Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

For some time I have wandered what is the purpose of what I am doing in the morning when I come out of the so called “sleep” what is the mechanic behind the actual doing-ness.
Today finally had a cognition: the answer, the understanding what one is doing when returning from ones nightly gallivanting about one’s universe where body is not needed for activities’ in order to have fun as Free Beings: like have a delicious roll in the hay with one’s personal choice, attend coronation naked, find gold buried in a huge cookie jar under Mt St Helen, direct traffic waaaay out there to make sure that Comet will not collide with one’s favorite Planet which is ones  playground were one can  do the bunny hop and no one will think one  slightly crazy..
Or walk the streets where the stones are carved into shapes of flowers or build a snowman from red snow [ I have seen that, it’s exists.] Etc…..etc….
As one wakes [awareness returns of “self”] The OLD SENSATIONS, ACHES, PAINS” seeps back into ones reality one become “aware of their existence” item by item they re-establish the self -me into matter, time and space: OH the Earthly delights!

Yet some mornings when one wakes up and get up fast and did not have the leisurely time to collect all those thing= the anchor points than one can stand middle the house where one has stood hundreds of times yet still feel totally dis-oriented., “not being here” at all and asks the question in silence: where the hell I am?
In the waken state in the morning you people wonder why you feel so terrible tired, totally exhausted: More likely you have done more in one ” night” out there than in whole life time’s existence of the body here On Earth.

But that is not the real reason for ones “tiredness”, since a free being without a body no matter what has been experienced do not get “tired”. That  is impossible.

So here we are back in bed,[ in the first moments of awareness] It seems we do fast check with the speed of light: One automatically goes over the body pick up first the strongest sensations of course and then the lesser ones, in that order.

If yesterday someone has stumped on your big toe, to be sure that one will be the first to be re-experienced on the list this morning and one becomes aware of.
Hey… that pain is on great anchor point after all, it is having-ness so one must keep it at all cost! LOL.

Than we become aware of our surroundings, which includes everything from the weight of the bedclothes to the colours, smells, temperature of the room, the sounds etc..etc..etc.Then automatically one pulls up the list of what one need to do that “day “with that one establishes the “future’ that will be the continuum, the “time” than next comes the recalls=remembering the “past” from night before the “items’ again whichever holds the heaviest most complicated energy, un-confronted item will be there first on the list to be remembered.: I have to Pay the bills or else!!Woof-woof, you groan, why me Lord why  these happening to me?

Next your awareness spreads further, into the house; you note that the cat sending you telepathic thoughts: food, food I want my food, and it is you who are still in that nest and you calling me lazy?
You move your body and it takes such on effort to roll out of the bed and you wonder how you going to make it through the day. Tylenol will disperse the heavy weight, yes? You hope.
I had cognition which I would like to share with all of you and I hope will help you to understand your tiredness in the morning.

First of all, you know you eat fairly well, the body gets all the vitamins minerals, you spend 3 days a week in the gym yet in the morning GOD, you can hardly move. And you know, nothing is wrong with you.

“HERE IT IS: We all go out of the body regardless if we can recall that experience or not in the waken moments, we all experience “weightlessness” at those occasions since we are Spiritual Being. And we love that, there is nothing could make us given it up so we do it in secret, in the dark of the night, when we are alone.
When we believe no one can see us since it is dark!!!!!!!!!!!! Who is kidding who? Look around you in the Universe: we are everywhere; it is called Spiritual Universe and the One-ness we experience!

We all move about gallivant among the stars, over the Planet Earth and nothing holds us back we are free we don’t carry the solidity of thoughts, the weight of the body and I repeat “we have no weight.”

So you are back in the body, suddenly the HELL is upon your back the whole weight including the gravity, the atmospheric pressure + all your considerations connected which is created within the  light, the body, you have been re-captured, enfolded, weighted down back to your own self-made prison. TOTALLY ANCHORED ONCE AGAIN!!!

You can hardly move, your thoughts don’t want to role, you feel you were made of wet clay. [Thoughts too need to be re-established since thought are the MEST universe, while exterior you had none].
Weeeell,  very understandable, in just few minutes since your” arrival” you have re-established yourself, you have re-instated all the anchor points, every bloody one of them, you have re-claimed your precious possession your Bank and that is heavy, solid energy and you stagger under its weight.
You are tired already and you just waken!

So you can hardly move the body and that is no wonder because one needs to re-establish how much energy one needs to move that body part again+ it has to be re-postulated [ every move, every time] to move otherwise that thing do nothing outside the already established automated heartbeat, inhale exhale etc….

So you need to postulate to get up…stand up…. Move those legs…You shuffle to the bath room, the image in the mirror further establish the looks how the postulated “look” the “affects” one wish to create, huge anchor point into the MEST and you further note that the inner organs, are in working order and all the connection with the bladder etc…..

You look into the mirror and you sometimes very surprised to see the image in there and think “No, that is not me it can’t be me”. And  don’t wander about that strange looking image in that glass: that is not you: it is very simple, the spiritual being has no “looks, appearance, or image!!!

