Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Rudiments —- ARCB’x running them and what can be achieved and their immense VALUE.
The simplicity of the Rudiments, why they work for me and their daily use is so powerful  gives incredible  case gains.
Understanding what is their value when run daily= continually: one clears up ones daily ARCB’X with self and others, when that is done, handled than there is nothing re-stimulating and one just feels wonderful about ones universe.
These understanding has come to me when I was well into solo auditing in early 1983. Not that I have not used the Rudiments at the beginning all sessions, but what I have become aware of: I had great cognitions every time I run them. The cognitions have brought so much understanding ; they have Erased so much mass I could not go any further with that sessions since I had F/N, or F/T and Cogs VGI,  each day my universe was rearranged -over and over: the solidity was braking up.

It was then I had the” life changing Cognition”, which  has brought back the simplicity into my life and I no longer worried about the sessions that I will mess up or over run. This new reality solved the mystery for me.

COG: There was nothing more to my universe, how I felt, what was wrong,  had too much of something or too little, the upsets, the angers toward self or others, the disappointments which were caused by losses, the dislikes: some things I was not willing to have in my universe, the frustrations because not attaining the goals… not having the postulates come in, the feeling of being defeated, the fears I have had which continually hunted me; in other words every aspect of my life [ and plus the communication was a big issue] all these things happened or not,  simply because I had no idea, no understanding why those things what I continually experienced daily were happening to me.
THIS COGNITION brought the understanding that I was in that mass because I had nothing more than ARCB’s with self, with others in general and with the Universe it self and these ARCB’x  I have been piling up [they could not be as-ised because I did not know how!!!] for eons and everything existed in my universe because of me “not understanding, not knowing, and not having reality.
From this day an I concentrated on running the Rudiments because there is nothing more than ARC’x one kind or another one experiences at any given moment, so In sessions I have used the Rudiments with the S/buttons, run the O/W’s, I run everything on 4flows and earlier similar and I looked for Free Spirits [entities BT’s without the body,] and when it was needed I run the Rudiments on them too. My case from than an was running smooth there were no problems, no over runs and each session ended with cognition, VGI’s F/N..
After a while I had to live off the “suppressive” auditing question and use the ” deeply supressed, totally suppressed, completely suppressed, because I have erased-blown immense amount from the top charge and I had to dig deeper  but I continually used these auditing questions  with the rest: break in affinity, reality, communication etc.. and always earlier similar. This Worked for me wonderfully.
When those questions no longer worked [charge was erased] I went and look for hidden items, invisible, forgotten, given up, secrets, not remembered and thousands of different combinations on considerations and agreement on them in order to locate those stimulating thoughts [PTS-ness]: which were there of course as ARCB’s.  BUT NO MATTER HOW DEEP I HAD TO DIG IN MY UNIVERSE THOSE ARCB’x existed because I had NO REALITY why and how the experiences come about in the first place! OH baby… we have a long track 🙂 and it is full of shit, no wonder we don’t want to remember it all! 🙂

Till these days after all the years I solo audited works the same way, I gotten to know why it was like as it was.. For me was the greatest fun and still is digging for O/W’s asking those questions and even after so many years there still are plenty Witholds left and on occasional heavy Overt surfaces, usually a stunner!
I have realised how valuable was finding the WITHOLDS  because asking the question ‘HAS THE WITHOLD BEEN MISSED?” brought the truth to the surface of my awareness.  When this question asked I found out my hidden side the real me and by continually including this question I gotten to know not only what my believes were  but why these beliefs originated and how I think of others: how I mock them up to be.

As the hidden thought have surfaced  and I gotten to know every ability I ever had and what I ever done and I understood the reasons for all my actions for all my creations: and that understanding has come in the form of thousands of cognitions.
There is power in understanding one self, and that is the only power one has, having money-possessions do not contain power because they are just solid objects, the real power is knowledge -understanding self.
It was and is a thrill to know the abilities I rediscovered and how I have created everything in this universe and that is my track and this track also contains my interaction with others.
Digging up-confronting O/W’s wow, blows huge masses of energy, brings countless new realizations and with that awareness, BUT this NEWLY GAINED AWARNESS OF COURSE opens the door and stimulation.  Which is good, after all the universe was not created in 7 days but it exist for eons. The god implant was created in short period of time which is part of  the human realities.

By human considerations my O/W’s their impact on the universe and on others around me but ”mostly” on my-self  were huge, mind boggling, yet knowing them has given more understanding of SELF:the real me, because there is not much to the SELF when one only looks for the “GOOD SIDE” like flapping about having wings and playing the saintly game: being always good. [ mind you that is not easy in fact it is more difficult: no stimulation… time stopped: hit the Standing Wave, boredom sets in.
One’s power is hidden and forgotten, buried deep with Overt and Withholds, those O/W’s are the nails an ones coffin and are the barriers walls we have locked our-self in. a prison.  We have many reasons for having them and those are reasons usually other O/W’s … hehehe… we love complications-problems.

Rudiments, running the Rudiments; asking those questions is the ”magical wand”, the key to self-discovery.




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