Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

This is my reality, how I have seen this in session… not easy to take and to believe… but the BANK the MEST universe is not a pretty universe… and this is my reality it do not make any difference if I like it or not it still remains my viewpoint.

IMPLANT STATION: where we are programed at first and it is brainwashing.
The Source is Mother, in this life ones source is Mother, She has given life, nurtured the body from the first day on it was conceived.
One receives the genes plus every though she ever head and what she have heard from communication with others while One is inside her body in that ”cradle” which is her womb and that is our mold we have come out of and in that cradle one’s invisible – intangible education have started: where the basic personality is imprinted stamped established into us the Spiritual Beings.
After given birth, she is the one who starts the “Offspring’s” education in new unit of time.
Her knowledge, her reality all her believes becomes child’s: and that is: One- the Self is a body which have just come out of hers, therefore that One is that body and we believe it is true because she believes in that too!
If her believes, teaching do not include embrace spiritual beliefs that we are souls that we are on entity, and we live for ever, we never die than the child believes the same that we are only a body and nothing more than that meat body.
She is the one who educates the Baby: that body has to be nurtured, that it is fragile, it has needs in order to survive: right temperature, correct nutrient etc… and what that fragile body can or cannot do…all that is established by her believes will be our guidelines too in our life.
The Mother is the One, who teaches how to hear with the ears, how to concentrate on the sound on the words, how use and talk with words and it was she made one understand what is solid object= their meanings and how and what effects they have on the body, how the body react if there is a contact established between those two solid object.
It was She the Mother who thought us that the body is solid it has weight, because she felt that weight while we were “inside her” and her feelings become ours!!!
She teaches: How to walk, how to talk, form the words, she explains what is good what is bad, she is the first one who points out the ‘’value’’ of things around us: what to have or not to have: where are the dangers: with that she Implants FEAR Into the being: Because by teaching values and having values she also teaches what it is like if we lose those valuables: She implanted Fear.
She teaches: What is acceptable by others, how to belong to etc., where and why we should belong? She is the one who pours the information into ones universe and teaches Offspring, the child, how to become the player in the game.

How to become a Human Being how to think like a Human, how to behave like a Human and of course Humans can’t levitate and can’t walk through walls: she can’t so you can’t either!
Father too moves in, with rules, regulations, the rights, the laws what to obey in order to remain with the group and not to become different in any way: In other word how to become a Solid Citizen.
Than the teachers take over and continue the education, but not that part I want to talk of: all schools are implant stations.
The Mother the Source: she is the major Implant-er.
Mother’s role is to Re Confirm the past which she believes in and establishes the values with the consent of the Father,
The traditions, all believes of course the Fathers too enforce which include all the basic rules and regulations and laws what must be obeyed and why by the Offspring or else!!!
If the rules are not obeyed the child will be cast out of the tribe, clan, family, group and will punished severely, and there are many different established ways to do that !!!!
The Child is Black Mailed from all side: if you won’t behave, if you won’t do what is required you won’t get something or you will really get it: will being punished: this form of punishments is the foundations of the offspring’s having-ness and keeps the family members under control at all times.
The Values of Family the close ties must be, have to be, they need to be established firmly to have the continuum of the Implant, Implants.
Therefor Family values have Great Importance: To keep up the established implants and to continue with its existence and the child too becomes a part of the group.
The heavy strict traditions all are Implants of course must be upheld at all cost and enforced, and they are of course: you think, behave, act like your family and one can’t get away from that.
Mother is great item, Huge: there should be special Rundowns on’’ Mothers’’: Just think what that source has given you. What have you inherited! What is your life now, what have you become because of your up-bringing ?
What identity the source=mother has given you, made you believe in, or not to believe in?
They are very same what she has been thought to believe in by her Mother, therefore there is a continuum..
THIS LIFE’S, same as in any previous life’s THE SOURCE WAS and IS MOTHER, HER ROLE IS TO RE -confirm the past, the traditions, all the believes, which have originated from the IMPLANTS. .
She is the one who nurtures the being to become and to remain close to Mother=Implants as “ONE” possibly can be in duplication of herself.
This is one of the reason the teen years are so horrible for both the Offspring who wants to cut the cord, the connection [since he has the need too, the must, to fallow his own Implant combinations, the directions from that implant to re- establish and to have that remain intact at all cause.
But the Mother the Source wants to hold back the child and she fight for that right to control which is her right by her considerations.
She fights with tooth and claw to keep her control, and her main weapon which she uses with great skill is The” MOTHERLY LOVE”.
Oh, the Motherly Love, what we do for it to have and how our Universe falls, shatters, shaken, we become lost, lonely, small, nothing, depressed, fall to the bottom of the Tone Scale when that incredible love is withdrawn from us!!
And we do anything to get that love back we do everything to keep it since we know without that love our life not worth a dry fig, it is empty and the world is sad place to be. So we obey mother!
If we lose that great love, if we can’t go back to Mother there is no one, not one person who understands us the same way as she has in this whole Universe: and no wonder, she is the only one who can duplicate us because we have become her twin implant.
Oh, how we cry, how we sob, our heart becomes empty in silence we call, Mother where are you, I need your love!
More crime has been committed within the family, more beings have been destroyed, ruined, maimed mentally and physically than all the battles fields combined.
The same weapons are used by both sides [mother and the offspring] in the fights, pushing each other’s buttons since the “Offspring” [well tagged] duplicated the Mothers teaching well and knows very well where her buttons are since he too has the same. And knows how and which one to push, hurt, offend, in order to cause suffering.
And words can kill, cause pain, depression, just to name a few. The rest is in the dictionary and so are the definitions: Words are wonderful weapons! Battle Royal is on, to hold, control to keep and not to be controlled and to gain independence fallow one’s own simulations.
The family rules are heavy and family members must keep the rules or else: There are many wonderful slogans created and enforced.
The blood is thicker than water, family must remain together. THE family VALUES must be kept at all costs. These are Huge Items and these items are the walls which holds anchors one in solidity in to the MEST Universe and to be a human!
As we know by now the Offspring do become very much like the parents in thinking even in appearance.
”FALLOWING THE FOOT STEP’S, THE CHILDREN MUST! And as We march on: the implant continues roles an and an!
The heavy stimulation is present on the Planet Earth and there is one good reason for that, [there are many more] the opened up communication lines and the mobility of the Humans, their exposure to too many different sources[ internet TV] beside The Original Source, The Parents.
Because of the influence of the internet the original Source: parents have lost their importance, the tradition of the family losing its value: The implants have become weaker but not lesser in strength or lighter and less stimulative.
Confusing data is pouring into the Offspring’s universe and causes confusions, since the guide lines from the Parents are broken or no longer there had to anchor the Offspring to Mother the Source with that is the main anchor point lost for that person.
These days, this time, with the youth: anything everything goes which is very understandable.
The orphans can become drifters: one can be 50 years old still can feel that great loss after the parting of the Source, the death of the mother, loss of that anchor point.
The orphan they feel totally lonely and lost, to them it feels incredible the loss of that connection to the basic implant station which was Mother and nothing ever again can feel that void.
After the parents, teachers take over and they are the ones who continue feeding values, the must and the must not, values to be fallowed and the Offspring is “graded” and given GOOD MARKS if he or she is good fallowing the rules and learns well.
Low grading have devastating affect which extends a whole life time. Become the foundation for one’s personality, life style.
Any, who dare to be different is excluded from the groups, and punished by the group and labeled odd ball and called many different names which degrades that being.
Self-esteem greatly weakened by such labels, destroys the persons confidence.
Pushing the being into none existence so that being cannot influence the group or change the contents of the Implants.
Ones inheritance from the parents are the capabilities one has or don’t have: The negative or positive attitudes one receives, becomes one’s life style-thinking attitude.
Can you imagine if we all would have been thought that nothing is impossible, since no matter what we see around us we have created, how different our universe would be knowing that.. Imagine: life without counter postulate, without negatives…..


