Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

FEAR…. hehehe.. lets have game..its great value..

I thought I have realized by now what FEAR is… that by now I have seen all the viewpoints about that considerations..
But again I have been wrong….good to be wrong that lives room for learning-new understanding.
Fear as a sensation: is stimulating, a motivator brings on inspiration and excitement, stirs -moves one into action, and thought-provoking: people-humans want that and have the need the constant requirement for stimulation in order to FEEL BEING ALIVE-LIVING and Fear supply that constant daily dosage….
Fear is a built in automatic thing a gadget an invisible machine which supplies that constant energy which keep the nerves rattling all the time.. keeps one in constant state of alert… That one must hang on to things not to lose those valuables like: body-life.. Belongings.. Possessions
The game is bringing on the FEAR: example: End of the World: let’s have some terror anxiety worry horror shock panic. Hehehe…
FEAR is glue keeps one in the MEST…beautiful creation-consideration…


Comments on: "FEAR…. hehehe.. lets have game..its great value.." (2)

  1. deElizabethan said:

    You got it Eliz! Hahahah, hehehe. Soooo right! Feels good to spot that fear. That glue gets real ickey and solid at times, you can just SEE it.

    • some people serve it up with their meal, make it part of it.. eat and read the paper at the same time…hehehe or listen to news.. people love to be scared… to be terrorised… gives nice huge stimulation.. huge having-ness. feels up that void..the world is coming to its end..hehehe such a fantastic subject… cause global panic… great havingness.. great agreement! So much fun… suddenly we all have something in common….!!!

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