Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I think I would like to write about my view, my reality, how I feel about behavior, what is manners.

Behavior, manners is a learned mechanism… Since One is thought ever since one gets a body here on this Planet: how to talk, how to think, how to walk, dress, eat, play, make love, how to hold that cup, and how to cut that meat before one puts it into that machine.

One learned everything… all the musts: necessities, obligations, duties, requirements, essentials, fundamental basic laws in order to belong.. to be accepted, to be part of the group, to be invited into the group.
And if one dares to be original and behave bit differently than that acceptable narrow behavior of the group, than one is warned off, or dismissed, given derogatory labels, and with that downgraded, invalidated to death and is told: one has no value, no worth.

So behavior, the proper-correct mannerisms are a very important part one needs to play in order to belong. Within this proper behavior, it is normal to lie, to cheat, to steal, long as one doesn’t get cut.

One can lie to somebody’s face while looking into their eyes and say” you look absolutely terrific” and thinking silently” you look like a day old vomit on the sidewalk.”  But the behavior was proper, It was in order and the compliment was put there properly.
My point is very simple, as long as one do not get cut, anything goes an This Planet.

Let’s be honest, very honest: what would happen to your marriage if your spouse suddenly could read your thoughts?
How long your boss would keep you if he too could read your mind how you think +what you withhold from him?
How long would your best friend or your group would keep you if they would really know how you think of them privately or, in fact, would you still be friends if you would know how they really think of you?

What are the odds? Any idea that the friendship would remain intact?

Human activities are two kinds: one is the social critter,  the other on seldom comes out in the open unless provoked. Then look out, there is a double barrel gun, or they take you to court, run you down on the side walk, or burn your house down, or rob you blind, etc…etc..etc…

There is ONE question which can penetrates that social mask, that veneer, that valance: HAS A WITHOLD BEEN MISSED? The magical key which opens up ones universe!!!

That question unlocks that secret door to the beings core and that question allows self to responsively confront one’s own hidden thought of “self”: and allows one to really get to know self, what is all there to know about self;  how we think privately; who we really are.

When one has so much auditing as I have had so far, the social veneer is as-ised and one no longer hides behind that socially acceptable MASK, being nice in the face of others and show the middle finger behind their back.

One acts behaves the same way at all times…. No more lies, no withholds, what you see hear is what you get.
One’s life becomes very simple this way. You no longer need to hide those secret thoughts, no longer need to avert looking into eyes of others, no longer need to remember what was said, so next time the story will be the same.

Everything becomes simple: One say blue because one really means blue One say I love you because one knows that love is there, and when one say fuck off, that means exactly that.

Auditing erases those falsities, deceptiveness, devious cunning elements which causes the confusion, the need to hide things and to hide from other.

With that, one is free of being nice for reasons just because wanting to gain: by kissing up to someone in order to be accepted into group. In other words, one no longer compromises their reality!!!! Not even a little bit!

One becomes open and exposed to others to be experienced by them and at the same time experience their universes, and one says exactly as one feels.

The interesting thing about all this is that one becomes and talks in a straightforward way with no more lies, no more veneer, no more hiding behind valances. But one is labeled: rude, don’t have manners, don’t know how to behave therefore banky and needs auditing.   hehehe.

Bloody Hell, I love that part when somebody emails me a long list what I should handle and tell me I need to learn manners  hehehe.. fun…much fun. How I should behave is his/her reality how one should be in order to be normal being. Judged by their standard how one should be and need to be in order to be accepted by them!!

Humans are so used to dealing with valances, deceptions, lies that by now they believe honest straightforward –ness is rude and should be corrected. In other words, put on a nice front so I can see you and believe that you are nice?

I have news for you: beings in the Spiritual Universe one don’t have manners and one does not lie, cheat, or steal. There is no such a concept as out-ethics and we haven’t the need to know how to hold the wine glass in order to look classy.
Any of those social niceties which have import on this planet, one leaves behind by as-ising the MEST  and I have as-ised the MEST and it is true I don’t have manners.

In the Spiritual Universe which I call the Magical Universe, my home: what you see-experience that is yours, there is nothing more and nothing less. That is the reason the greeting is: I AM WHAT YOU ARE.

And I let you know a little secret: one only needs to say that greeting once when one re-enters this universe. Why is that? We live in the one-ness. After all,  I am what you are!

PS: Somewhere along on my way out of the MEST universe, the desire, the yearning, the need to gain approval, to be acknowledged, has vanished. Yet I belong. I am the member of the most powerful group of beings in the Universe….
With this I say, your judgement of me how I am, how I behave is your reality and not mine.. and it is assumption a idea how one should be IF [ you should be like this because you have erased the Bank]…. those if’s are assumptions which are no more than labels and those labels are what? you answer that, I know the answer already.
One more question: how one should behave when one do not have a Bank? Where is the Book of Rules and who has written that Book?


