINY – KARMA – FATE: Are we here on this planet because that is our FATE?
Recently I was asked if I know what Karma or Destiny is and if such things truly exist in reality or the whole thing is just a Myth. Karma, what it is, is a very simple thing… it is so simple that when you read this, more than likely you will laugh it off as nonsense: Rubbish.[ who never experienced and have reality having lived before wont get the meaning of this post]
Each life we live now is what that life contains is exactly what we have created long way back. Over the eons we have created billions of experiences and we kept them all, unintentionally of course and since none of these experiences were confronted to the extent that they would have been rubbed out, let go of permanently, so now we have these billions of experiences piled up in the forms of masses of energies, which by now are jammed into each other and are completely stuck and feels solid  to us and  makes us believe that we are immobile.
Out of these vast experiences, of course, there are some which hold similar amount of energy mass and those dynamisms to which countless layers of considerations are added will stand out and have a profoundly powerful effect on us and continue influence our daily life in every possible way: in fact that is our life: just wrapped into different pictures and new labels are hang on the locations and the bodies.
Some of these major happenings – experiences of the past – could have been anything: Good-noble-treasured events full of pleasure or really bad-evil-corrupt actions smeared with needs wants, governed by control.
Regardless of those lifetimes how they were lived, we are still re-lived them:  we just roll along and re-experience – have similar kind of lives and they occur because so far, none of these events from the past have been properly confronted. Not once, and we are solidly anchored to these grand exciting experiences! Over and over we re-experience these lives filled with  heavy drama- importance but in different bodies of course, and only the circumstances are altered from lifetime to lifetime:  Of course each life time are influenced by the locations and the civilizations which rule over that location.
Since we never met the challenges of the past and found the answers for all the WHY’s and HOW’s we put forth questioning the actions of self and the Universe and now we still look for those answers hopping that we might find them in our present or our next life.
We all continue repeated these life’s cycles till we fulfill all activities wwere left behind incomplete, done wrong: so the promises we made we need to fulfill, or we are waiting for the promise others made to us to come through.
The politicians will continue doing the same: wanting to achieve or stop something: because that is what their beliefs dictates.
The magicians on the street corner or on the stage dramatize, act out, wanting something to vanish, or reappear again.
The chemist is searching for that substance which will change whatever. The artist continues and wants to capture those mental images, illusion and make it into the solid form.
The healer who wants to heal something and tries over and over most likely wants to make it go right when he has failed before and now still sitting motionless in that previous loss.
The killer is still exaggerating his need to eliminate the source which he fears the most and he will continue his activity till finds the answers which will erase his fears.
 The warrior will be warrior regardless of the circumstances, holding an automatic gun or using the bow and arrow.
 Once a leader will be leader again in many different lives and teachers will teach again and again.
Philosophers are doing the same as they have done in many earlier lives: sitting in coffee shops or are on the internet or universities, gathered in groups and tossing around ideas, looking for answers to the un-answered questions which have dribbled down over the eons, and they will be sitting in the same reality till they finally realise the mystery of the universe, the unexplained; they are looking for the truth which is intangible, yet indeed factual when one finds it.  
All lifetimes are dramatizations of earlier lives we have had and in each of these lives we dramatize our accomplishments regardless whether that life was a failure or a great triumph.
How long this charade will last and just how many times one will come back in a different body and repeat the failures or the triumphs of the past? That depends on when one finally, once and for all when the person finds the all the right answers and these answers will erase all to which one is stuck and solidly anchored down to. In other words: what one believes in: and those beliefs that hold one in an eternal prison. We need to find the answers and until we do we are saddled with our lot and that is our Karma and no one can get away from and change what is and live and have a different kind of life. No one has free will to choose on this matter.

 OH…. we have some choices: tea or coffee, shower or bath, black or white, cat or dog.. etc..etc.. hehehe… but we don’t have choices on  matters which really could alter that lifetime.

  Elizabeth Hamre