Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

What is friendship what is harmony?

Aligned reality, and that happens when there is agreement established on any topics but that position has to be maintain at all times to keep that friendship alive, going on that same level. That means reassurance is required time to time from all partiers.

Introducing   different interests could stabilize-steady the friendship-any relationship  or destroy that harmony and that could  happen just depends on how much agreement on those new areas could be established again.

There are agreements in any relationship which lays only on the surface which  are not real [ the persons who gives that agreement has very different reality on the same subject but those views usually well hidden]  and they are  concealed to keep the relationship going… but under those agreements  totally different realities lurking….. Hehehe , having that kind of agreements in any relationship are like time bombs in fact those superficial agreements are kept there to keep the union going but those agreements are based on fear, might lose the friendship if find out.

Because one do know for sure that good relationships cannot have different realities.

 Ugh… more I look  at this more I see the whole thing is a big crock of shit..

Now,  I ask.. if I would convince somebody that my beliefs-viewpoints are better than theirs what would I be gaining?

 With having those agreements under my belt  I would be “”reassured “” what I know is real actual, tangible, factual  and it is the truth… ugh…  and what else I could gain which so important have ,  holds value that it is worth to fight for, kill for, going to courts to establish  me being right the winner, better than others.

 I think I had enough of this subject..  since going around and round will not give different answers what I already have..

Reassurance –supports is not needed or wanted when one knows whatever that understanding is about.

I have stopped blogging for this reason, I am totally OK what peoples opinions are, I don’t have the need to convert others that they should have the same understanding conviction on any subject as I do..

And all that crap above as usual my reality!



PS:::::AHA!!! Instantly I had some communication that I am wrong!! HEHEHE!!! I LOVE IT!!
NOW, who decide who is wrong or who is right in the first place? Why should I have the viewpoint that my reality is better, has more value than somebody else? With I that I would say that I am smarter, know better than others therefore have authority, power… now where that would live you?
I know here on Planet Earth, one has to go by rules, laws, regulations and parents, teachers etc.. must educate off springs how to survive in the jungle.. Yes, I do know the rules apply on Earth.
But my reality is not of a being but as of on Entity now there is a huge difference between the two!


Comments on: "What is friendship what is harmony?" (24)

  1. This is some great EP already 🙂

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 and lets do some hahaha.. I gained a friend of few weeks back and within a short while I was cut off like I had leprosy … Oh that did not bother me a bit… but the action, the words what friendship really means sort of needed to have a closer look..
      I have gained a friend last summer, a cat a stray has walked through the door one evening. She was skinny, dirty and badly needed home and love and she had nothing more to give but unconditional love and here I was at the same time fairly skinny “) I have a lovely home yet I had the need the desire to pour love out, just give it.
      Now this house is filled with unconditional love. it is just here… not given, not taken just here! 🙂 🙂

  2. I like your “When I arrived, I realized I never left.” the most. My favourite lessons are the ones I always knew 🙂

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