Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe


Tired-ness is a very heavy-complicated item.. I have had 1000’s of hours in session alone only confronting those and related items-considerations and of course huge amount of agreements that we accumulated over our time spent in the Universe.
Tired-ness is a huge bundle of energy mass made up from hundreds of thought patterns-agreements.. it is not easy to take it apart and confront it.. erase it in few sessions. But it can be done and I know that because I have done just that.
You see by the time one gets to the handling of the basic-basic experiences at the beginning of ones entry into the Universe one realises that it was not tired-ness at all one is experiencing daily but something totally different [ because here an this Planet we do not have different reality-understanding what is “tired-ness” so we just “label” this as that] but huge sensation we experience daily is and was something totally different and we used that and still use these energy to anchor our-self into the Universe.
These huge “tired-ness” is made up from thousands of different pieces of jammed together energy and they are all are individual anchors-experiences and we used them to anchor us [still do: therefore the “tired-ness]… and by now we have so many of these anchors that we continually drag around that we can hardly move by the end of the day… we are solidly held down and it is so unbearable to experience that one looks for something ease the burden to get away from –to de-stimulate- to key out because cant take it any more:so must have a drink.. go to the gym, take some kind of drug, have a walk in the park.. go for swim, beat up ones best friend, abuse some by stander who happen to be an the way, have a nap, read a book, watch a movie etc… etc… etc..
But sessions- confronting erases these anchors=collected experiences:) and well worth working on them since eraser gives freedom – mobility- one becomes exterior..


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