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FEAR…. hehehe.. lets have game..its great value..

FEAR…. hehehe.. lets have game..its great value..

I thought I have realized by now what FEAR is… that by now I have seen all the viewpoints about that considerations..
But again I have been wrong….good to be wrong that lives room for learning-new understanding.
Fear as a sensation: is stimulating, a motivator brings on inspiration and excitement, stirs -moves one into action, and thought-provoking: people-humans want that and have the need the constant requirement for stimulation in order to FEEL BEING ALIVE-LIVING and Fear supply that constant daily dosage….
Fear is a built in automatic thing a gadget an invisible machine which supplies that constant energy which keep the nerves rattling all the time.. keeps one in constant state of alert… That one must hang on to things not to lose those valuables like: body-life.. Belongings.. Possessions
The game is bringing on the FEAR: example: End of the World: let’s have some terror anxiety worry horror shock panic. Hehehe…
FEAR is glue keeps one in the MEST…beautiful creation-consideration…


End of the World??? I dont think so..not yet…

Most idiotic notion that the World will end, that is absurd illogical irrational … there is no indication of any kind there is no signal what so ever outside of that calendar…
But this Planet will have its end.
Humans make that sure that to happen…. And furiously: with great speed working toward that ending.
PS::: ANIMAL PICK UP ANY AND ALL IRREGULATIES long before it happens and THEY UNDERSTAND DANGER SIGNALS and their behavior changes accordingly if there is fret, the only think they have picked up is: something really wrong with the human way of thinking… but they know that for the long time!!

PARALLEL UNIVERSES!!!! And unique? Hell no!

Best joke: PARALLEL UNIVERSES!!!! And unique? Hell no!
We have played many games since we are very creative spirits and we have unbelievable knowledge and we all had adventures and lots of fun creating those Universes.
Our creativity is boundless as the Universe itself since we created the Universe: whatever you see, whatever you feel and experience that is your creation.
Just look around on this little Planet… millions of things you recognize you know you understand and that is only a fraction of what one knows because the rest of one’s knowledge is pretended by self that is not there and “forgotten” don’t exist and one do not know it is there any more and also these Universes are labeled that knowledge that information has happened is in the “past” no longer there… all gone. don’t exist any more —–With those considerations in place one puts knowledge immense amount of knowledge out of reach and pretends ignorance…helplessness etc. in order to restart the same game..
Denial ones knowledge with that one fakes and say: admit stupidity, ignorance, and that way one gives up responsibility for ones very universe, and also gives up the power of his ability to create…
We are incredible inventive imaginative artistic resourceful which one only can understand when one starts to explore ones very own universe in sessions… by recalling confronting what one created.
In my reality and by now I have very good grasp on the understanding the MEST Universe and the Spiritual Universe I know there is nothing out there or in here of which was done by others to us without our agreement… Things exist because we put it there.
HEHEHE…Here is the joke… some scientologist believe in a WONDER of Parallel Universes…. They think it is incredible mind boggling, rare, unusual, exceptional and because they have recalled it in session they are them-self are the same, have a unusual case, important very different BANK… that their bank is exceptional need different handling and it is so different that the auditing tech is not good enough.
But this people never went further, never explores the reason ‘’why’s the reasons there are ‘’two parallel universes’’ running at the same time can be viewed at the same time and experienced at the same time and these scientologist want to believe that is important to have such a case…BLOODY HELL by NOT THINKING by NOT EXPLORING FURTHER keeps one stuck trapped imprisoned locked in that same incident and they are FIXED INTO THAT BELIEF!
PARALLEL UNIVERSES ARE NOTHING MORE THAT TWO IDENTTICAL IMPLANT STATIONS WERE RUNNING the SAME MATERIAL AT THE SAME TIME AND OBSERVED: VIEWED WATCHED BY THE BEING: these persons were implanted with that belief that they are in two different universes at the same time….They only viewed same movies running in two different location: ILLUSIONS, even the two location is a illusion..
Way back there implant stations all over the Universe: The Joke is Implant Stations were like here on this Earth the Seven elevens, BP gas stations, Safeway’s the Implant Stations were franchises here on EARTH : Burger King….hehehe
SO what the person has recalled having a Parallel Universe is nothing more than double implants and they can be handled in session as any ordinary items since they are just that: ordinary item with no importance what so ever.
There are many overlapping incidents one can discover in sessions, make one believing that one is in two different place at the same time I know that is confusing can be puzzling mystifying … but those incidents are just overlapping implant materials the person have experienced and recalling them now..

