Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

There is minus and plus to everything ever created in the Universe that is the balance which holds the universe as-is.  By that I mean example: hot-cold… death –life…. dry-wet …heavy-light .. solid-transparent…etc..etc..etc. Plus there are all the combinations go with those basic items… endless creation in the endless universe…  We as creators have the brilliance-knowledge and ignorance –stupidity at the same time which we can’t live without: the very nature to the being. Because that is the condition: to have the game: must and must not to have, be or not to be…simple rules of the game… What I find interesting about the reactive Mind that one can describe it’s content millions of different ways, since it was made millions of different ways. One can think of ones reality, ones beliefs as millions of mirrors reflecting each other and the scenes they contain not totally alike just similar………..  I never have tired of the things I have seen so far, on the contrarily, more I see and understand more I am intrigued by its complexity of the singularly created item as  that item has become over the eons.

The reason for such a complexity: Simple: we are brilliant, incredibly capable, powerful entities which is beyond the wildest imagination what a Human Mind can perceive. We are so incredible that words can’t describe. But what equals our incredibility? Well, that is very simple: our ignorance, unfamiliarity, inexperience, lack of knowledge its reasons, the whys the how’s we have created and become what we are: in other word we have love to play the ignorant, stupid side also… makes the game interesting and one can really lay the drama an.

 My answer for the creation what made it such complex experience by now because we have played the same games over and over and over again, and both side too, now if there would not be any variation to the game…welllll…. That would be very boring, dull, uninteresting,  unexciting,  so we put a  new twists to the old stuff  [ new body, different name, location different gender, occupation, and ideas like I must learn in order to know, I don’t know a thing, there is no other life but this]   which  gives one a bit of enthusiasm to continue and the false believe that we are in fact controlling that game…

To gain enlightenmentan why we are, what we are, for our reason to become who and whatever, the explanations – the information – the insight – to find the reasons the motives behind it all – we aim for, looks-search for all the ” what is, the whys” and to understand the full picture  one must walk backward on that long track. But in fact that is impassible to do, since our creations long since melted –vaporized- vanished- evaporated in the Universe.

 If that would not be so than the caves where one once lived they still would be there so is the battle fields,  the huts, the cities, the fields we worked an and the chains would be there in the prison cells as they were left there, and the marks on our back from the whips they still would be there. All that has gone, it was only our figments of out imagination, the grand illusion  we are capable to create and say that is REAL! BUT we carry our true creations in the invisible form : those postulated actions of the past we have that, that is ours and that is our track.

 So walking back on the track is only on expression: What actually happens in session is “the Phenomenon”  where we re-assemble the incidents and find the original postulates which created that incident-item. We put together those pictures of the past from  the sensations, from our feelings we recreate their shapes and the incidents size , we can add our ”remembering” what sounds it contained and the glory of the colors to will be there same as they were way back when some place in the Universe.     Quantum mechanics I think that is called, but don’t hold me to that… For that to be accomplished we only need one tread from the stored sensations and can we re-build  the rest of that incident=experience …. Since we never really have lost it in the first place.

 When we accomplish that ‘reassembling’ and we take a close look at our creation than we finally we understand the very reason we had that postulate, the reason for it and what we wanted to accomplish with that..  That understanding is the cognition…

 Each being=Entity can find that so called invisible track we all have and the answers, the reasons to its existence and that ”invisible memory track” is one’s very own  private universe and no other person has the answers how and why it was created in the first place..



Comments on: "our creation… our belief is our Universe and that is the invisible track." (25)

  1. These opposites are simply the two ends of scales that have infinite gradients in between.

    These scales may be viewed as dimensions. Some of them are actually out there. Others have simply been assumed (arbitrarily postulated).


    • Well expressed viewpoint… your comment is on example that how we can talk of, communicate about the same occurrences and describe them totally different. Thank you!!

  2. In my opinion, one is moving away from beingness and games when one is being mindful. Hubbard called this pan-determinism. It is like being exterior to all games, and also to beingnesses that are assumed in games. I call that the native state.

    As I see, the key element of the reactive mind is inconsistency or lack of harmony. Any game is an inconsistency that needs to be resolved. Winning and losing a game does not resolve the inconsistency because there is elation and loss, which are inconsistent with each other. A game is resolved when all inconsistencies it spawned are resolved.