And you have forgotten while you were so busy doing things=experiencing that you have postulated that image in the first place., images like[ face] that holds very little energy because they don’t have great amount of power=drama connected with , so it is not a stable postulate plus it changes because other postulates effects it, like having 3 Bloody Mary last night.[ distorts the “look” the alcohol changes ones energy flows]

Now you not only have re-anchored mentally yourself into the MEST, you also re-established the appearance, NEXT you do on extra measure, very solid postulate, heavy duty stuff, not knowingly of course You go and stand on the scale and re-establish “your weight”, including the thought “I need to lose 30 pounds.”!!!

Any idea what just happened? You have re-established and confirmed you are 175 pound!!!

Weigh is matter=energy, a “solid anchor” which you have just established into the MEST””””” and every scientologist wander why they can’t levitate???”””””” [ I too use to ponder about that topic  but not any more]

So, who has seen 175 pound of something flying about? Yes, birds but they have no considerations that they have weight and can’t fly,  because of that they can fly!!!It is very understandable one can’t levitate that idea, TO LEVITATE that postulate was Shut to Hell in the same moment it was conceived by heavy counter-postulates.

But again one could have levitated and I am sure we have before the “Weight” postulate was established; you see the reason for that is if that would not be so, than the idea of levitation the concept would not exists now. hehehe postulate-counter postulates they work….
So there is hope for us that we can levitate in the future again if we just eliminate the postulates about weight.

Further anchor points are driven in, hold the person in place, clothing, shoes, even hair spray, cosmetics, shaving lotion, food, smells, sounds, the daily routine, activities, news is a big item give a person surrounding anchor points, re-establish distance reality on what and where one is, topics what we all know about, robbery, rape, fire, plain fallen, the neighbor’s cat had kitten and then the international news really puts, drives one anchor points in solid.

 NEWS of Hurricanes, who’s killed who, who was elected or overthrown. And when one listen to the Internationally News and that is the cherry on the top and establish one on larger locations too, we find out and re-learn million things in few minutes: know who got married or dropped the body by reading the News and by the end of the day one is so solid one can hardly move, very-very tired, the word is “solid” should be used.

 Thousands of anchors were drive into the spiritual self: just think you have experienced thousands of different creations :you were all day long on one incredible big Roller Coaster Ride! I feel so solid I can’t move!

To lighten the load, have few glasses of wine, get loaded on whisky, have a swim and to de-stimulate self, or just watch one’s favorite murder drama.
There are so many anchor points in one’s daily routine in fact anchor points=experiences one after the other are continuum which is in fact one’s life. No wonder it is called life cycle.
When one eliminates those incredible amount of anchor points: thought, believes one becomes truly free of the MEST Universe, than one can gallivant about not only unknowingly but anytime.

PS: of course the being is not always out there while the body is “shut off” state and a sign is hang up on it,” gone, wondering among the stars, be back by daylight” the being goes, only part of the time and how often again it depends on the anchor points how strong there are at the moment and holding the being still in the confinement of the past days activities.=experiences.

The daily activities are very strong because they are in “LIGHT”. Also those day time activities have the greatest amount of agreements which are of course the anchor points.
What can I say my friends?
Elizabeth, endlesstringofpearls@gmail.com


  1. wow… very nice. I have a question, when a person is wondering around, without a body, can they see as they would normally see with the eyes in the body… I don´t remember this experience myself, that´s why I´m curious… a few people where discussing the other day in a blog perceptions out of the body and they mentioned that what the person sees is the world in white and black or grey because colours don´t really exist as they are a projection of light, and since the physicality of the mest is a compound of particles when one is out of the body will see the mest as a wobbly figure floating, etc… so, when talking about wondering around planets, stars, etc… would they see them as clear objects or just a wobbly something with no colour, etc… this is something I really would like to know. Thanks xx

    • The bellow question was asked in my blog after she read the “sleep” Posting.
      “”I have a question, when a person is wondering around, without a body, can they see as they would normally see with the eyes in the body…””
      Good question, this is my reality since I always speak for myself
      I have been viewing the universe and everything in it for quite sometimes by now, I am free to roam and not only when the body is having a down time in the nest.
      We see everything when we are out of the body as they are existing…EXP: if a flower is front of you than you see that flower in its total glory, not only the part, its out layer but you see everything about that flower to the last atom: this means you see the inside too at the same time. It is like a magnificent hologram.. It was mocked up and have colors therefore you see it in color.
      I have fun with stone boulders, I love to see what is inside them, and there is always something wonderful there which is not visible to the eyes.
      Also you only see what you put your attention on what is your interest at that moment: But what you can see at that moment how far and wide range you care to observe that will be up to you.
      You want to look at the whole Universe how it looks from the distance: you got that view in that moment and if you want to look and see inside let say a pregnant woman and see how is that baby doing in there, you can.
      When Seeing into dark spaces where no colors pictures existing than you will see vogue images because that is there, but you will know and understand in totality what they mean.. Darkness is not a barrier to know-to understand.

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