Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Kay,  you are the first one out of the many  who I told this and who realizes the significance beyond this statements:
“One can’t ask the question unless one already knows the answer to that question..I have wrote about this interesting phenomenon in different blogs  more than once, but it’s meaning did not sink in. And no one got it.
I had a major gain realizing this because I know:Yes if I can ask  that question about the subject no matter what that may be, that it is up to me to find/discover the answer too!
Yes and I do find-locate all the answers  to my questions. And since 1973, I have asked hundreds of thousands of them and the end I usually have a cognition too!..
Kay’s Cognition:
I had huge wins afterward while I am sewing. I just KNOW… “there are no real Qs really.I don’t have to ‘do’ anything, I just am — and if I just ask me-self, then me-self answers with the right answer. But one must BE a spiritual being and not think or have whacky MEST universe considerations — that is the caveat.
Amazingly simple, but then…we know that.  ;smiling

Sending love my darling

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  1. Hi, LRH does talk about this, in the lecture about mama: the answer to mama is mama, etc… he talks again in another lecture where he says that there will always be a sensation, desire to ask questions, he goes on saying the universe hates a vaccum, etc.. it’s a games conditions sort of thing, I can’t quote him verbatim of course because I read all these many years ago, but I do remember the cognitions I had while reading it hehe… Beautiful post, it has rehabed my cogs.

    • I too recall readong the vacuum bit…. But I dont recall reading if we have a question than we have the answer too regardless what is that subject… can you get info on that?

  2. As I look at the more, the burning Qs are unique only to my universe, as has been mentioned above. So, instead of passing it off, as I don’t know or consider for a moment that I really don’t know, is whacky, once you know that you do know. There is no turning back at that point.

    This is like when I learned about taking responsibility, I was never the same. I don’t care if I try to play dumb or the “I don’t know card”, or the “I forgot about it card”, the being prevails with the answer, or the agreement, or the appointment for the meeting, whatever that I had on my place. It never escapes my radar and I simply cannot NOT take responsibility for it.

    It is quite fascinating how a spiritual being loves the game and when the moment something comes along that seems ‘new’ or not heretofore viewed, then when you stop for just a second and realize that you do know, all the circuits and mechanics fall away. And you are compelled to know the answer — get yourself into session and discover the answer for yourself.

    I did some test-driving of this last evening (instead of sleeping –hehe)… Here’s an example. My neck was hurting immensely as I had been sewing for practically all the day long — I know the neck is effed up, as I was whip-lashed 2x, but I claimed I didn’t know much more than that on why it hurt so damn much.

    So I applied this principle. I first looked at my considerations about having the neck give me such a problem (as I was being a victim on this at this point). I audited that, and out of that session, came this monster ARC-X — which opened the door for me to really ‘discover’ what the heck was effing up my neck. Huge change occurred. I knew all along.

    So, you see, if the willingness is there to look, once you “KNOW” that you hold all the answers to your universe, then it is pretty quick to handle, and one can move onto more things. Such fun — in fact, lots more fun than dramatizing. 🙂

    • Your reality on “responsibility” made me laugh because the same happened to me when I realized no matter what pickle I am in I am the cause of that.
      Hehehe.. I can’t even lie to myself any more what kind of universe this is? Hehehe what happened to the ‘’good old day’’ when I could blame others for my plight, play the victim rant and rave ‘’ look what they have done to poor me!’’ I can’t ask for sympathy and there is no pity in mu universe what a terrible condition I put myself in….hehehe… I am the cause… and I love it…!
      After that cognition everything, the universe has become different place. Looking around knowing that whatever I see, whatever I experience I am the cause of that… Just think dear Kay… look around you and see not only our pain we caused but everything is there because you see it you experience that to the last little ant who walks about.
      We are powerful beings and our universe is the testimony of that power: how we can create.
      Taking responsibility with that our power is restored…. You like? Good one..hehehe..

    • Do you realize even the last little mole on your body, the wrinkles on the face, those lovely silver hairs, the empty bank accounts, the hunger pains… those restless nights, feeling lonely if one feels such, the voice we speak with, the sounds we hear, everything in the universe we experience: we caused all that..
      And to think we dont have.. we lack things, dont have enough? The human race suffers from abundance… that is their problem: too much of everything that includes all the emotions, sensations aches, pains, abundance of thoughts, agreements…. simply over-powered by the too much having-ness..
      Humans suffere from having to much… yet they believe that they dont have enough… and that is the “lie” which keep that mass in place.

      • Oh lordy girl. Now you are treading into the deep water. I do KNOW all that, but…I’ve got a few more sessions to go to catch up with you on ‘admiring’ all my good work. 🙂 Those are big pills to swallow, but I’m working on it.

        • Kay, you are in the water all ready… and you swim beautifully…
          I just thought I dump more stuff on you just for the fun of it… not likely I can blow you away…but of course I can lie to you and ask ‘’oh dear, oh dear: have I done something to you, do you need some help, you poor old thing? Feeling overwhelmed? Hot cup of tea or a double shoot of bourbon would ease your nerves condition?”
          How about a something stronger to ease your sad condition.. blow from double barrel shut gun will do the trick… hehehe
          Look around you what you see is all yours… your creation.. after all Texans can have the ”BIG” yes?

        • Kay all you need to say: “yes I am very very good”

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