PS: I have written about this Parallel Universes in Geir Isene’s blog and not one person responded, not one person acknowledged not one person could understand this view points and their implications: this explain the reality level.

PS PS: I just received on email in this email the person said that he dont have such as the Parallel Universe -reality, because his Universe is the REAL UNIVERSE THE RIGHT UNIVERSE !!! hehehe…. very funny… the bank has spoken produced a nother lie!
I wonder what makes him belive that his universe is solid…. the right one and therefore it is real not an illusion…..
I would love to audit out his item his belief that lie he thinks is real….

FEAR what is… just how valuable you think MEST IS?

Fear -what is….just how valuable you think MEST is?
Cognition: one only has worries, have fears terrors, one dreads and have anxiety about the future, any upcoming events happenings if there is value importance of losing something is there, in the presence of that event…

Just think about what one fears most: Losing things which one feels is has importance and needed for the the continuum of the bodies survival in the MEST Universe: like the body, fear of old age, of illness, death, loss of beloved partner, children, loss of memory, to lose a job, loss of one’s shelter, income, one’s ability to provide for the body, not being accepted into the ‘’RIGHT Circles” where one can gain, not being acknowledged for ones accomplishments: that too is on indication of lose, not invited by the “right “ people of importance: one would not gain some value than, what to wear, what to eat has great importance-values, how one looks, what ones knows also has huge value.

Each persons has fears accordance what that person hold “valuable”: fear of cars, airplanes: possibility of an accident, floods, fire, because of that one must have all sort of insurance, even one makes a contract with marriage license so that beloved person who is considered very valuable is tied down: have to remain anchored in our space.

The Fear of not being trusted is very heavy, being attacked, left alone, there is fear not having enough to eat, drink, etc…

To lists what one fears would be impossible to compile it would be too long and would not accomplish ones goal to erase ones fear.
But one can audit out in session the “values” [ and the opposite Being worthless need to be handled also] what one holds valuable and why: what and who made one to believe those items-considerations has value-importance. That works and it’s the confrontations of such a list gives powerful sessions and the cognitions just pour in like water in the tropical down pour.

When those reasons, considerations assumptions of values are confronted in session and as-ised than fear simply vanish from ones universe.. WOW… becoming free of having values brings immense relief.

The assigned power to things and to others, that they are better are valuable therefore their hold importance and needed toward ones survival when those considerations are erased fear to will vanish from ones universe.

Of course one must confront first of all what one “LOVES “the most since those things holds the most value and the possibility of their loss causes the greatest fear.
I have blown-erased value from my universe about little over 16 years back..
I do have understanding what is fear but no reality how that feels like not any more.

Now I understand that major cognition which I have called ” Walk over” or walk out of the MEST U. into the Spiritual Universe meant to me.
In that sessions I have erased the last remaining items from My Own Universe: the last voluble items were confronted therefore I no longer have had “things” to lose consequently I could leave without looking back at the MEST U.


Cognition on Space: what is.

Cognition on Space: what is.
Geir :Because you have asked a question… I looked closer… much closer than before

