Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

 I have soloed lot on memory-remembering or not remembering in the past years and I have seen in session how the Alzheimer’s diseases happen and dementia is and what is their cause.

 But today I have realized that neither of them is a “DISEASES” but the mechanisms and the spiritual beings dis-connection at one point from the body but that dis-connection is not caused by sudden ending of the working mechanism the body.  The body thing just keeps working automatically, functioning in perfect order.

 The Alzheimer’s is a disconnection – simple withdrawal symptoms in which the persons going through many different stages and this condition develops over the years [ the spiritual beings dis- connection happens in stages from the MEST because the reactive mind has not only one implanted machine but has many in existence; all of those machines have had automatic devices to stop the machine-body working. [ these machinery is invisible  now of course but one knows their existence, since they are part of the track] and to terminate the machine-body to stop working which is called here dyeing or becoming dead, no longer functioning.

 Of course only the strongest device controls the body, but to some extent the others are working so the disconnection from the body as in Alzheimer comes in stages. Also there are thousand postulates and counter postulates to forget or not, remember or not and all are still in working order and influences the function of the being..  Also the ’life span=present life’ is running out unwinding: since the postulated reproduction cycle has ended.  

Alzheimer’s is not disease as in illness, but disconnection in many stages from the so called life activities.

 The body still goes on and function, even part of the ”’memory-remembering is re-stimulated time to time so it seems the being is coming back to present time, but that is only a mechanisms in stimulation from something in the beings surrounding which have caused that. [I have seen my brother-in-law’s Alzheimer’s development for 17 year, and Dementia is very similar, but not quiet.

The difference between the two must be having different track-past life-implants agreements etc.

Having the Alzheimer condition the spiritual being skips out, disconnects from the implanted MEST and becomes free, that is very noticeable in their behavior.

The persons becomes happy, loses all the cares and worries, all problems fall away, no fears left or values or sense of time, one of the interesting factors I have noticed that My Brother-in-law’s body stopped ageing and his bodies appearance have not changed in 17 years, that means he has become totally exterior to his track-time :considerations-agreements which contained aging, getting old.


 In my reality THE BEING becomes EXTERIOR TO THE MEST Universe, gets blown out by something, who knows what.  

I have noticed with my mother who had in her late years [late 80’s’] dementia, she was seeing things, past memory from this life with the so called ””fantasy-pictures-events’ ‘happenings from the track all mixed together. Her Universe has become liquid, beings people she has known in earlier life were coming and going, the wall of her room disappeared has lost it solidity and the being were coming and going freely around her.

 Those who do not know or believe in existence of past life of course don’t understand the “imaginary “pictures she had was part of her past life’s=track and the now=this life were all mixed up… continuum — sense of time too has vanished for her.  

So cure for Alzheimer’s never will be found, no matter how much researcher will go into it.



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  1. Like your post!! Totally real, I thought it would be like this… something similar happened to me when I was very sad and down, I thought that I had enough and that I didn’t want to know anymore about anything… soon after that I literally lost my memory for some 6 months, I couldn’t even remember the names of my colleages at work… then I remembered the postulate I made… Wishful thinking of mine as if to “get out” all I had to do was to postulate “don’t want to know anymore!… Lol

    • LoL all right…. Postulates are powerful…. By now I know if we dont have it want we want because there are counter postulates are there and thatitem could be anything… from money to relationships with others, any condition one is in, have it or dont have it all that boils down to what we put out there…
      People just dont realize how truly powerful they are.
      How are you these days and has your memory returned- after you have found that postulate?

      • Yeah, I did realize I had postulated that… I had to change my mind since I needed my memory to operate in this world. Yeah, seems postulates are very powerful.

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