Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe


OT levels the attainment of the OT levels were made to believe that the Levels content were something “out of this world” [ good money making PR by the CofS.]and those who will achieved that state OT 7 and 8 will become Godlike creatures, above all: these persons will possess God like powers, in other words: with the twitch of their nose they will make changes in the Universe like Samantha did in the Bewitched TV show.

But in reality it was not defined what was like to have God like power. That “BIT” was left to each person’s imagination… fancy…thoughts-considerations-assumption and in those individual imaginations are filled with incredible amount of track incidents, believes which are the foundation of the MU’s scientologist have about the upper levels what is a OT what on OT can do…. yet…if one has idea what that power is like, than that power, that ability is there, it is existing… but one need to dig for it [have auditin-sessions] in order to recover- get those abilities back!

That “”mystery”” the OT levels which encompass the abilities which one can achieve by confronting those levels that mystery is in fact One’s own considerations one’s very own believes : and that is what they are…your very own reality.
There is no external-outside separate mystery to what is in Ones universe, but what in fact exists in those ‘levels’ is what you put there in the first place… Your own reality, your very own bank=universe,[ i dont like the word ”bank”, I never have] whatever you have created experienced agreed too ever since you entered into this Universe that is your track…what you can recall.
The upper levels what they contain or any level and I don’t give a hoot what One was made to believe by LRH and the Church what mystery was put there, still is simply a part of the BANK and No matter how important it was made out to be, still remains the part of the BANK.
There are no levels, stages, ranks, phases, platforms when it comes to what is in one’s universe, what it contains since there is no such a thing as ONE Item more important or better to have than other item-thought-consideration , they are all the same: The bank is a mixed up bundled up endless bunch of un-confronted thoughts flowing random into each other they are all nonsensical: just simple considerations, assumptions, created agreement.
The Stages are only in existence on the levels of materials is what one was studying and being audited an … The spiritual gains cannot be measured, so as spiritual being has no levels, since there is level an understanding only, an viewpoints, an reality what-what “IS”, how one views things in general.

How to find out what wondrous things in fact exist, what are ONES OT Abilities? What miracles can be had, what One can Do?
What is that Magical skill those talents expertise aptitudes One has as a OT?
That can be discovered in session… and they are all there… what one one can see, dream of, immagine… and more.. because what one can do is mostly forgotten by now.
If One has been a great painter or singer, mathematician, a farmer, monk, general in battles, weapon maker, or set under the banyan tree omm-ed, or was a skilled healer, a fighter pilot, mined the earth, or simply plowed the fields.
Have been cannibals, as monkey swing on the tree tops, or was a wise old rock and have not moved for eons, danced among the stars, or set in the harem or ridden as a Indian and taken scalps… Written books and given lectures- sermons to thousands or Set on thrones and ruled nations and thousands of other things since One has created ONES VERY OWN UNIVERSE all is yours because you did it all…. you have recalled those incidents…. Therefore they are your abilities!
Whatever You have recalled and can recall, you still have those abilities, skills, knack, talents aptitude and nothing can erase that take that away from you.
You can’t do them now there are reasons for that and because Now One is out of practise, and those abilities are not included into the present time life style they are not postulated into the NOW EXISTANCE… they don’t belong here…

HERE IS THE CATCH: But “just to know those abilities about self is not good enough” that won’t re-activate those abilities because there are existing those “hidden concealed invisible buried intentions and counter intentions by the hundreds which were made in the past and to re-gain those abilities first they are necessary to be as-ised if One would like to practise them again.
The few hundred auditing hours in sessions as One went up on the levels: a cognition here and there on individual item will not erase the hundreds of hidden considerations existing an any one singular item which are still in effect plus the unknown items in connection with the major ability these minuses and plusses won’t let the person do: Postulate thing into existence.

Example: If one can sing only a CROW and to have again a magnificent singing voice again and cant than one has a present time problem or ARCB.[ crow sings beautifully for a crow, perfect voice he has as crow, mind you, he has no consideration what so ever, one way or any other ways about his voice!]
To sing again for a human with magnificent voice than all the postulate counter postulate would need to be confronted and erased than one could sing again beautifully.
Fun part would be to find out why one kept the voice of a crow? What was a survival about that? Who made One believe whatever….why one needs the change first place and what for, what is magnificent about being different, having different voice, why was the crows voice sounded beautiful in the first place, or what is better from once kind of voice than the other etc…[ few hundred considerations can be confronted right there… complicated? No…only one item at a time need to be confronted. [ and what’s the hurry?
No hurry….We are here for ever, we are eternal, we have all the time, since we create that concept ‘’time’’ and ‘’too be here’’ and to be “eternal”.

