Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

The journey is not  the going the distance but the experience itself.

To experience the creation now that is the magic it-self.

Sitting in the garden and munching on a sweet fragrant juicy pear, a wasp arrives out of nowhere as you about to take a bite…

Holding the pear away, the brilliance rays of the sun magnifies the colors they become extravagantly rich flaunting abundance showing off every little detail begging to be noticed to be experienced: the shape the tooth marks, the white flesh virtually liquid, the lively green skin spackled with tiny brown spots which encloses this wondrous creation and that tiny body of wasp is a universe by itself as it walks about and now owing all that: The wasps intense coloring stands out from the whiteness of the pears flesh, just beautiful little machine on perfection in every detail.  And all this is front of me, mine to experience.

But it is more here than the eye can see: The pears while flesh, its construction is on immense amount of tiny grain like particles and each of these is on island in itself and these tiny islands are separated float in the sweet nectar, and that is the Pear.

As I look on the wasp happily slurps this nectar and when had enough he sails up toward my face and lands on my lips…. He walks around my lips and every one of his footfalls is like being given tinny kisses and I can hardly hold back from not to shoos him away because after all this visitor have a sting too.

When he is done with his exploration and with his kissing, experiencing savouring my energy he glides back and lands on my hand and starts to clean his antennas, runs his legs over his head and his eyes, while I look on and wait in silence.

When that is all over our communication begins.. after all  that was only a body but there is a being who is using that body for experiencing and I have become aware of his presence when he arrived.

I ask; ‘‘What was this all about, I can understand the feasting on the nectar but why walking around my body and my lips?’’

He: ‘I wanted to experience the same thing as you have; I just wanted to know how you were seeing and I wanted to know how that experience accrued.”

With that explanation I understood his reason exploring the region of the mouth..

We set there in the garden gratified, sharing the unity, the oneness, creation-experience… of the moment… after a while the little body flown away doing what little bodies meant to do in the garden but my friend and I we as one remained there enjoyed the unity  knowing  we were the garden itself..

And that is the Magical Universe.


Comments on: "The journey is not the going the distance, but the experience itself." (5)

  1. What a wonderful experience, your awareness and communication is so high.
    By having these experiences to the limits of reality, phenomena OT.
    Certainly for me now is not just a bee a bee.
    ARC Adriano

    • Hi Adriano, we share the spiritual universe, here we dont have walls…. no singularity so communication is easy when we dont listen with the ears. Best to you my friend!!

      • Thanks Elizabeth, your These “stories” strengthen the spirit.
        Continue to tell your OT phenomena.
        ARC Adriano.

  2. Elizabeth, I would´ve never thought that animals, insects and so on had a being in them, just like human bodies. The fifth dynamic isn´t really my favourite, I guess I have to start respecting this dynamic more now. Thanks for your sharing your stories.

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