Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

 I have been requested to help someone by erasing  another persons Bank who is the friend of hers… and her logical explanation of her interesting request was: that person is nice and deserves to feel totally good and be without any downside negative experiences and should be happy and be able to live a happy life  full of love.

Well…well.. that is what I call a nice friend  but a person who lacks knowledge and do not realise  that to do such an act one would commit a huge over against that person who’s havingness-reality would be erased because  that act would indicate a lack of reasoning.. no responsibility toward others what so ever.. none… in other words totally out ethics.

 To Erase someone’s experiences  that one would be erasing their hard earned collected knowledge which is there to learn from, and by erasing also that person would be left without lack of purpose -aim and would be lost in the Universe since one can not only erase the so called negative items alone-by them self since those unwanted items now are there because they were once very much wanted enjoyed experiences.

Erasing the Bank would mean: all memory, identities= experiences would vanish but also would leave the person without knowledge.

But erasing the Bank as in session item by item one gains knowledge understanding why one has had those experiences  and those cognitions belong to that entity for eternity.


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