Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Our universe is a very simple place… it is so simple that its simplicity is nearly incomprehensible and because of that simplicity the spirit made it complicated by adding immense amount of considerations to that basic simplicity the original creation.

The original creation: that foundation is so simple and because of that simple existing moment the ‘’NOW” that is not accepted, the spiritual being finds that in etiquette- not sufficient or abundant enough stimulating enough therefore the continual loading on-staking onto that original creation in order to have more and more and by these continual creation which the Being do, with that piles up immense amount of energy and that is the complication, the burden each being carries.

That immense hoarded never as-ised  piled up creation is the BANK, the MEST Universe and that is ones track ones past, ones havingness, ones very own universe ones thoughts, considerations, agreements and confusions and have become by now one’s burden.

And most of all ones very own self-made prison..

The simplicity is “NOW” and in that moment we don’t have past we don’t have future, we never died and we never lived in fact… There is no time, no space; there are no beings, or individuality: you or I, me or them, those are just concepts, so is death, or life or living.

If one closely examine this “second-‘’NOW’’ this very second than with that examination one would realize  whatever happens  only can happen in this moment of ‘time’ in that moment is the creation+ experience.

In that moment there is no past or future there is nothing—no considerations-agreements …… you see: in the moment of creation that moment is so short one has no time to alter to add too, to name, or to distort yet….

That moment is pure unaltered, perfect in every way… therefore free of lies and that is Theta.


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  1. Beautiful understand that the here and now is the moment of creation.
    But to me, there came a certain emotion, almost never existed.
    This saddens me and I thought that if at any time I created something beautiful I wanted to show it to others and take their admiration.
    As an artist he exhibited his paintings, the pleasure of making them is also the pleasure of showing them.
    So I had the thought that here and now I do not like.
    A persistence is necessary for life, the game of life.
    Although as you say we carry the burden of unnecessary considerations and dannose.A the point of not knowing what we are.
    And we remain trapped in the game no longer desiderato.O parts of it that do not controlliamo.Anche for the simple fact that we are not aware of the cause.
    Convinced that God, LIFE, FATE. govern our fragile existence.
    Of course in this way there ‘a good randomity and persistence.
    ARC Adriano.

    Bellissimo comprendo che il qui e ora è l’attimo del creare.
    Però a me e venuta una certa commozione,quasi di non essere mai esistito.
    Ciò mi rattrista e ho pensato che se in qualche momento ho creato qualcosa di bello avrei voluto,far vedere la cosa ad altri e prendermi la loro ammirazione.
    Come un artista espone i suoi quadri,il piacere di farli sta anche nel piacere di mostrarli.
    Quindi ho avuto il pensiero che il qui ed ora non mi piace.
    Un persistenza è necessaria per la Vita,gioco della vita.
    Anche se come dici tu ci portiamo appresso quel fardello di considerazioni inutili e dannose.A tal punto da non sapere ciò che siamo.
    E rimaniamo intrappolati nel gioco non più desiderato.O in parti di esso che non controlliamo.Anche per il semplice fatto che non siamo più consapevoli di esserne la causa.
    Convinti che DIO,LA VITA;IL DESTINO. governano la nostra fragile esistenza.
    Certo che in questo modo c’e’ una bella randomity e persistenza.
    ARC Adriano

    • Thank you Adriano… I my reality even when we live in the moment of creation=experience we still have the game… we still can create and say yes… there is time and there is space…. that we have life etc…. we still admire love and adore… but we just know, we have understanding what is real… and we are no longer fooled by the lies.. It simply means we are at cause… life is good when one lives in the moment of NOW..

      • Yes now I understand that the hours can be an eternity.
        Any thoughts came and I realized that sometimes in an instant there ‘a lifetime.
        And sometimes life seems like an eternity.
        And only one other consideration.

        Si ora ho capito,che quel ora può anche essere un eternità.
        Dei pensieri sono arrivati ed ho capito che a volte in un attimo c’e’ tutta una vita.
        Ed a volte una vita sembra un eternità.
        E solo un altra considerazione.

  2. I realized that our minds come together when you have nothing to hide.
    Otherwise there is fencing to fear, to discover and to discover what we were.
    Canceling our perceptions and lines com.Theta.
    Thanks Elizabeht, thanks Chris.

    Ho compreso che le nostre menti si incontrano quando non si ha più niente da nascondere.
    Altrimenti ci si scherma per paura ,di scoprire e di far scoprire ciò che siamo stati.
    Annullando le nostre percezioni e linee di com.Theta.
    Grazie Elizabeht,grazie Chris.

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