I wonder why LRH has not emphasised “Hey guys, it is incredible: whatever you recall in sessions those are your wonderful creations, your very own abilities and it is trill to have and to finally know understand what you can do!
It is incredible what we are able to do and you all are magnificent powerful beings!”
PS..PS PS… Whatever you see experience in every moment of your daily life that is your creation: so you wonder what you can create? Just look around your-self!
Liking what you have or don’t like…. all that is up to you: your creation your considerations that it is there and that is the reason you experience it.
If you don’t like what you have, again it is up to you to do something about it, it is in your power to change, to create and to experience different… after all you have created your universe, you are a mighty creator!
I wonder what made us believe that there is different power than our own and that have created the Universe, perhaps we believed that because we have forgotten our past? Or we just pretended that we have forgotten it?
Oh… the games we play in order to amuse our-self!


Comments on: "OT POWERS: HAVE YOU GOT ANY?" (15)

  1. deElizabethan said:

    Zowie, this is blowing me away. You speak things I need to hear, look at, and rejoice.

    Why one kept the voice of the crow? Makes me think, why one kept the attitude of a victim or a brute or fill in the blank. What’s the survival to that? Why keep it if recognized and not wanted, when by looking, experience drawn upon can find the answer and move on.
    I haven’t even finished your post and will come back to it for more delicious food. Thank you love. Dee

    • Hello Dee!!. but what is wrong with the voice of the crow in the first place? That is One item, but when examine it closely, take it apart little by little one consideration at a time, plus one confronts all the connecting thoughts-considerations-agreement to that item by the time one is done… trust me.. one learns a great deal about the universe!
      Interestingly I talk of experience about not having good singing voice this life. I was kicked out from the school chorus because I could not carry a tune, and even my very own mother said: my daughter you are very talented in so many ways, but your voice well you were sort changed there, so don’t sing please!
      I have had many hours auditing on sounds, voices, what is and here I am, I do have beautiful full range of singing voice… auditing works!

      • deElizabethan said:

        Yes you are right. Nothing wrong with liking a crows voice. Reminds me of when I was in grade school in music class. I always sang at home with the vacum cleaner handle as my microphone and practicing the xmas carols I would audition for in school. When I got up to sing and show how I could, Nothing came out. I froze. I was so embarrassed and ego went out the window. Did look at that in auditing much later of course.

  2. One is stuck with that, which one considers valuable.


    • Vinay. I wonder if you are aware that spiritual beings, who do not have a body [since body is a robot, machine and not in any way the being-awareness, viewpoint, etc] could possibly have nerve related problems since that problem is body condition [ I believe lack of harmony: the machine is malfunctioning ?] so I ask: how could a entity who is not occupying a body, not having a body or being one and have such a view point as nerves condition?

  3. Hi, I just wanted to say that I also can’t see some comments, I think the ones on reply from an original thread can’t be seen, neither on chrome or explorer, I was following your conversation but I can’t see it anymore… Anyways, this is a fantastic post. Thanks Elizabeth, I enjoyed it very much… OT powers, interesting how in the church nobody is allowed to say anything at all, leaving the person to his/her own imagination.

    • Hi sweet one!! Yes, we have become invisible. now we know we are true OT’s hehehe.. We have magical communication… no words are needed!! what fun! How are things with you? I hear the weather in England is very bad. Cliff has informed me..is it true for you also?

      • Invisible hehe I like that… I hope I’m not crossing a comm with anyone here since you’re asking about England… Ummm I don’t remember telling you I’m in England, is this about the magical communication, no words needed hehe, cool… well, it’s been snowing a bit, no more than a couple inches, but traffic blocked, buses stopped, the english are kind of useless at handling snow unlike Canadians hehe

    • deElizabethan said:

      Yes, they don’t want anyone to be invalidated or let out secrets I guess. How little faith they have in their own OT’s abilities to think or handle.

      • OT abilities are: what you see is what you got, what you imagine is what you see, therefore experience and that is your abilities… what more there is.. what more one need?

  4. I still can’t see the tabbed posts.


  5. deElizabethan said:

    Vin says “Why do sessions not work with people who are bitter about Scientology?”

    Who says they don’t? If not, it’s most likely the auditor who doesn’t know how to audit correctly.

  6. This comment violates discussion policy.


  7. deElizabethan said:

    Philosophy can be very interesting and exciting withOUT KHTK. 🙂

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