Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Best joke: PARALLEL UNIVERSES!!!! And unique? Hell no!
We have played many games since we are very creative spirits and we have unbelievable knowledge and we all had adventures and lots of fun creating those Universes.
Our creativity is boundless as the Universe itself since we created the Universe: whatever you see, whatever you feel and experience that is your creation.
Just look around on this little Planet… millions of things you recognize you know you understand and that is only a fraction of what one knows because the rest of one’s knowledge is pretended by self that is not there and “forgotten” don’t exist and one do not know it is there any more and also these Universes are labeled that knowledge that information has happened is in the “past” no longer there… all gone. don’t exist any more —–With those considerations in place one puts knowledge immense amount of knowledge out of reach and pretends ignorance…helplessness etc. in order to restart the same game..
Denial ones knowledge with that one fakes and say: admit stupidity, ignorance, and that way one gives up responsibility for ones very universe, and also gives up the power of his ability to create…
We are incredible inventive imaginative artistic resourceful which one only can understand when one starts to explore ones very own universe in sessions… by recalling confronting what one created.
In my reality and by now I have very good grasp on the understanding the MEST Universe and the Spiritual Universe I know there is nothing out there or in here of which was done by others to us without our agreement… Things exist because we put it there.
HEHEHE…Here is the joke… some scientologist believe in a WONDER of Parallel Universes…. They think it is incredible mind boggling, rare, unusual, exceptional and because they have recalled it in session they are them-self are the same, have a unusual case, important very different BANK… that their bank is exceptional need different handling and it is so different that the auditing tech is not good enough.
But this people never went further, never explores the reason ‘’why’s the reasons there are ‘’two parallel universes’’ running at the same time can be viewed at the same time and experienced at the same time and these scientologist want to believe that is important to have such a case…BLOODY HELL by NOT THINKING by NOT EXPLORING FURTHER keeps one stuck trapped imprisoned locked in that same incident and they are FIXED INTO THAT BELIEF!
PARALLEL UNIVERSES ARE NOTHING MORE THAT TWO IDENTTICAL IMPLANT STATIONS WERE RUNNING the SAME MATERIAL AT THE SAME TIME AND OBSERVED: VIEWED WATCHED BY THE BEING: these persons were implanted with that belief that they are in two different universes at the same time….They only viewed same movies running in two different location: ILLUSIONS, even the two location is a illusion..
Way back there implant stations all over the Universe: The Joke is Implant Stations were like here on this Earth the Seven elevens, BP gas stations, Safeway’s the Implant Stations were franchises here on EARTH : Burger King….hehehe
SO what the person has recalled having a Parallel Universe is nothing more than double implants and they can be handled in session as any ordinary items since they are just that: ordinary item with no importance what so ever.
There are many overlapping incidents one can discover in sessions, make one believing that one is in two different place at the same time I know that is confusing can be puzzling mystifying … but those incidents are just overlapping implant materials the person have experienced and recalling them now..

PS: I have written about this Parallel Universes in Geir Isene’s blog and not one person responded, not one person acknowledged not one person could understand this view points and their implications: this explain the reality level.

PS PS: I just received on email in this email the person said that he dont have such as the Parallel Universe -reality, because his Universe is the REAL UNIVERSE THE RIGHT UNIVERSE !!! hehehe…. very funny… the bank has spoken produced a nother lie!
I wonder what makes him belive that his universe is solid…. the right one and therefore it is real not an illusion…..
I would love to audit out his item his belief that lie he thinks is real….


Comments on: "PARALLEL UNIVERSES!!!! And unique? Hell no!" (5)

  1. For me, in my early days of auditing, I never realized much about implants or that there was so many of them — so the subject was not understood for me. As I solo daily now, I realize I was off the mark in my estimation of them. Way off the mark.

    Not only do I find implants that are ‘new’ to me, I find others that have different implants than mine — so they are as unique and plentiful as there are beings and plentiful in number.

    Because everything is of our create and our design — now that takes some confront to ‘really’ wrap your wits around that and see the magnitude of it — then it follows that implants are there of our create & design as well.

    The idea of two implants running simultaneously, showing the same movie, in separate locations (maybe/maybe not, you decide) — making one believe that they are each unique and are the only one — is of your create & design as well.

    There are no mysteries here. It does require digging, confronting, more solo-ing — more confronting — more solo-ing, but with persistence, one does get to the other side.

    For me, it was and is the continuing daily decision to solo, solo, solo — dig out the answers until they completely as-is.

    I know if I have left something un-flat — and more is needed. If I do not bypass that, then I am the winner, coming out with the truth and another hunk of case in the trash can.

  2. Everything showing here OK… I dont see anything being cut..

  3. deElizabethan said:

    “SO what the person has recalled having a Parallel Universe is nothing more than double implants and they can be handled in session as any ordinary items since they are just that: ordinary item with no importance what so ever.”

    Parallel universes I’ve only heard about, but have not been real to me, I will not bother about it, since they are an ordinary item “with no importance what so ever.” Thanks Liz, they weren’t in my universe anyway and that leaves room for the important things, hummmmnn! Like what’s Really important, and I’ll leave that for another time.

    • I looked for them because somebody has asked if I know anything…. I never had duplicate implants my-self but I have confronted over lapping implants, at first they can be a bit confusing and after a while one just knows, realises what they are and they as -is easily..
      No big deal. Item is an item.

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