Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

OK lets tart from the beginning: Before The Universe Was Created.
There was awareness and nothing more and the awareness’s experience was the Translucent Indigo Darkness and nothing more and this indigo darkness was not dark- black but beautiful translucent and now we can give a name to it: Infinite-ness and this Universe was full of itsy-bitsy light particles, and these particles had sounds to them, that is the sound of magic, I would call that when something is created postulated into existence that act would make a that sound but the ears could not hear, pick up such a sound.
So in this Indigo Universe concepts did not existed yet: or singularity, or beings.. This Universe just was.
My first experience was in session when I have seen myself becoming the LIGHT, the first light in the Universe… and that session was 30 years back so I did not understood everything what that light was about, how it become a light and why I believed that I WAS THE LIGHT OF THE UNIUVERSE…. Hehehe… by finding that incident than and believe it that it was true have boosted my ego and given me belief that I was better than others, different from others and I am more powerful than others.
About the above: that is a different topic altogether.. and the answer is yes and no, but never ever better, just different.. and about power hehehe .. you need to ask.. Otherwise I won’t tell unless you twist something and not on my body..
What happens in sessions that not necessarily the incident is totally erased at the first confronting and one will go back to the same item again and again and take off confront more; and each time see the same item in different light attain different viewpoints and as-is more mass. and have new cognition on the same item.
That is what has happened with that LIGHT I have experienced and I have believed that I have become one and I was the glorious gift to mankind: well I believe idiocy was born just about than tooooooo…. Hehehe, but of course out of ignorance….
The light, the bright-ness happened because particles touched by swirling, moving so fast and colliding and that collision caused the explosion of light, the flare up. So suddenly for the first time in the Indigo Universe was one light, one bright spot, one anchor point was born.
Any ‘’awareness’’ who were present of course EXPERIENCED THAT LIGHT and because having that experience one got stuck to the brightness: therefore anchored into it solidly.
Because one was stock to that light one believed one was the light… of course that belief come much later with time when concepts were added to energy masses and in session now when one recalls that incident and SAY: I AM THE LIGHT!! hehehe.. Sure you are of course you were..
You have experienced the first phenomenon the basic incident, the source from where everything is flowing out of. But are you real one, the light?
One’s body is full of decaying matter and you experience that decaying energy mass continually it is part of your space but that experiencing make you a piece of shit? Really, I am shit of the universe!!! hehehe.. of course you are… all concepts are equal in value….. this is fun
So you can see when one experience something with that one believes that one is and identifies with that energy mass and that belief usually is far from the truth.
To continue: how I have seen the Universe evolve: After the first accidental creation of light which was admired by who knows how many: since that time bodies not existed or shapes of any kind and all who experienced that phenomenon that creation wanted to re-new that experience again and GET THE STIMULATION AGAIN…[ addiction was born, so was lets have it bigger, better, more] and went on irritating those tiny light particles to movement fast that they would collide again and by god, we had another light-brightness born!!
There was hush in the universe, there was magic!!
The second light was the first causative action in the Universe..
Wow… now suddenly we had distance too because we had two lights, 2 anchor points [ but the title the name ‘’’ distance’’ was added much later].
But we were always been brilliant [stupidity its existence too was established much later] now we had ‘’’the experience’’’ and knowledge: if you move particles fast enough than they will collide and we have a new experience a new light will come about appear: born. HEHEHE
Yes… so the creation started and lights flared up all over the Indigo Universe and caused the our magnificent home that translucent indigo place look dark and drab.. the impression have come from that ’’’drawn by the light like a moth’’’
Because experiencing the ‘’’LIGHT”” after that the Indigo Universe looked darker and drabber in contrast of ‘’’light” and by now because of the contrast we established the DAY and NIGHT phenomenon. [ most people want to live in the city… it is brighter there, more stimulation can be experienced: the particles flow faster and faster and they collide…. Bingo: stimulation is there.. Look at sex what is: particles rubbed together and that’s creates explosion of the senses; little light particles go whoosh.
The Indigo Universe is far from drab and dark… since there are many who were not lured trapped by the light since light is a trap because in light one can ‘’see’’ pictures-shapes debts and that is the illusion.. And that Indigo Universe is the true spiritual universe one’s home.
We beings ‘’see ‘’ very differently from what the eyes see.
We all identified our self with the brightness-light, we all use it as an anchor point to this day..
And we have turned away from the infinite translucent indigo space and we believe that life exist only in the light, what the ‘’’eyes’’ can see is real and we have forgotten… you have forgotten that in the translucent indigo space in the infinite where the real life is..
The completeness, the beauty, the magic: it exists and one doesn’t need the body or have eyes to experience, to be the part or the whole-ness of the universe of Infinite.

Comments on: "The beginning: the first light in the universe and the next…." (3)

  1. Excellent post Elizabeth!, Mind If I ask some questions? You are saying: “After the first accidental creation of light which was admired by who knows how many” So, are you saying that the collision of particles happened accidentally like by chance?… and if that was the beginning, what was before the particles themselves? Since those particles of energy are mest after all, aren’t they?

    • Yes the first one was.. What was before I have perceived those tiny lights there was nothing.. Just the Translucent Indigo space, I call it space because I have no other word for it..

  2. Ah ok. Thanks. It makes sense

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