Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Some of the readers have written that they do not have ARCB’x… Now I think that reality-viewpoint is totally wrong because:here are some examples what ARCB’s are and by reading them you can get good reality what ARCb’s really are and how many one has-created.
Cant levitate: you have no understanding why?
Cant sleep? Don’t have enough money? you have body pains? there are some food you don’t like and from other variety you eat too much? Cant read-understand what others think? You don’t like your looks, you don’t like how others look? Cant see through the wall? Feel tired, heavy, bloated? The body is aging? You have immense fears which mostly hidden from others, you fear to lose what valuables [life, house, children, body, car, money, your mind, your health,etc..] and you wont be able to replace it? Don’t know what happen after you drop the body? your eye sight is getting worst? Cant hear well? Cant see inside the EARTH? Can go inside a volcano? Get move out of the body? Your neck is stiff and other body part is no longer stiff? Having communication problems? Drink too much? Taking medication to solve a problem? Cant fly? How come you do not understand Hungarian when you hear it? Why sex feels good and humans believe it is the best ”feeling” one can have? Don’t remember things? Your thoughts are racing? Joint pains? Don’t understand what makes the tornado, what creates the wind, why there are heavy rains, why everything have to die on this Planet? Who created this Planet and why was it created? Who has to be here? Why we have bodies? why only few people have singing voice? Why don’t like somebody and love others?
Why after doing the OT levels you still have lots of doubts.. and don’t feel good all the time? HEHEHE… well…
get the drift? and these are just a few from the hundreds of thousands one has and they All have answers and when these items run as ARCB’x as brake in affinity… reality… communication ….understanding…than earlier similar … and earlier again… till the basic is located… thank comes that incredible cognition which erases all the lies=earlier belief.. when one erased hundreds of thousands than one wont be having any ARCB’s left and one is out of the MEST UNIVERSE and one is than a Entity NOT A BEING ANY MORE… just on Entity.
You see, long as one is a BEING.. than one believes that self is something and believing that, the beimg still is something–mass of some kind.
PS: By the time one erases all what one do not like have no reality an etc… these ARCb’s are all replaced by the cognition which are not altered reality but pure mass-less truth and that truth is the Universe of that Entity.
And let me tell you Folks, by that time one do not have thoughts, and one do not have mass left in their universe because thoughts=thinking is made up considerations -agreements are the ARCB’s. But because one has those considerations which is the knowledge and that knowledge by than contains what is the UNIVERSE ALL ABOUT..


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