Comments on: "How spiritual entity behaves? or should behaive?" (6)

  1. For me, recently when I had the win that I behaved as a spiritual being in my daily life — it has been a complete new level of facade that left. Elizabeth, my darling, you are dead-dog correct that all these manners & behaviors are learned.

    You think a spiritual being gives a rat’s ass about whether you have the latest Louis Vuitton handbag, or eats at Eddie V’s (very expensive restaurant here in Austin TX), or drives the most expensive Mercedes… Heck no…these are all learned status symbols of so-called affluence from so-called folks that think “they” are the measuring stick for us renegade sorts.

    How to hold the wine glass, proper table manners, how to meet and greet royalty or high-muckety-muck dignitaries — If the being is clean, no sticking point, then whether these activities are done ‘proper’ by some arbitrary set of rules — who the heck cares? Because they will do alright, because the being ‘knows’ to do. This isn’t our first rodeo.

    I’m a renegade being, talk to loud, do everything “too something” and proud of it. I solo audit all the time, and my inclination is even less than it was before solo-ing to ‘march’ to these crazy-ass mest universe considerations, learned behaviors, manners etc.

    My experience recently shows me daily, that the theta and genuine-ness of who I am brings the right people into my life.

    All that social nicety isn’t necessary. Being real, demonstrating real care is paramount. I laugh and say, only the right people come through my door — cause it is true.

    They see my energy & my ARC/KRC and if that isn’t a put-off to them, then they are my kind of people.

    Just my experiences and wins. Simple.

    • Spiritual universe is a very simple place, I have written about that in my earlier post…
      When one operates in the “Now” in the present time.. than what one has? The simple joy of being-experiencing.. love the stuff..hehehe..

      • being dead dog correct? I never heard thay expression before… got to be a Texan thing… and not being my first rodeo….. hehehe it really has to be a Texan thing… and “rats ass” now I have heard that expression before and I even seen a few….
        Good god woman you just let the cat out of the bag: that you solo audit… now all the good folks will know I have contaminated you with my free spirited ways….and every one know that is contagious once you get it… that is that… you never be the same… Ohhhhh the MEST universewill miss you! hehehe..

  2. You’re right Elizabhet, probably if everyone could read the minds of others, other than agreements, it would trigger the third world war.
    But to have that kind of communication, do not have anything to hide.
    Then there may be a true communication and “social”.
    I do not have that kind of communication with everyone, Just the opposite, in fact I prefer not to communicate socially.
    Because I have nothing to say, I do not like, and I do not care.
    Of course, sometimes you “must” be sociale.Ma in that case you lose a little bit about yourself.
    And ‘perhaps for this reason that we are now so incosapevoli and hypocrites.?
    Certainly Auditing is based on truth, and at that point, awareness.
    There is a movie (which I pointed Silvia) basically does not exist in that world the lie and the people are sincere.
    This is the title: The Invention of Lying (2009)
    Hello Adriano

    Hai ragione Elizabhet,probabilmente se ognuno leggerebbe nella mente dei altri, altro che accordi,si scatenerebbe la 3 guerra mondiale.
    Ma per poter avere quel tipo di comunicazione, non bisogna avere niente da nascondere.
    Allora ci può essere una comunicazione vera e non “sociale”.
    Io non ho quel tipo di comunicazione con tutti,anzi l’opposto,in effetti preferisco non comunicare socialmente.
    Perchè non ho niente da dire,non mi piace,e non mi interessa.
    Certamente a volte “devi” essere sociale.Ma in quel caso perdi un pò te stesso.
    E’ forse per questo che ora siamo così incosapevoli e ipocriti.?
    Certamente L’auditing è basato sulla verità,ed in quel momento ritorna la consapevolezza.
    C’è un film (che mi ha indicato Silvia) in pratica in quel mondo non esiste la bugia e le persone sono sincere.
    Questo è il titolo:The Invention of Lying (2009)
    Ciao Adriano

    • Good to hear from you my friend… I am thrilled by your advencement… in fact that advencement means that you gaining back… you re-claiming what you all ready had but forgotten that you know.. you had all that knowledge and you are that incridable being. Because you are that powerful knowing being and Adriano never forget that and dont let any one tell you otherwise. Love you dear friend!!

  3. Wow… nice post!… So often I’m told how rude I am… I live in UK, too much social machinery here, guess I had to come here to realize how crap the Mest universe, the mind, machinery is and want to get out of it all… always a bright side to things. I totally agree about the missed withhold, wow… yes, more withholds, more machinery, I really wonder how exactly that works but I know it is like that. That got me thinking that other beings then are more real, different mind, they use telepathy, hence no withholds, etc.. more advanced beings… anyways. So, about the tech then, would you say it is only usable in this planet?

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