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What is friendship what is harmony?

What is friendship what is harmony?

Aligned reality, and that happens when there is agreement established on any topics but that position has to be maintain at all times to keep that friendship alive, going on that same level. That means reassurance is required time to time from all partiers.

Introducing   different interests could stabilize-steady the friendship-any relationship  or destroy that harmony and that could  happen just depends on how much agreement on those new areas could be established again.

There are agreements in any relationship which lays only on the surface which  are not real [ the persons who gives that agreement has very different reality on the same subject but those views usually well hidden]  and they are  concealed to keep the relationship going… but under those agreements  totally different realities lurking….. Hehehe , having that kind of agreements in any relationship are like time bombs in fact those superficial agreements are kept there to keep the union going but those agreements are based on fear, might lose the friendship if find out.

Because one do know for sure that good relationships cannot have different realities.

 Ugh… more I look  at this more I see the whole thing is a big crock of shit..

Now,  I ask.. if I would convince somebody that my beliefs-viewpoints are better than theirs what would I be gaining?

 With having those agreements under my belt  I would be “”reassured “” what I know is real actual, tangible, factual  and it is the truth… ugh…  and what else I could gain which so important have ,  holds value that it is worth to fight for, kill for, going to courts to establish  me being right the winner, better than others.

 I think I had enough of this subject..  since going around and round will not give different answers what I already have..

Reassurance –supports is not needed or wanted when one knows whatever that understanding is about.

I have stopped blogging for this reason, I am totally OK what peoples opinions are, I don’t have the need to convert others that they should have the same understanding conviction on any subject as I do..

And all that crap above as usual my reality!



PS:::::AHA!!! Instantly I had some communication that I am wrong!! HEHEHE!!! I LOVE IT!!
NOW, who decide who is wrong or who is right in the first place? Why should I have the viewpoint that my reality is better, has more value than somebody else? With I that I would say that I am smarter, know better than others therefore have authority, power… now where that would live you?
I know here on Planet Earth, one has to go by rules, laws, regulations and parents, teachers etc.. must educate off springs how to survive in the jungle.. Yes, I do know the rules apply on Earth.
But my reality is not of a being but as of on Entity now there is a huge difference between the two!


All creations have equal value under all the suns… Entity is infinite and intangible. You want to become on god like critter? You all ready are.

Recently I was asked if I HONOR- RESPECT or give LOVE to others.. or make them feel better or bigger than I…. I said no, because I feel that every time I pay a compliment of that kind: honor or give respect or give love, make them feel bigger or better with that I drive an anchor into that person  and with that I ensure that the VALANCE they are in is  becoming more solid as already is.

Driving an anchor into the any other person simply means going into agreement with that person and we do that all the time.

One of the major traps we employ our self to keep others in the solid universe and by that we also have the connection to their universe at the same time.

Example: I can say:  I honor your action blah-blah..  that person I give that comment  already uses that valance as a winning valance because he can collect recognition-admiration –honor and respect of all so by now that valance is solid and any of those who commented  made that happen and with the same time they are all connected to each other because of their agreements on the same: what is honorable..etc.

 That is all very well in the Universe here on this Planet when one wants to be a better person, well respected by all and held up as a example…. Saintly thinking.. butter will not melt in the mouth of those who wants nothing more in life but being respected-honored- and loved by all..

Interestingly  none of the words  indicating a solid form.. every one of them is intangible but very powerful because they keep that person who thrives to become a human like that by their actions to gain all that crap when they do achieve it they becomes wedged –locked into those concepts: solid valance.

 I HAD A COGNOTION A RELISATION TODAY:  Where I operate, where I am,  those concepts: honored-respected- being told that they are better, bigger than any one do not exist… not needed to be given or needed to ensure any ones existence simply because IN THE SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE ALL IS EQUAL since separate-ness its existence is a Human concepts: are all about… ME- I—self that do not exist.

We are all equal under all Suns..  since we are Entity and not a beings..only beings need and want to be elevated to Godlike position to have that shit pile on them: being honor-respected and praised  be better than all others therefore holding the power and control over who have not achieved such  a God like state.

About LOVE… giving love to others… well.. love is not a commodity it cannot be give, In the spiritual universe where all is equal… HEHEHE.. I ask a question: where all is equal how love could be given and for what reasons?

Love simply IS.
What kind of power the Entity has? What ever that Entity experienced over the span of Infinite and those experiences are equal in value… since they are the experience of the creator:Entity.
Value-judgement: what is good or bad is only a concept created by Humans and nothing more.

HEHEHEHE.. here is a bit of more on wanting to be a god like critter, well all that would be just lovely, we all would admire each other, flow honor, respect and bathe each other in the glow of love… we would all achieve the same but be at that stage we all have to have SAME REALITY.. and nothing more… Yes.. we all would have the same power.. same abilities to create…and experience at that moment of creation yes with that we would achieve unity… total unity..
Now here is a question again… what would be the game-fun in that? Only creating the same, be the same… after the boredom would set in and the admired revered god like critter would think very quietly: If I hear once more from somebody that I am the greatest the best, the most powerful and loved by all I will kill that son of a bitch and I will be free again I can have some other adventures and be a bad ass low life and have fun once more..!!!!!!!
Take care folks what kind of valance you want to create.. you can get stuck in it and with that you would give up the freedom of choice!!
but these are just my viewpoints out of many I have and this is my reality, we all create our own and that is our universe…. that is the fact and the truth…


what we do when we make a makebelief that others dont like us.

This has been on interesting session… I was  confronting on item “ not being liked’’ but of course I have known if this concept exist  in my universe  than I am the creator of that  thought. With that I reversed the process and continued from there.

