Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe



Over the years of solo auditing I have searched for this PHENOMENON because I wanted to know what is what the great Healers use, what is the power some Guru’s have and other beings have who can effect their environment, animals-plants of just people who feel good in their space.

What I have found that LIFEFORCE IS NOT ANOTHER ENTITY.. but the space which is void of any aberration-destructive force—negative considerations… just simply empty of or lacking anything.

This Space, since I can not describe it any other way: when some one moves into it their reality is effected them and now they can cognite easily…or the bodies problem vanishes because now in the space of the LIFEFORCE negative do not can not exist, therefore one becomes free for the duration while in that space and their original postulate return example: become healthy in the body.

THE LIFEFORCE’s purity over rides all other energy mass those masses of energy simply vaporrate or being pushed away but cant exist there.

Power of the LIFEFORCE is: not having containing energy.

Since anything which is energy…. made out of energy is a bulk has size-shape-weight etc…therefore has limitation in their existence also and when any of these masses effect other masses than that effect I simply call FORCE.


Because I do not have other name for the above I call it LIFEFORCE but it is named wrong.

Every Entity is a LIFEFORCE but just how affective they are it depends how much is their accumulated aberration or how much that emptiness of mass still in existence [gurus, healers have a lot] and more auditing one has…more cognition one has than when having cognitions one as-is erase those energy masses and one gains back a bit more of ones lost self ones space the so called emptiness of aberration the LIFEFORCE.

LIFEFORCE is the forgotten self and it is the true knowingness… and in my reality I am here, using the TECH in order to free the self from those energy masses to regain the true power which has caused these masses in the first place.

The true power is the void of aberration, the MEST-solid universe.
PS: people don’t always like people because they feel the empty place, and feel comfortable there.. NO… most occasion they like others because they have the same reality-agreements about the MEST-solidity and because of that they don’t FEEL the ridges, frictions, bumps, irritations, collisions the opposing energy masses do not push against one own..


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