Comments on: "we have implant stations here on this planet… you not going to like this.. I did not my self." (3)

  1. So many cognitions are flowing in. My mother — wow, I was born in Houston TX, but lived in Conroe TX, about 40 miles north. My father was a welder for the oil boom that was happening in TX so he was gone all the time in my early years.

    From the beginning, I was the apple of my mother’s eye. I could do ANYTHING I wanted to do — there were no boundaries. We lived out in the country, so as soon as I could walk, I was out digging in the dirt, playing with the chickens, had a dog, rambled around our 38 acres, driving my dad’s pickup truck when my legs would not touch the floor, must less the pedals, walking 2 miles to neighbors through the pastures, climbing barb wire fences, getting lost on the land with no one knowing where we were. Us girls, were given complete freedom to do whatever we wanted and we had tons of fun and lots of space.

    This was my life until about 13 years old, when my dad came in from the oil field and began working from home. Then their were rules — rules? what is that, as I had none from my mother — she just granted me total beingness to know what to do and she trusted me and I delivered in spades. She knew me and that I did not need lots of control. That never changed all throughout my life from her.

    I was incredibly allied with my mother. I now understand why and the gifts she gave me by not imposing her universe on mine. She knew I was a different being. She gave me dancing lessons though we really could not afford it. She knew I loved dance & have been an accomplished ballerina in past lives. She was an accomplished seamstress and she gave me her love for sewing — and I am grateful. Up until the day she dropped her body — she was my best friend and ambassador. As she grew older, I would keep her engaged in life and she loved me more for that. She gave me freedoms to explore for myself and that was the exact right thing for me. She herself was an outdoors person and loved lots of space. She knew space was therapy for all things. And she was right.

    Cool cognitions are rolling.

  2. There was one not so savory implan that she gave me too. She was a depression baby and she passed along the ideas of extreme frugal — to the point where all one does is work and never plays or spends money on anything beyond necessities.

    While being frugal has its place, I was not the same being as she, but I act like her. I had higher havingness from the start, yet, with this implant, it acted as a held-down 7 for me. And I can see how that has affected me to this date. How can an incredibly able being have low/no money in the bank? Works all the time to make ends meet. Now how does that work?

    It is a double-edge sword to have high-havingness & be frugal. Nice stuff costs money, even if it is found at thrift stores. You see, my mom never spent a dollar on anything. She made it or we did not have it. I follow in the same foot steps.

    She would go into a justification ramble when she did let go of a few bucks for something she really wanted. Like she didn’t deserve it just for herself. Her self-confidence was damaged as she too was implanted with the same thing from her momma.

    Ditto for me. I make everything or I do without it. I spend little money on anything except necessities. Only occasionally, and then I have second thoughts that perhaps I should have saved it for that ‘rainy day’.

    Spotting this is blowing incredible charge for me. It has served as my operating basis for this lifetime. It sucks! I knew there was more — and here it is. It has been a genetic line implant, that is NOT mine.

    Tears are flowing. Thank you Elizabeth for being my BFF. I love you.

  3. You so very welcome my dear!… So very welcome……. One of my reason to get auditing that I did not wanted to be like my mother… even before scientology I fought that all ready..And after when I started to understand more and more I collected the reasons, the why’s what I did not like about her and why I did not wanted to be like her..But it has taken me lifetimes of auditing till I realized that she was an implanter but of course she did that not knowingly.
    I am free now…. I do not fallow her foot steps. nor my fathers or any ones’s …
    Good to be free….

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