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Implants and more implants….

This was posted in Geir Isenes blog
2ndx………………………. Implants and more Implants!!!

I would like to share with you some of my findings.

I have found about six could be more occasion when after the session -big cognitions I knew for sure I have attained the ultimate, I was finally free of all, there was nothing to be known, nothing to confront and each time after few days or even few hours I poked around because I still had ”thoughts”and put together concept which I felt was ”reading…had charge” they were these: ”nothing there”’ all gone” plus I pulled back the cog. and closely examined it and had a session on its content.
And I have found that each time when I thought I was free, there is no more: that was a implanted suggestion.

There are many of them [implants-game conditions] set up in order to make one believe that it is the end, we have it all– there is no more and these implants of course the way they work: they lead one back to the Bank.. BECAUSE IF THERE IS NO MORE THAN WHAT I AM GOING TO DO?

So, since there is no more out there nothing to do than one simply stays where one is and continues with the life one has at that time and with that one is back where one was before in the MEST-Bank game. You been gotten again!!! hehehe

They were designed for that purpose for one to believe one has attained enlightenment so one stops looking and bingo..in fact one is still sitting in the middle of the Bank-MEST.

There are other implants which are set up : gives beliefs and make one believe ones is to going to ”die” and soon.. they are very interesting to take apart and understand those reason why they wanted you to believe that you will soon ”die” and of course the ”death wish” and wanting to commit suicide is part of the implant package and in fact many will do so since the re stimulation is very strong and with that and many will fallow the command do die pull in accidents, illness or commit suicide.

You been had again and simply because you have believed that you Beliefs are real.

The implants “Demands” and if those items are not handled in session the implants command is fallowed.

Also there are other packages which make one BELIEVE there in such a thing as ”nothing.. emptiness, void, invisible and the famous-unknown-unknowable”” every one of there considerations were born out of these Implants.

And of course the BIG GUN was ”’being annihilated ” when one received that implant with that one truly believed: that one is erased for ever, now that implant was in use many times and any one who is on this Planet had more than one variation of it.

I believe the ”fear of death” is born out of that implant thinking -believing 100% that after dropping the body one is erased one is no more and never was and never be again and have life..and never again will have the opportunity enjoy having the experience another implant since the implant is that: being in one than one is having living a life.

Also those implants made one believe that one cant see, or know, or communicate: all life activities-knowledge one ever have had was erased by simply believing in a new belief -reality: “””””there is nothing- only empty-ness and forever void””””

Easter beliefs have these thought They believe once one reached the void-emptiness one has arrived hehehe, but not one of them who have arrived into that so called enlintened state looked into what those words contained, coverd up.

I call these Implants major ”blockers” because every one of them were designed to stop the person to see more and from moving freely and having different reality. .

These implants In my reality are the TRUE SUPPRESSIVE works.. and guess what: we not only were given but we also were the givers: that is the game… no innocence existing in the MEST universe.. and those who believe they never ever done anything like that hehehe and more hehehe..[ they should be in one continual session to erase those lies they believe in].

.Thanks for reading this and if you have a thought please give…