Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Fear -what is….just how valuable you think MEST is?
Cognition: one only has worries, have fears terrors, one dreads and have anxiety about the future, any upcoming events happenings if there is value importance of losing something is there, in the presence of that event…

Just think about what one fears most: Losing things which one feels is has importance and needed for the the continuum of the bodies survival in the MEST Universe: like the body, fear of old age, of illness, death, loss of beloved partner, children, loss of memory, to lose a job, loss of one’s shelter, income, one’s ability to provide for the body, not being accepted into the ‘’RIGHT Circles” where one can gain, not being acknowledged for ones accomplishments: that too is on indication of lose, not invited by the “right “ people of importance: one would not gain some value than, what to wear, what to eat has great importance-values, how one looks, what ones knows also has huge value.

Each persons has fears accordance what that person hold “valuable”: fear of cars, airplanes: possibility of an accident, floods, fire, because of that one must have all sort of insurance, even one makes a contract with marriage license so that beloved person who is considered very valuable is tied down: have to remain anchored in our space.

The Fear of not being trusted is very heavy, being attacked, left alone, there is fear not having enough to eat, drink, etc…

To lists what one fears would be impossible to compile it would be too long and would not accomplish ones goal to erase ones fear.
But one can audit out in session the “values” [ and the opposite Being worthless need to be handled also] what one holds valuable and why: what and who made one to believe those items-considerations has value-importance. That works and it’s the confrontations of such a list gives powerful sessions and the cognitions just pour in like water in the tropical down pour.

When those reasons, considerations assumptions of values are confronted in session and as-ised than fear simply vanish from ones universe.. WOW… becoming free of having values brings immense relief.

The assigned power to things and to others, that they are better are valuable therefore their hold importance and needed toward ones survival when those considerations are erased fear to will vanish from ones universe.

Of course one must confront first of all what one “LOVES “the most since those things holds the most value and the possibility of their loss causes the greatest fear.
I have blown-erased value from my universe about little over 16 years back..
I do have understanding what is fear but no reality how that feels like not any more.

Now I understand that major cognition which I have called ” Walk over” or walk out of the MEST U. into the Spiritual Universe meant to me.
In that sessions I have erased the last remaining items from My Own Universe: the last voluble items were confronted therefore I no longer have had “things” to lose consequently I could leave without looking back at the MEST U.


Comments on: "FEAR what is… just how valuable you think MEST IS?" (2)

  1. I am a being of very little facade. That has been the case for many many years & lifetimes. With that, not much rocks my boat — as I truly know that nothing holds any power over me really. But I am not arrogant into thinking that I don’t have such considerations still impinging into my universe.

    With regards to fear, they are strictly and utterly physical universe considerations. Elizabeth mentioned ‘marriage’ as a fear of losing your mate — interestingly, I let go of that considerations at the time I found Scn & found my Jay-bird. We never married, but we agreed that we were together — which is all it takes and we were for 23 years until he dropped his body.

    Many of my friends invalidated me repeatedly for that — that I was ultra-stupid to not get a formal marriage license. Wonder what is their fear? It isn’t there for me. 🙂

    Fear & the feeling of loss are connected to those things that are sticky — which for me means missed-withholds. As I continue to solo, I find more & more of these little critters and I as-is them. I am not finished, but vociferously look for them, because I ‘know’ that if I as-is them, that I will be more & more free, not held prisoner by my mest universe considerations.

    • I just had a cog what is ”no facade” …hehehe…. fantastic… no valance… no solid viewpoint which seats there as the “representer” ..this is me this is I…. no anchor point… no picture-concepts-consideration that I am something or somebody… Hell, Kay… we are on our way to become invisible!!!.

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