Space is a mocked up item: it is concept, idea, awareness, a consideration: same as anything else, it is just created and this creation is real accordance of one’s reality and exist for that purpose for what it was mocked –up for.
I am not talking about the space between ones teeth but about the space outside of the outer casing of Earths which is called atmosphere.
Here is the vastness of unimaginable proportion: Which seems empty because the eyes can’t see, or the Hubble telescope can’t pick up those invisible images but they are there nevertheless.
But what holds this space in place: nothing more than our own considerations, it’s exist because it is considered it exist and from that we can real see how powerful our considerations are.. We can create a universe by considering that we can…
Let’s look at questions which required me to confront.
What is space? Who makes space? Who has Space? Who needs space? Who has given up space? What it’s contains, Where is it? What it’ size: dimension? Who made me believe what is? Who made me agree…? What this space done to me? ETC…. ETc..
These are just on example which directed my attention on space itself and that brought the understanding that space is much more than that nothingness between two objects.
So here are few of the things how I have seen it and I would like to share with you.
First off al finding myself in that vastness without the meat body, scared the hell out of me: made me feel small, being here given on impression of totally insignificant, unimportant, made me feel like I was nothing, unknown, nameless, unidentified faceless, minus personality, minus knowledge, powerless.
And every one of those considerations is of course correct from the view point of a human being.
When viewing space from the distance from where I have a body and having identity individuality those made me believe that unseen things are out there and those things are dangerous and could get me if I would go back there.
Because fearing unconsciously those unknown things out there forced me hide in light; as live in daylight and by doing that, that daylight has become the barricade-wall-obstacle that holds space-darkness out which I felt were full of aliens, monstrosities, scary images which were all after me, wanted to get me, to destroy me forever [I must have put there those terrifying things out there myself otherwise I would not have knowledge of them and I feared them, those unseen things! ]
Therefore I did not re-enter space for a very long time, till now…hehehe.
I have stayed in the vicinity of light because of my fears of what could be lurking unseen in the space, the unknown, unfamiliar, mysterious, which I have created myself of course: and those are only considerations too!!!!
I have realized I blocked out space by creating strong light as is living on Planets joining the group and existed within its limitation, its boundaries, and here I have created many different things which filled the space, crammed it tight with objects: and object are barriers to keep away that void, the emptiness, those so called mysteries one fears so deeply: that spiritual universe where Identities don’t have consequences, has no value, therefore has no importance.
I thought- believed that by being living in the daylight under the sun is real –exists and it is safe but is that really true? IS staying in the light, live and create in the light is safe and there is nomre?
That was the down fall of the Spiritual being: not realizing, knowing the dangers of these creation-seeing with the eyes, believing what we see, in fact is not real, but illusions and these illusions hold the being in prison.
We have used the Space as a tool, we abolished eliminated other beings by sentencing them into that vastness, and those who we have sentenced into that prison of nothingness of course of those we become afraid of since we know they are out there and we know their power and they abilities!! We have eliminated them because of that and because we could not confront and live with those powerful beings.
No wonder the Fear of space is so real to all of us because what we have forgotten what is still out there buried in that invisible–in our memory!
Also space holds loses for us…immense amount… we last many valuables which we considered as vital part of living and these were swallowed up, become covered by space, by the invisible, these are just some of the reason we must keep all valuables in the LIGHT, under the light, hold it close… Hehehe.. It is safe if one “keeps close eye on things” were one can see things than no one can pinch them from under ones nose.
Also we use Space to separate self from things, considering that it can’t be bridged if it is in the distance: the eyes can’t perceive than we don’t know, it don’t exist, can’t be real, also because the existing space separates beings-persons than one can’t be reached, touched effected, stimulated.. etc…idiotic beliefs but that do not mean they don’t exist.
I can see images I have put in space and they were real to me now.
But also the space holds many different realities beside mystery, dangerous etc..
Being in space without the body is peaceful quiet, serene, one feel totally free here are no limitation or barriers pressing down on one, here there are no considerations… here one dont have the need to be anything or any one.. one is free…

Here one can sense the wholeness of self, happiness, completeness, totality and the same time the emptiness the void, the invisibility [no looking exists here] of course only these can be on real experience after the erasures of all considerations-assumptions and agreements on those.
Here, one understands what is space because one experiences the Intangible-Infinite.

love or hate??? hehehe fun stuff…

I pose a question a very simple one: can a human love without any reason?

It seems usually whys and wherefores- details, accounts and explanations are given for reasons of loving something or somebody..

More reasons are listed more love larger quantity is expressed: it seems to me one loves those reasons and happy to experience them but those experiences are not the Spiritual Being itself…

Would that same adoration still be a present if those actions capabilities would not be there?
I don’t think so.
You see, likes, loves, adoration or hate-dislikes are based totally on MEST actions how is one stimulated by those actions..

How spiritual entity behaves? or should behaive?

I think I would like to write about my view, my reality, how I feel about behavior, what is manners.