    So, as long as there are inconsistencies, there is an unresolved reactive mind.


    • You may add that the creation of ”’value” adding it to any consideration that something is good or bad sure causes the separation and also creates the two extreme poles : the negative and the positive. Also value, having value of something or somebody do separate the self from others and it is in my reality the underlying cause of having FEAR …. HAVING FEAR AS ONE’s CONSTAT COMPANION. FEAR OF LOSS..LOSING SOMETHING VALUABLE…that is a consideration since VALUE is what???

    • V dear “So, as long as there are inconsistencies, there is an unresolved reactive mind.”” you can bet your last $ an that… why you think I have been solo auditing= confronting ”inconsistencies for 40 years? because I have realised that at the very beginning while still in the Mission in Vancouver.

  3. One may speculate, and then get tied up in looking at that speculation.

    As-ising would be to realize that one’s “reality” is just a speculation to start with.

    • all considerations are illusions regardless what heading, labeling, tags one hangs an them.. but as-ising is not speculation… not for one second. here we differ, big time… as-ising while one as-is that second is a created experience and that happens in the NOW.. nothing is speculated about that fraction of experience.

      • Yes as-ising is not speculation. It is recognizing what is there.

        • yes that is my reality but I also realise that as-ising is a coined word, a label, it also can be called a realization.. see what is there in that second… see something without filters for the very first time. 🙂

      • Having different universes indicates an inconsistency. It is not a matter of right and wrong. It is a matter of inconsistency.


        • while we are writing with that expressing our reality that is correct, there is inconsistency and that is here on this planet… if we no longer have inconsistency than we would be in total agreement and that means how I feel—believe in..i am totally fine what you believe in no matter what that may be, what you do and what you think. I have no desire to change any one since I believe all realities are equal, have the same value..

      • Whether one feel’s fine about it or not is irrelevant because the inconsistency is still there.

        One may or may not be interested in resolving it.

        • I have resolved all the inconsistencies I have known of, just because others believe that I have them that belief others have is their inconsistency and I have no desire to change that belief…

      • One may avoid looking at another’s universe, and not acknowledge the inconsistencies between the two two universes.

        That does not make the inconsistency go away.

        • Those who had very little auditing and have not continued studied and had auditing on the upper levels and are not familiar=experience being a solo auditor and what the solo auditor do. A solo auditor since has to be CLEAR OF ALL ABERRATION is dealing with clearing considerations =inconsistencies of other. More than 1 OT level is all about that. Helping others. As a solo auditor I have been helping others since 1976. Being a Clear a OT, a Entity one is doing nothing else while being in session is helping others and with that help given one equally receive. There is no ” I…ME..SELF.. MINE ..OURS THEIRS, THEM..YOU” in those levels of auditing..

          • My universe = self
            Other universe = other selves

            So, you are thinking in terms of SELF and OTHERS when you talk about different universes.

    • when one speculate about something than to be sure one has inconsistency at hand.. do look at the word what is ”speculation” means.

    • speculation
      1. the contemplation or consideration of some subject: to engage in speculation on humanity’s ultimate destiny.
      2. a single instance or process of consideration.
      3. a conclusion or opinion reached by such contemplation: These speculations are impossible to verify.
      4. conjectural consideration of a matter; conjecture or surmise: a report based on speculation rather than facts.
      5. engagement in business transactions involving considerable risk but offering the chance of large gains, especially trading in commodities, stocks, etc., in the hope of profit from changes in the market price.
      6. a speculative commercial venture or undertaking.

      1325–75; Middle English speculacioun < Late Latin speculātiōn- (stem of speculātiō ) exploration, observation. See speculate, -ion
      1590–1600; < Latin speculātus, past participle of speculārī to watch over, explore, reconnoiter, derivative of specula watch tower, noun derivative of specere to look, regard;


      In my view one should observe to resolve inconsistencies and not add to them. If one withdraws to one's own universe, and does not bother to interact with other universes then this is an inconsistency and should be looked at it more closely.


    • Your reality on what is speculation and what is as-ising is fine with me.. It boils down to the fact and indicates the we do have different universes. 🙂

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