The cog was that “ IF did not like someone” than  that was  very good reason to take a pots shoot at that person as in the past: eliminate, destroy, wage war against, tear them down, talk against: make them look unimportant, evaluate  invalidate the hell out of them, etc… etc.. but most of all “I could hate them, really hate them enough to kill them off ”

Interesting what we create in order to the pass time..

When the important questions asked…. and where the answer will lead.. knowing who is the SELF.

When the important questions asked…. and where the answer will lead.. knowing who is the SELF.

What can be more important than finding out what one is, who really one is?
“””Has the withold been missed?””” the importance of that question is beyond value because point to the answers finding out what the ”self” is.
In my reality all auditing questions accomplish the same thing: they direct the PC to the items one at a time…. and with that the PC can confront, as-is anything on the track and as-ising can’t be done any other way.
ONE NEEDS TO CONFRONT IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND where the ORIGINAL INCIDENT was created and find out the reasons for their EXISTENCE.
I been reading posts in different blogs that there are those scientologists who believe and waiting for the discovery the easier way out of the MEST-BANK than auditing-sessions and they are hopping for the discovery of the MAGIC WAND and when that is used waived over somebodies head will erase large chunks out that persons bank or will erase that bank altogether, hehehe…
That never will happen, no such a Wand existing, unless one mock-up creates a “new implant” which would be strong enough and would contain commands which would be over-riding all other existing commands example: nothing exist there: there is no past, nothing ever been here there anywhere, there is no such a thing as problems, never had had any, I never existed, I never never died or lived or created or being anybody at any time at any place.. ETC….HEHEHE… the Wand should be able to erase all postulates and the counter postulates.
Now that would create one Hell of a hole and that implant could be overriding everything and leave the being behind: like a BELL hanging empty without it’s striking hammer; being in the nowhere, without memory, nothing to recall—knowledge, without identity, without any communication skills and in fact without any trace that the being ever existed: So when asked “Are you in there?” only on echo would come back and would hear the same question: Are you in there?
One just can’t as-is one huge bloody chunk out of it by zapping it and say it is done: I am clear now.. nothing here.. and don’t forget when all goes the good part vanishes with the part one don’t like!!! Hehehe.. Mass is mass it is all energy and that is equal in value.
AND WHAT REALLY WOULD HAPPEN IF ONE ERASES EVERYTHING THE SAME TIME?? One’s memory, knowledge, one’s past , one’s identity, individuality, uniqueness, personality, character and ones abilities even the very knowledge that one ever existed would be erased.. So don’t bother to look for that Magic Wand..
Scientologist made many lists, LRH made many lists, these list picked out pacific aerie’s of the bank, topics which most concerns the human being: let say POWER, influence, control, communication, affinity, ethics, sanity- rationality, behaviour, forgetful –ness, death, illness, remembering recalling, anything at all.

And “”Any though”” a person have can be expended and made into a very extensive- comprehendible list.

Yes and being audited on any of these lists will blow charge; the PC will have immense gains by no longer having those restrictions barriers- counter postulates in place and holding back the being.
But, these lists speciality items in the church were used and made to sound something very interesting and they were used for PR to bring in more money.

Way back in the late seventies the church did not have too many list but there was one : The Integrity Rundown which dealt with O/W’s and me reading that brochure than has intrigued me and of course I wanted that auditing and those gains it promised: and I have bought those intensives.

That time 1 hour of auditing was 100.00 $ and that was a lot of money in late 70’s and I bought 3 intensives and I loved every minute of those sessions. I had that auditing done after I attained Full OT7 at Flag.

Here is my point, and this point should not be ignored: the same O/W’s can be handled while one runs the Rudiments, one do not need ”special intensive” of any kind to handle ones Bank since Bank is BANK=MEST Universe, there are no special Banks in existence outside on ones very own creation: which are ones considerations-assumptions and agreements: and that is all we have and that is MEST.
But I have found out while soloing that while one can run out of Overts ””but one never can runs out of Withholds””
Asking that question with that one is opening up ones universe that special place where no other being beside you can enter not even with your permission and here one discovers what actually withholds are: withholds what is seldom seen by others, withholds are the basic- core of every spiritual being and that core is well hidden even from self : because while one operates-plays in the MEST universe he is never-ever himself as the true spiritual being.

While playing a game he puts forward that front, that personality who the game player is, that character, character who is now mocked-up, that actor the role player: he is always BEING SOMEBODY, HAVING SOME KIND IF IDENTITY, HAVE , uses VALANCE’S GALORE : I am…… this or that: always playing being somebody…

Here is a question: While he is playing that role where he really is at? Where is that creator, who is that originator, that powerful being who has produced all those wonderful games which is called having life, living-being?
After playing millions of different roles over the eons, could one really recall who is or was “THAT SELF” originally who is that mighty creator?

Running the Rudiments and including in every session the O/W and that special question “has the withhold been missed” becomes very important.

As a solo auditor I have discovered for myself that ”SELF”” what one is, how one is, who really one is and thinks- believes in and capable of creating-doing, that achiever: that question was the most significant- important- vital-major and therefore without asking that question one would never discover the true SELF… and realise the reality of our abilities.
I have found out one always have withholds if one is willing to confront that inner core that true creator; the self.

Because that question asked over hundreds of thousands of times and from the answers one slowly discover unrevealed and one learns the answers: just who is that well hidden being under those thousands of different identities valances.

That question opened up the treasure chest which contained the missing information, knowledge what is the real meaning of on Spiritual Being what is the Spiritual universe and what are the abilities one have.

I have been considering the concept “withhold.” It literally means “hold against” and comes from the idea of being within the hold of a castle. One is with the hold. Holding on, holding against, holding out, defending, fighting, protecting. Even within the Scientology definition a “”withhold”” is done to protect “oneself”.