Behavior, manners is a learned mechanism… Since One is thought ever since one gets a body here on this Planet: how to talk, how to think, how to walk, dress, eat, play, make love, how to hold that cup, and how to cut that meat before one puts it into that machine.

One learned everything… all the musts: necessities, obligations, duties, requirements, essentials, fundamental basic laws in order to belong.. to be accepted, to be part of the group, to be invited into the group.
And if one dares to be original and behave bit differently than that acceptable narrow behavior of the group, than one is warned off, or dismissed, given derogatory labels, and with that downgraded, invalidated to death and is told: one has no value, no worth.

So behavior, the proper-correct mannerisms are a very important part one needs to play in order to belong. Within this proper behavior, it is normal to lie, to cheat, to steal, long as one doesn’t get cut.

One can lie to somebody’s face while looking into their eyes and say” you look absolutely terrific” and thinking silently” you look like a day old vomit on the sidewalk.”  But the behavior was proper, It was in order and the compliment was put there properly.
My point is very simple, as long as one do not get cut, anything goes an This Planet.

Let’s be honest, very honest: what would happen to your marriage if your spouse suddenly could read your thoughts?
How long your boss would keep you if he too could read your mind how you think +what you withhold from him?
How long would your best friend or your group would keep you if they would really know how you think of them privately or, in fact, would you still be friends if you would know how they really think of you?

What are the odds? Any idea that the friendship would remain intact?

Human activities are two kinds: one is the social critter,  the other on seldom comes out in the open unless provoked. Then look out, there is a double barrel gun, or they take you to court, run you down on the side walk, or burn your house down, or rob you blind, etc…etc..etc…

There is ONE question which can penetrates that social mask, that veneer, that valance: HAS A WITHOLD BEEN MISSED? The magical key which opens up ones universe!!!

That question unlocks that secret door to the beings core and that question allows self to responsively confront one’s own hidden thought of “self”: and allows one to really get to know self, what is all there to know about self;  how we think privately; who we really are.

When one has so much auditing as I have had so far, the social veneer is as-ised and one no longer hides behind that socially acceptable MASK, being nice in the face of others and show the middle finger behind their back.

One acts behaves the same way at all times…. No more lies, no withholds, what you see hear is what you get.
One’s life becomes very simple this way. You no longer need to hide those secret thoughts, no longer need to avert looking into eyes of others, no longer need to remember what was said, so next time the story will be the same.

Everything becomes simple: One say blue because one really means blue One say I love you because one knows that love is there, and when one say fuck off, that means exactly that.

Auditing erases those falsities, deceptiveness, devious cunning elements which causes the confusion, the need to hide things and to hide from other.

With that, one is free of being nice for reasons just because wanting to gain: by kissing up to someone in order to be accepted into group. In other words, one no longer compromises their reality!!!! Not even a little bit!

One becomes open and exposed to others to be experienced by them and at the same time experience their universes, and one says exactly as one feels.

The interesting thing about all this is that one becomes and talks in a straightforward way with no more lies, no more veneer, no more hiding behind valances. But one is labeled: rude, don’t have manners, don’t know how to behave therefore banky and needs auditing.   hehehe.

Bloody Hell, I love that part when somebody emails me a long list what I should handle and tell me I need to learn manners  hehehe.. fun…much fun. How I should behave is his/her reality how one should be in order to be normal being. Judged by their standard how one should be and need to be in order to be accepted by them!!

Humans are so used to dealing with valances, deceptions, lies that by now they believe honest straightforward –ness is rude and should be corrected. In other words, put on a nice front so I can see you and believe that you are nice?

I have news for you: beings in the Spiritual Universe one don’t have manners and one does not lie, cheat, or steal. There is no such a concept as out-ethics and we haven’t the need to know how to hold the wine glass in order to look classy.
Any of those social niceties which have import on this planet, one leaves behind by as-ising the MEST  and I have as-ised the MEST and it is true I don’t have manners.

In the Spiritual Universe which I call the Magical Universe, my home: what you see-experience that is yours, there is nothing more and nothing less. That is the reason the greeting is: I AM WHAT YOU ARE.

