Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I have not-written about this subject before because I have known that very few people have reality on Spirit Guides what they do and where they are coming from or can it be that they are in a human body and if they do what are they doing here on this planet now.
I am a Spirit Guide and I have known, found that out when first I was audited at the Mission in Vancouver BC in 1974 by Betty Lundy.
After a long search: seems eternity I have arrived here to this Planet in hope to find what I have been seeking since aberration ”the black tide” advanced into the Spiritual Universe ..
I always known sooner or later I will find what that was [ a method which can reverse erase the effects of the Black Tide] and I finally have and that is LRH’s auditing Tech… the ONLY TECH. existing in the Universe which can free the beings once and for all of their accumulated burdens and the same time while one uses the TECH:being audited or solo audit one gains the knowledge how the universe was created by the same Spiritual Beings and how the trap- Black Tide was created the same time.
I have named the effects of aberration ”The Black Tide” in my earlier posts in this blog and rightfully so because negative energy spread easily since it is heavy in weight and the heavier it is the color is darker too and the beings do stick to therefore are captured and become glued. BUT THE MAIN FACTOR THAT ABERRATION causes STIMULATION and that is very addictive and spiritual being do crave that stimulation. They believe that stimulation is the LIFE FORCE IT SELF but of course Life Force is not a thing Life Force is the Entity but without any being-ness.
My search was for the CURE of such on overwhelm and finally I have come here to this planet which have been totally swallowed up– taken over by the Black Tide.
I been only on Planet Earth for 2600 years and had about a dozen bodies and taken those human form in order to experience and from that to learn what ails-burdens the Spiritual Entity who are trapped in the semi-solid meat body.

Of course I have been in other parts of the Universe searched everywhere in to gain those experiences, to learn from them and the same time hopping to find the answer I was looking: the workable TECH:for that reason I have taken on gotten into immense amount of different sizes forms-shapes of bodies..with that I have taken on their identities-personalities=valances of every possible-imaginable variety and again in order to experience what is those energies masses-thoughts -considerations what one once experiences than one is totally trapped by them for eternity by these same experiences: the prison one cant free self.
The main reason I gotten into those identities -personalities – valances – bodies hopping the answer would be there within that body of knowledge what that personality was made up from and might contain that Magical Wand…
Finally I reached the end of the Path and this body is my last one…
Trough my wonderings gaining experience and this life having solo audited not only the self… but the Universe it self and from that I have gained knowledge: in the form of cognitions and I now I am free of all burdens [ but not the meat body it self since I used that as a anchor] and soon I be leaving dropping the body in order to take my designated place in the universe and do what I do best…
PS: some of the humans considered here that I have behaved strangely: right they are.. But I ask how a Spiritual Guide-teacher behaves who is a stranger in a strange land?
PS: yes.. my space has its energy-colorings… since I am clean from the effects of the Black Tide…and of course the power goes with that… now my coloring- space shimmers like crushed diamond dust and can change its hues to occasionally sapphire or pink or emerald shades… sometimes its deep indigo.. but it can be red-orange too…. that happens when someone is stepping on my human toes… 🙂
Now if one do not believe what have read here… well now that is that personal belief and welcome to that wonderful havingness…and that is all right too and will not effect my beliefs any longer… you see, we are what we believe in..

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