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What love and hate is…

 A delicious subject.
On this Planet those words are used like money given for exchange: Barter with. Which one of those words is being used depends on what kind of simulation is incoming, what the person receives therefore the responds would be accordance with that stimulation. There are many levels different degree on love adoration admiration etc.  and the same goes on the opposite side on that scale: dislike-hate repulsion loathing, disgust etc… Example: received a dangerous negative communication which jeopardises that persons existence survival:  with that FEAR IS TRIGERED when that happens that person goes into defensive aggressive mode and arms himself: uses words to frighten that horrible person away: I will cut you open and will hang your guts up on the nearest tree to dry and will use your gut as the string on my guitar! But I will eat your liver first [gee, that is not so healthy diet: the liver if full of chemicals; oh well to each his own!]
Or just simply gets his bow and arrow and shoots that fear-provoking bastard through the heart: fast solution for the problem.[ believing if no body than all is well, and that believe is the illusion which blocks off the earlier belief,; fear]
Or withdraws becomes small, displaying helplessness, being weak fragile, powerless: with that expresses: Look pal, I will not harm you in any way…
Or offers bribe sweetener of some kind… now that mode of defence is very common among humans: you can’t hate me if I give you this!!!!!  [ I even married you, make you my partner! this is of course on example ]
Simple solutions amongst the Planets occupants have demonstrated incredible diverse ways to eliminate those frightening opponent who has gotten into their personal space.
Me, personally what do I do when my toes are stepped on? I just simply tell the person I will roast them over the hot coal of the pit, and lick their bones clean: of course I no longer eat human flesh since that went out of vogue here and I some time ago back on the track have switched over to veggies… but I love painting with words make it look like a big drama.[ I have sessions to eliminate those consideration of which I find restrictive, unwanted in any ways.] It seems the word ‘’Hate’’ is used for black mail purposes. on this Planet, since no one wants to be hated disliked, so in order to be not ’’hated’’ and to be LOVED again one complies fulfils with the ‘’haters’’ demands ultimatums.
Rotten condition is when one gives up ones believes ones integrity in order to belong, to be accepted, to remain within the fold. UGH ugly when one has to compromises ones reality: when one believes one has too; that is the problem, the ARCB.  
Bloody Hell, what one will do in order to be loved, included, accepted and understood and AKNOWLEDGED for being present:  most of all  that one is EXISTING, real,  is mind boggling!
How about LOVE!!!!! That word is the most miss-used, beaten to death concept existing on this planet: OVER USED AND ABUSED!
What people use it for and how they see what loves means, and believe in, those considerations holds the collective agreements also on  the same topic what love really means is beyond belief…
Mommy, I love you if you buy me that toy, I love because you sent me those tickets to the Rose Bowl.
I love you because you are the best: provided the roof over my head, bought me designers clotting, taking me to Acapulco or because you are a greatest lover who ever been in my bed.
I love you because you are beautiful, great cook, you listens to me and don’t interrupt, love you because you have lots of money and you have biceps the size of half football.
I love you because you say I am great, the best, no one is better than I, and you chose me from the many others, I love you simply because you adore me… !!!!
And I will love you for ever for that diamond ring you just put on my finger…..OHHHHHHHH and lets not even mention that condo you have put on my name!
But all that love is given for exchange…. Not freely….
I wonder if love existing on this planet how it feels what it is real like and not being connected to anything at all on this Planet? [One can observe the least aberrated kind of love-affection among animals groups, families]
In my reality ‘’love-hate’’ the whole scale of sensations-emotions can be as-ised  and those realities which are connected to WHY THE PERSON LOVES-HATES: those reason for stimulations that loving-hate  feeling that energy mass which too is the part of the Bank can be handled in sessions and it should be in order for one to really understand what is LOVE means outside of the MEST Universe where there are no connections –stimulations existing..
Love here is the heavy energy since it existing here on this Planet as a pleasure moment.
PS: But love-affinity does exist here when there is sharing the same reality, the same goals and where no evaluation is but allowing beingness… Allowing beingness is love in my reality.
PSPS: Pleasure moments are the heaviest trap in existence, since their addictive nature lures the being back over and over, and the being in fact continually search out those actions- which produces by having= the experiences of pleasure… by seeking out the pleasure moment as ”good” have become on activity which is worth living for, without pleasure life has no value, has become meaningless.
Pleasure Moments can be handled regardless of their nature, since the pleasure moments are just doing-ness sensations, vibrations feelings desires moods wishes wants needs cravings hungers thirsts and all are implanted material same as the rest, nothing more than considerations-assumptions.
In my reality, all conditions can be audited out regardless.. I speak from experience gained on this topic in sessions.
Pleasure moments are the other side of the unwanted items, the dislikes… but they too are part of the MEST universe.. they are solid considerations which imprisons the being in the MEST.
Love when all the existing considerations are as-ised than with that the reasons why we love are erased and from then on love is: it encompasses the Universe and that is the power which the spiritual-entity is… allows beingness with that.
 Love, expressing some form of love toward the other persons is a kind of acknowledgement, acceptance, and recognition for that person’s existence: yes I see you, I know you, You are here, we share Universes!
 But again this is my reality.


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  1. deElizabethan said:

    I really LIKE your reality! You truly are one of a kind, with pearls of wisdom.

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