Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Recently I was asked if I HONOR- RESPECT or give LOVE to others.. or make them feel better or bigger than I…. I said no, because I feel that every time I pay a compliment of that kind: honor or give respect or give love, make them feel bigger or better with that I drive an anchor into that person  and with that I ensure that the VALANCE they are in is  becoming more solid as already is.

Driving an anchor into the any other person simply means going into agreement with that person and we do that all the time.

One of the major traps we employ our self to keep others in the solid universe and by that we also have the connection to their universe at the same time.

Example: I can say:  I honor your action blah-blah..  that person I give that comment  already uses that valance as a winning valance because he can collect recognition-admiration –honor and respect of all so by now that valance is solid and any of those who commented  made that happen and with the same time they are all connected to each other because of their agreements on the same: what is honorable..etc.

 That is all very well in the Universe here on this Planet when one wants to be a better person, well respected by all and held up as a example…. Saintly thinking.. butter will not melt in the mouth of those who wants nothing more in life but being respected-honored- and loved by all..

Interestingly  none of the words  indicating a solid form.. every one of them is intangible but very powerful because they keep that person who thrives to become a human like that by their actions to gain all that crap when they do achieve it they becomes wedged –locked into those concepts: solid valance.

 I HAD A COGNOTION A RELISATION TODAY:  Where I operate, where I am,  those concepts: honored-respected- being told that they are better, bigger than any one do not exist… not needed to be given or needed to ensure any ones existence simply because IN THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE ALL IS EQUAL since separate-ness its existence is a Human concepts: are all about… ME- I—self that do not exist.

We are all equal under all Suns..  since we are Entity and not a beings..only beings need and want to be elevated to Godlike position to have that shit pile on them: being honor-respected and praised  be better than all others therefore holding the power and control over who have not achieved such  a God like state.

About LOVE… giving love to others… well.. love is not a commodity it cannot be give, In the spiritual universe where all is equal… HEHEHE.. I ask a question: where all is equal how love could be given and for what reasons?

Love simply IS.
What kind of power the Entity has? What ever that Entity experienced over the span of Infinite and those experiences are equal in value… since they are the experience of the creator:Entity.
Value-judgement: what is good or bad is only a concept created by Humans and nothing more.

HEHEHEHE.. here is a bit of more on wanting to be a god like critter, well all that would be just lovely, we all would admire each other, flow honor, respect and bathe each other in the glow of love… we would all achieve the same but be at that stage we all have to have SAME REALITY.. and nothing more… Yes.. we all would have the same power.. same abilities to create…and experience at that moment of creation yes with that we would achieve unity… total unity..
Now here is a question again… what would be the game-fun in that? Only creating the same, be the same… after the boredom would set in and the admired revered god like critter would think very quietly: If I hear once more from somebody that I am the greatest the best, the most powerful and loved by all I will kill that son of a bitch and I will be free again I can have some other adventures and be a bad ass low life and have fun once more..!!!!!!!
Take care folks what kind of valance you want to create.. you can get stuck in it and with that you would give up the freedom of choice!!
but these are just my viewpoints out of many I have and this is my reality, we all create our own and that is our universe…. that is the fact and the truth…


Comments on: "All creations have equal value under all the suns… Entity is infinite and intangible. You want to become on god like critter? You all ready are." (3)

  1. Great wisdom you have shared Elizabeth. This is not easy for humans to understand.

    • hehehe.. since you understand it you no longer one! I am writing where I am at, how I see the Universe. By now you know all what I write here is from cognitions-realizations and that makes this realizations original.. .My understanding of the Universe how is it, is not from books therefore not quoted saying.

    • But dear B.. I would like to remind you that each entities universe -understanding is very different and we can only assume and nothing more that how others see the Universe around them and what are their experiences.
      Example: we both looking at the same black cat, I will never know how you see that cat and you will never be able to duplicate my true reality of that black cat. We both just “assume” that we are seeing the same way.
      HEHEHE… why do you thing what are the reasons for so much anger-upset, fights, wars, disconnections etc… and these are the same reasons so many laws has to be established and enforced… my reality of course! as usual..

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