Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I believe I have finally beaten to DEATH the concept of being ” poor” and have found the basic reason why one could not postulate riches… abundance ..having much more than what is needed.. having plenty… because the major old postulate was still in place and still  holding  so strong that no newer wishes-postulates could override that ancient set up.
 So far I have dug up.. recalled-erased lots of reasons: considerations and agreements why a person remained poor: just getting by.. doing OK … even having comfort but outside of that no matter how one did the very best to improve those conditions by that I mean is not having all what one want, having extras and not being in a condition where money has no meaning since there is so much that one could call self.. filthy  rich.
 So here is that BASIC-BASIC I found:  Long time back a game was set up  where two sides were created.. being rich— having everything and being poor: having nothing and their ability was taken away the postulate which could change the conditions one was placed.. born into.

For the rich side of the game: for that person everything desired was there…  all wishes were granted no matter what they were … one really did not have to do anything but think of something and that item would be there for them to experience-enjoy ”since their thoughts created the abundance”.
 But being poor… the one who has taken that side… had to use all their abilities  ever learned in order to survive… had to struggle through incredible conditions just to make it trough time periods [daily]
 I have taken the bet that I CAN MAKE IT,  you see I have taken the POOR SIDE OF THE GAME BECAUSE IT WAS A HUGE CHALLANGE and I have known that only the strong could go and survive that game!….And I jumped at the chance to prove that I am better.. stronger.. and more able than the person who has taken the easy side of the game.
Just think how many times we have given up wealth in order to struggle.. in order to prove that we are strong… able… and no matter what have been thrown at us we can make it… find the way… figure it out  how to go through those obstacle.. while we struggle we fall on our faces thousands of time and still we get up and continues  and survive it all no matter what…
Some bet  that was.. and I am still holding my side up and proving to my self that I can do it.. a spiritual being  is really something… for love of the game we go into Hell too..but auditing works and once those sticky postulates are erased… well.. there is a new beginning ahead where old postulates don’t work any once they are erased. 🙂 Love this game… love solo auditing.. and I do love the Universe!


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