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Tired-ness is a very heavy-complicated item.. I have had 1000’s of hours in session alone only confronting those and related items-considerations and of course huge amount of agreements that we accumulated over our time spent in the Universe.
Tired-ness is a huge bundle of energy mass made up from hundreds of thought patterns-agreements.. it is not easy to take it apart and confront it.. erase it in few sessions. But it can be done and I know that because I have done just that.
You see by the time one gets to the handling of the basic-basic experiences at the beginning of ones entry into the Universe one realises that it was not tired-ness at all one is experiencing daily but something totally different [ because here an this Planet we do not have different reality-understanding what is “tired-ness” so we just “label” this as that] but huge sensation we experience daily is and was something totally different and we used that and still use these energy to anchor our-self into the Universe.
These huge “tired-ness” is made up from thousands of different pieces of jammed together energy and they are all are individual anchors-experiences and we used them to anchor us [still do: therefore the “tired-ness]… and by now we have so many of these anchors that we continually drag around that we can hardly move by the end of the day… we are solidly held down and it is so unbearable to experience that one looks for something ease the burden to get away from –to de-stimulate- to key out because cant take it any more:so must have a drink.. go to the gym, take some kind of drug, have a walk in the park.. go for swim, beat up ones best friend, abuse some by stander who happen to be an the way, have a nap, read a book, watch a movie etc… etc… etc..
But sessions- confronting erases these anchors=collected experiences:) and well worth working on them since eraser gives freedom – mobility- one becomes exterior..


Had a request: to erase someone’s Bank.

 I have been requested to help someone by erasing  another persons Bank who is the friend of hers… and her logical explanation of her interesting request was: that person is nice and deserves to feel totally good and be without any downside negative experiences and should be happy and be able to live a happy life  full of love.

Well…well.. that is what I call a nice friend  but a person who lacks knowledge and do not realise  that to do such an act one would commit a huge over against that person who’s havingness-reality would be erased because  that act would indicate a lack of reasoning.. no responsibility toward others what so ever.. none… in other words totally out ethics.

 To Erase someone’s experiences  that one would be erasing their hard earned collected knowledge which is there to learn from, and by erasing also that person would be left without lack of purpose -aim and would be lost in the Universe since one can not only erase the so called negative items alone-by them self since those unwanted items now are there because they were once very much wanted enjoyed experiences.

Erasing the Bank would mean: all memory, identities= experiences would vanish but also would leave the person without knowledge.

But erasing the Bank as in session item by item one gains knowledge understanding why one has had those experiences  and those cognitions belong to that entity for eternity.



By now you can imagine just how much I have worked on the item ”money” having or not having any… I have looked at every angle plus few hundred more I have dug  up over past  40 years of solo auditing  because I just wanted to know what money is all about.
I looked at what is money — what it means..and I never could go any further than it is an EXCHANGE ITEM a commodity and it is given for services…
Today I was riding the same horse and my question was WHAT HAVE I DONE FOR MONEY… now that question opened up  the door where old worms were crawling in abundance and I seen my self doing many different things in order to get some of these precious commodity not only on this  Planet since I have not been here too long but on the Track  where most things happen and we sure have a very long one.
  I even SOLD MY SOUL TO THE DEVIL… that means that nothing was too low.. too difficult  for me  to do in order to get some of this valuable  item.
 YES with  those activities  I HAVE COMPROMISED MY REALITY   said good by to Ethics  given  away  honesty… have cheated and lied.. stolen… forced my reality on others.. highway man style in simple form of robbery,  murdered….. sold my daughter what ever I had and wanted by others, plus I even  sold what it did not belong to me  and with that my self in order to get that precious money what ever form it has come that time…. But even seeing and understanding so much about exchange the give and take—to give something in order to get something I have known that I have not found the right answer ”’what is money”’ means..
 But today finally I have… taking the bath and mauling over–chewing at the same subject .. poking at it from different angle I have found my answer
MONEY IS A CONTROLING DEVICE….[ I bet you already knew that!] it always have been  and will be long as there is money in use.
 It  was postulated into existence for that reason:  to control others by limiting  what others can have or not have and that is depends  on how much money=currency  one has or could get and for that reason it is money is used to supress … control with that limits activities and when ones activity is supressed in any way that makes the person powerless, weak, useless,  hehehe… but  than  have to have the belief that  one is a human… powerless– — victim that others have it all because they are better, bigger and more powerful…. I am having fun….. truly this is a magical Universe where we can have so many fun games!