Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Cognition on Space: what is.

Cognition on Space: what is.
Geir :Because you have asked a question… I looked closer… much closer than before

Space is a mocked up item: it is concept, idea, awareness, a consideration: same as anything else, it is just created and this creation is real accordance of one’s reality and exist for that purpose for what it was mocked –up for.
I am not talking about the space between ones teeth but about the space outside of the outer casing of Earths which is called atmosphere.
Here is the vastness of unimaginable proportion: Which seems empty because the eyes can’t see, or the Hubble telescope can’t pick up those invisible images but they are there nevertheless.
But what holds this space in place: nothing more than our own considerations, it’s exist because it is considered it exist and from that we can real see how powerful our considerations are.. We can create a universe by considering that we can…
Let’s look at questions which required me to confront.
What is space? Who makes space? Who has Space? Who needs space? Who has given up space? What it’s contains, Where is it? What it’ size: dimension? Who made me believe what is? Who made me agree…? What this space done to me? ETC…. ETc..
These are just on example which directed my attention on space itself and that brought the understanding that space is much more than that nothingness between two objects.
So here are few of the things how I have seen it and I would like to share with you.
First off al finding myself in that vastness without the meat body, scared the hell out of me: made me feel small, being here given on impression of totally insignificant, unimportant, made me feel like I was nothing, unknown, nameless, unidentified faceless, minus personality, minus knowledge, powerless.
And every one of those considerations is of course correct from the view point of a human being.
When viewing space from the distance from where I have a body and having identity individuality those made me believe that unseen things are out there and those things are dangerous and could get me if I would go back there.
Because fearing unconsciously those unknown things out there forced me hide in light; as live in daylight and by doing that, that daylight has become the barricade-wall-obstacle that holds space-darkness out which I felt were full of aliens, monstrosities, scary images which were all after me, wanted to get me, to destroy me forever [I must have put there those terrifying things out there myself otherwise I would not have knowledge of them and I feared them, those unseen things! ]
Therefore I did not re-enter space for a very long time, till now…hehehe.
I have stayed in the vicinity of light because of my fears of what could be lurking unseen in the space, the unknown, unfamiliar, mysterious, which I have created myself of course: and those are only considerations too!!!!
I have realized I blocked out space by creating strong light as is living on Planets joining the group and existed within its limitation, its boundaries, and here I have created many different things which filled the space, crammed it tight with objects: and object are barriers to keep away that void, the emptiness, those so called mysteries one fears so deeply: that spiritual universe where Identities don’t have consequences, has no value, therefore has no importance.
I thought- believed that by being living in the daylight under the sun is real –exists and it is safe but is that really true? IS staying in the light, live and create in the light is safe and there is nomre?
That was the down fall of the Spiritual being: not realizing, knowing the dangers of these creation-seeing with the eyes, believing what we see, in fact is not real, but illusions and these illusions hold the being in prison.
We have used the Space as a tool, we abolished eliminated other beings by sentencing them into that vastness, and those who we have sentenced into that prison of nothingness of course of those we become afraid of since we know they are out there and we know their power and they abilities!! We have eliminated them because of that and because we could not confront and live with those powerful beings.
No wonder the Fear of space is so real to all of us because what we have forgotten what is still out there buried in that invisible–in our memory!
Also space holds loses for us…immense amount… we last many valuables which we considered as vital part of living and these were swallowed up, become covered by space, by the invisible, these are just some of the reason we must keep all valuables in the LIGHT, under the light, hold it close… Hehehe.. It is safe if one “keeps close eye on things” were one can see things than no one can pinch them from under ones nose.
Also we use Space to separate self from things, considering that it can’t be bridged if it is in the distance: the eyes can’t perceive than we don’t know, it don’t exist, can’t be real, also because the existing space separates beings-persons than one can’t be reached, touched effected, stimulated.. etc…idiotic beliefs but that do not mean they don’t exist.
I can see images I have put in space and they were real to me now.
But also the space holds many different realities beside mystery, dangerous etc..
Being in space without the body is peaceful quiet, serene, one feel totally free here are no limitation or barriers pressing down on one, here there are no considerations… here one dont have the need to be anything or any one.. one is free…

Here one can sense the wholeness of self, happiness, completeness, totality and the same time the emptiness the void, the invisibility [no looking exists here] of course only these can be on real experience after the erasures of all considerations-assumptions and agreements on those.
Here, one understands what is space because one experiences the Intangible-Infinite.


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