Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

The myth has it and it has been told, has been repeated many times by the Spirits who are still part of the ever flowing starlight indigo light.

There was an evil Witch whose jealous nature was the foundation of darkness and that darkness was needed in order to balance out the creative forces in the Universe: and this Witch was evil as evil can be, wicked to the core and of course powerful beyond understanding….

Hate, jealousy, greed, destruction distrust was her manner, her ways and what she hated most of all when creations of other beings were better and more beautiful than hers: jealous rage ruled her universe and all she wanted to do to destroy everything in the universe which was created by others.

She wanted to be the best and wanted to be the most important: the paramount creator: So she decided to do something incredibly spectacular, something which never had been seen before in the whole Universe.

She believed if she can do that than she will demonstrate that she is the most powerful being and having her creation admired by everyone she will be the victor and with that will win everybody over to her side than everyone will be her slave for ever: with this thoughts she created a new side to her personality: must control.

So time flowed and over the eons the Witch ranted and raged in her frustration because she have designed countless traps, deceptions to catch every body’s attention but not one of those trickeries were beautiful enough to hold those admirers- followers spellbound fascinated for ever and that what really she wanted more than anything.

As she looked on as those astounding creations appeared all-around her and not one of them were hers and in her fury the Witch filled with jealous hate burning hot she snatched two stars out of the Heavens and crushed them with her mighty hands [which were invisible of course] and hurled those kaleidoscopic shimmering lights: the sparkles sailed across the velvety indigo space, up in great arch and fell toward into the infinite distance.

The universe become still, hushed as all looked at this great wonder as the shimmering light bridged which now connected Universe from one end to the other.

The Rainbow was born.

The legend has it that one end of the Rainbow ended an Earth and the other end still is in the Spiritual Universe. All the unsuspecting souls who have stepped and walked fallowing the brilliant trails the magical stardust of the Great Rainbow Bridge are all captured by the evil Witch when they reach Earth and with that they all have become under her spell and her slave for ever.

By now over the eons there are many unsuspecting beings crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, including Fairy folk, the Gnomes, all the Souls who are now live in animal forms here on Earth.

The evil spell “is” as the legend say: when one crosses over and steps off the Rainbow and touches the ground of the Earth with that one forgets the past, forgets it forever because the evil Witch gives a body for that Soul and that shape becomes the prison for ever and a day for that being.

There is gold at the end of the Rainbow an Earth, but looking for gold also the part of the evil Witches spell, since the gold is the “importance and values” and having believing in those considerations hold that person in prison on Earth.

But it is also whispered by the Ones who still live among the stars, that one day the spell will be broken by the one who dare to step back on the Rainbow Bridge and walk back into the Spiritual Universe and by doing that “WALK” the evil Witches spell will be broken for ever.

The stars shine brightly they beckon and they light that Rainbow Bridge all the way home…………….. I am here waiting for you…
PS: but one must remember when the evil witch lived than the concept of evil have not really existed, judgement evaluation was yet to come as what is good or bad, because than same as now all was and is equal under the stars and only the moment of NOW existing… there is nothing more and nothing less in the Universe… but that moment of creation-experience.


Comments on: "Bed time story: birth of the Rainbow." (2)

  1. I like this tale. Looking forward to seeing you across the rainbow. 🙂

    • I have arrived.. if you would read the ”Crossing-Over… leaving the MEST_SOLID Universe behind, spiritual journey. ” you will understand that I have. I had two other cross -over and they were very different.
      I just found your comments today..!! I am really up on computer tech! 🙂

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