And I let you know a little secret: one only needs to say that greeting once when one re-enters this universe. Why is that? We live in the one-ness. After all,  I am what you are!

PS: Somewhere along on my way out of the MEST universe, the desire, the yearning, the need to gain approval, to be acknowledged, has vanished. Yet I belong. I am the member of the most powerful group of beings in the Universe….
With this I say, your judgement of me how I am, how I behave is your reality and not mine.. and it is assumption a idea how one should be IF [ you should be like this because you have erased the Bank]…. those if’s are assumptions which are no more than labels and those labels are what? you answer that, I know the answer already.
One more question: how one should behave when one do not have a Bank? Where is the Book of Rules and who has written that Book?

You don’t really believe you were always good..do you?

Here is a poem was sent to me by Dee, I happen to agree that we have done everyting under the Sun… have been Saints and the meanest critters one can imagine to be.

You see my friends, you good side can’t exist without the bad side: Evil’s opposite is being good or saintly.

One only can recognize or have reality on that which has been experienced by us.

I was shocked, confused, bewildered
As I entered Heaven’s door,
Not by the beauty of it all,
Nor the lights or its decor.

But it was the folks in Heaven
Who made me sputter and gasp–
The thieves, the liars, the sinners,
The alcoholics and the trash.

There stood the kid from seventh grade
Who swiped my lunch money twice.
Next to him was my old neighbor
Who never said anything nice.

Bob, who I always thought
Was rotting away in hell,
Was sitting pretty on cloud nine,
Looking incredibly well.

I nudged Jesus, ‘What’s the deal?
I would love to hear Your take.
How’d all these sinners get up here?
God must’ve made a mistake.

‘And why is everyone so quiet,
So somber – give me a clue.’
‘Hush, child,’ He said,
‘they’re all in shock.
No one thought they’d be seeing you.’

Every saint has a PAST…
Every sinner has a FUTURE
PS: here is one of my earlier posts.
COGNITION: In this Universe, is there a better or worse being than I?

Because of my Blog I receive emails from many different individuals who are on the Path of Self-discovery on different levels and some of these folks express in their communication their concerns over the persons[aliens] out there in the universe: how those persons[aliens] are, how they behave, if they have evil intentions toward others — in this case the humans beings in this Planet and can they [the aliens] hurt or influence other beings like the humans here on Earth.

While I was pondering on their questions….looking over the vast experiences I have had while having my coexistence in the Universe interacting with other beings, humans or otherwise, have I realized nothing can hurt us, the self, unless we consider or believe in that…then it can happen

Cognition: profound reality hit me.

In my wonderings in and out of many different universes, I never found another being who has been and done better or worse than I have been….. Amen
PS: I know this happens to be true because I have confronted my overts and they were not small and I also confronted my withholds too!

Simlicity, our universe is a very simple place..

Our universe is a very simple place… it is so simple that its simplicity is nearly incomprehensible and because of that simplicity the spirit made it complicated by adding immense amount of considerations to that basic simplicity the original creation.

The original creation: that foundation is so simple and because of that simple existing moment the ‘’NOW” that is not accepted, the spiritual being finds that in etiquette- not sufficient or abundant enough stimulating enough therefore the continual loading on-staking onto that original creation in order to have more and more and by these continual creation which the Being do, with that piles up immense amount of energy and that is the complication, the burden each being carries.

That immense hoarded never as-ised  piled up creation is the BANK, the MEST Universe and that is ones track ones past, ones havingness, ones very own universe ones thoughts, considerations, agreements and confusions and have become by now one’s burden.

And most of all ones very own self-made prison..

The simplicity is “NOW” and in that moment we don’t have past we don’t have future, we never died and we never lived in fact… There is no time, no space; there are no beings, or individuality: you or I, me or them, those are just concepts, so is death, or life or living.

If one closely examine this “second-‘’NOW’’ this very second than with that examination one would realize  whatever happens  only can happen in this moment of ‘time’ in that moment is the creation+ experience.

In that moment there is no past or future there is nothing—no considerations-agreements …… you see: in the moment of creation that moment is so short one has no time to alter to add too, to name, or to distort yet….

That moment is pure unaltered, perfect in every way… therefore free of lies and that is Theta.