Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe



I have not finished with these subjects yet.

Just last night walking again I was looking at levitation since I sense those forces while I am walking… and every time I get into confronting this subjects new realism surfaces and I have realized even the atmosphere is created, that pressure around the Earth in order to keep the body safe, solidly on the ground and the weight itself per inch on the bodies surface is alone mind boggling!

But not only here those postulates about levitation are in existence now, but every other place we have been in the Universe where we had a body which walked on the surface of the planet had some kind of agreement too.

The body is being kept… connected… made to remain on the surface of the Planets by countless devices, invisible of course  and by now we have forgotten these but they are still intact and in good working order , just because we don’t remember them that do not make slightest difference to these past postulates.

Old postulates are very securely in place every one of them simply:  because when we made those postulates we were than very powerful considerably more than we are now.

Levitation is vast and complicated element, subject when it comes to have as an idea a consideration to move the body by thought-wish-postulate, and  especially when one wants the body do something “””which is not in the present time agreement of the planet”””! WE HAVE THAT AGREEMENT NOW, HERE.

Therefore that individual “wish” will not happen will not come through no matter how one concentrate on that idea regardless how much that is wanted by that person.

One counter postulate against billions who hold that collective agreement in place not to levitate: not likely that can happen than.  

Here, on this Planet levitation is not “”in the agreement”” at the present time, you see,  you already agreed too that you can’t, just because you want to change your mind now, well that do not work, your earlier counter postulate are strongly in place  against what you WISH TO DO NOW.

Here are few examples what our counter postulates: weight, body have weight, solid, solidity-hardness, firmness, inflexibility, on this items alone there is a huge agreements that it exist, it is real! And everybody swears by that it is so, insist on that!! Hehehe.. and they will think you crazy if you say otherwise….

Gravity, we have gravity on this Planet which pulls the body down, also there is weight -mass from above called atmospheric condition which plays a huge role that things remain in place and don’t fly around and remain where they were placed by you.

On that alone you insist that it should be so…. what a humongous agreement that is!

We value things immensely so we made it sure that everything is solid dense compact and stays there… my god they are too!!!!

Unless of course if not stolen…moved by some felonious minded being…. Hehehe who also sees its value…

Here is a small reminder about the track which has been forgotten: There were places out there when levitation was considered a major crime!! If one was captured committing such offence going against the rules was punished severely. Controllers low toned individuals come in every shade: who must have their way and use force to achieve that control over others at all cost.

There were Planets set up as prison Planets and over this planet a huge electric netting was placed so no one could escape, if anyone has tried they gotten entangled held there by that electric net…. [I am sure many of us have that incident an our track]

The electric fence what is used here on this planet has originated from there.

Interestingly that knowledge is still there in the minds of those persons who were prisoners on those planets, and not likely they will want to levitate because of fear they might get captured….

There also some bodies have implanted devices to keep one solidly on the surface.

And  because other time on the track we went into that agreements and they are still in existence… holding one solidly onto the top of the EARTH.

I could give you dozens-dozens explanations why we can’t lift the body off and allow it to float -hover around and I don’t even know them all… since our universes are so different, I have no idea of your past adventures why you have agreed and established the reasons that you can’t levitate.

Levitation is on extraordinarily complex subject… since solidity is also included put of that subject.

As spiritual being I can be any place any time in this Universe, I can, but my postulate does not work: to lift up the body from the surface of the Planet… that means I have not found all the existing considerations-agreement so far I have made… but I have not given up…




Comments on: "LEVETATION…." (6)

  1. deElizabethan said:

    I love this article because I have not read anything like it before. Thanks for giving some invaluable information.
    My hubby used to try and levitate and got good out of it but never quite made it to his liking.

  2. deElizabethan said:

    My hubby went to some healing/meditation classes and he really wanted to levitate. I was a little negative I admit and would tell him after he wasn’t successful “for what reason, what can you do with it.” I was bad, but that’s how I felt back then. I still see no benefit except for one’s own satisfaction i guess , but do whatever you want.

    • How I see it my dear is not for the levitation alone… since there is no gain in that alone: floating above the ground… that is nothing… but if that could be achieved that that would have a win, on indication that one stepped out of the MEST Universe and one has regained one more of the lost abilities since we have lost so many of them because we went into agreement that we cant do it any more and our postulates to levitate no longer works.
      Levitation would be on indication of advencement as a spiritual being.

      • deElizabethan said:

        Well, one thing I am sure of is that he levitated himself from his body when he left it in final departure. He spiritually is in contact with me/others as much as I/they put attention on it. Nice! I do have that certainty now!
        much love…..

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